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Hi All sorry can i join in here?

i just want to share some thoughts on Chijmes management...
i had booked and paid deposit for dinner in 2008 at Chijmes but recently heard of some bad publicity.

The straits times published a complaint from a couple who did their dinner at Chijmes regarding the hygiene of the food served and poor management.
it was said that on one of the tables, the guests found strand of hair in the food served
(i mean you can imagine the disgust the guests felt if you were the one taking the food....yuks...)
but anyway they asked for a compensation for that particular table as in to waive off the charge of 1 table from their package which i felt is pretty reasonable due to the embarrasment caused to the event. but it turned out that they refused to compensate and claimed that "it's a very common thing to happen" which i found was ridiculous!
and the couple wrote in to straits times to ask for an apology from the management of chijmes...the article was published in the past few days not sure which but will update again.

another thing about my personal experience is that when i went to sign for my wedding package, we saw the favors and the wedding invites and there was quite alot of selection and they did claim that they will update with more choices of table linens/favors/invites,so we were pretty happy and signed on the dotted line. In reverse when i went down afew days ago, there were only so few to select from (accountable for as less as the 10 fingers on my hand) i was so disappointed. worst of all, my coordinator Jenny is not in office apparently on leave so i was being served by Puiwan.
she said that if i didn't like the favors or invites, i could go down myself to t dragon and bliss collection (2 diff shops) to select from a "standard range" if not i have to top up, i feel that they could have obtained samples from the vendors to show the paying customers instead of letting them make the trips down to the vendors themself (they should be the ones coordinating)

my MIL/FH were there and saw the service standard and were appalled. it wasn't what we signed up for and adding on to this the banquet isn't cheap...
and Puiwan's attitude made things worst e.g. i had arranged a meeting with her for the selections, and because my MIl wanted to attend i had to push the meeting time from the initial 5.30 tp 6PM instead, i gave a call to her and asked politely if we could push, then you know what she said "Ok lo, then like that no choice lo"....what the hell....she just made my whole wedding experience disappointing...the worst thing is she called me up later and said because the florist can't make it she said postphone to disgusted with her attitude.

i really love the place its so beautiful..and i'm sure alot of you share the same sentiments..that its a perfect place to start the journey with your love as a married couple...
but with such management it just doesn't do justice to the beauty and the price tag that comes along with it....
i'm now just really worried that my wedding in January will just be a disaster hence also looking at other places to change my venue to...its a huge compromise to my dream wedding and i'm still comprehending the decision....

some points to look out for when siging up with chijmes (that i can remember):

1. Parking (the complimentary parking is at SMU and although its directly opp Chijmes, there is no traffic light and for safety reasons guests have to walk a very long way to the traffic light to cross)

2. Food - i heard mixed comments...some said its bad...some said its not bad....but this is something we have to compromise for the lovely venue.

3. Food hygiene - as above self explanatory

4. Service - heard the service is not very friendly.

5. Projector and screen - not provided if take from chijmes have to pay another 1000+

6. will check with jenny on my next meeting about the outsource videography part.

that's all i can think of now but its good to check with your coordinators about the factors above.


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something to add that's weird not sure if its true
"Quote from another thread'
Hey all:
I just done my wedding dinner at chijmes, the ambience and food were good but the service are argh... I've got complaints from my guests that their service staffs only distribute the exact no. of pax per table and took the rest away even though there were only 5-6 ppl at the table. plz take note of this!!!


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Hi all, I'm just beginning to plan my wedding. Started looking at venues - chijmes, meritus mandarin, legends, hilton, pan pacific. Met a few banquet salespersons and i feel that what piggy_mousey said is quite common.

The salespersons from 2 of the hotels told me that i will have to visit their supplier's showroom/shop if i want more choices. they can't stock so many things and the suppliers keep having new products. Somemore, they don't know the inventory count at the suppliers' so that do not want to present the cards and favours on behalf of the suppliers. in case, i choose them and the suppliers phased out the products already.

and since my wedding is still about a year later, none of the hotels will commit to a particular theme, card, favour, guest book, just in case they change in the next few months. i think these are some uncertainties that we have to face.

as for the service, from experience, some places put everything in the lazy susan, distribute the food and leave the balance on the table. personally, i think it makes the waiter's job very easy but appears more "low class". some other places that portion the food by the side will just bring out enough for the number of guests at the table. the second style is perceived as more "5 stars" or more "pro" but i think it's important for the couple to instruct the venue on your preferred style of service.

so, i intend to choose the venue that i like and all these nitty gritty things can be solved easily if we, ourselves, are careful and detailed enough.

and yeah, i read about the hair in the shark's fins. it is a little disgusting but i think the couple also made a mountain out of a molehill.


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yes it's common.. i went to a few locations.. none will commit to the nitty gritty stuff because we usually book one year in advance. nothing is confirmed but as long the main ideas are there and guaranteed.. that's really good enough. If you want precise commitment, then don't book your venue so early. book abt 3 mths before then. i am sure by then, most stuff will be 90% accurate.

I guess we just have to give and take.

btw, the projector and screen is $1000?!?! is that a typo?

I only rented ONE screen.. and the cost is $100.


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Actually, I had similar "bad" experience at Chijmes. One of my close "sisters" got married there in mid-2006. I am quite sure the management was then Starworth.

The sales person that attended to us was pretty ok.

But the wedding night was a Disaster with a capital D. The service was sloppy, undistributed food was removed from the table, red wine was spilled on guest and the food standard was way below normal hotel standard.

Judy had actually wanted to seek compensation, but decided "not to make a mountain out of a molehill".

I think Chijmes bride to be should be very careful when drawing out their contracts.


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Hi Nagol,
this is what is stated in my contract :
"Full set of 3 screens and 3 projectors with 1 video-grapher at S$ 1200.OOnett/setup"

Hope that helps! =)


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i attended my friend's lunch banquet in chijmes recently, the lighting, setting and ambience are all very beautiful, its like you are entering a fairy tale world!

Only thing is that when the food is served, the time interval between each food is too long and unfortunately the food are (i personally think) not very nice ...

the shark fin is too starchy, the fish is cold and too salty finally the yam paste with coconutis quite bad, the coconut is so diluted with water, errr...

beside the food, everything went smoothly and nicely ...


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Which part of chijmes do they hold the banquet? Cos i'm thinking of bringing in my own wedding arches, looking at a few venues now and wanna make sure the venues can accommodate my decor.




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Hi all,

We just had our wedding dinner last Sun and Chijmes was wonderful. We had no complaints from our guests but only praises. The place was lovely, cosy and in addition we had wedding singers, it made the place so romantic. Our coordinator was Jenny and she did a wonderful job for us.


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Hi meeplay/Eow, mine was a malay guy, told us everyting need to charge $$, the backlights, projector, quite ex.


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Hi yuppie,

Mine was charged too. It's normal. But you can try bargaining with them on the price. We did that and we managed to get better prices from them. It also helps if you have done your research and do a spreadsheet when you bargain with them so that they know that you know your stuff.


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For those who have booked your banquet with Chijmes, may i ask how many projectors and screens are you using??



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Hi folks, i am also considering chijmes, it will be a lovely place to hold a wedding banquet. i intend to hold the wedding later part of this yr. the only thing that is holding me back is the price, and the negative feedback here. augustcecilia, thanks for the littledream info,they sounds good from wat u say, i will consider to have them as my wedding singer next time.


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Hi all.. I am sourcing around too... Chijmes seems great... 25 tables looks okie.. but i hate it that i need to get their VG.


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hi! anyone can advise how's the standard of the lunch buffet and tea high buffet at chijmes? I'm thinking of holding my reception there, going w.o the banquet.


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hi Eow Sze Yoon (augustcecilia), possible to send me the info u had to bargain with them and also how was ur package like? i'm intending to hold either lunch buffet or high tea buffet at chijmes for my ROM+AD in Aug09. TIA!!

Email: [email protected]


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hello! i'm also thinking of having my wedding at chijmes. Thinking of having a church wedding in the early evening followed by the dinner banquet there. Anyone just had your wedding in such an arrangement there at chijmes? i am wondering how will the table arrangements be like....? Anyone care to share? thanks so much!


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Hello, as i am new here, not sure whether is it Appropriate to post my Question here. but i seriously need some advice regarding Church Wedding.

For Chjimes church Wedding is it a must for both couples to be a christian/Catholic??

Cause currently me and My future to be wife is on different religion. (My Future Wife to be is a Catholic & me is a buddhist), And My wife to be would like to hold our Wedding/ROM Solemnisation over at Chijmes.

Is it possible to do it?

Please advice.


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hello, just want to say that my wife and I had a great wedding dinner at Chijmes in June. Our coordinator Jenny was wonderful in helping us make the arrangements. Also, we had great help from Basheer and Alex in making sure everything went smoothly on the actual night.


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Wow.... I just realised the power of inflation when I popped in to take a look. We got married at Chijmes early 2005 and we were the very last couple who was allowed to hired external caterer (the caterer was CDCS) and we managed to keep the cost so low that it was even cheaper than the banquet lunch.

But one thing that has it going for Chijmes is really the ambience... and yes Basheer was really helpful.


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hi Eow Sze Yoon (augustcecilia),
can you kindly share with me the spreadsheet u had to bargain with them? I've spoken to Chijmes and didn't know there can be a discount! But I'm trying to exchange certain things.

Email: [email protected]
I had my wedding at CHIJMES on 26 Dec and it went great! Many thanks to our banquet coordinators, Alex & Basheer. They were both extremely helpful and friendly and made our wedding a lovely night to remember. Our sales coordinator was Collin - he is a straightforward man and was readily contactable whenever we needed clarifications etc.

Our wedding was small (initially confirmed 15 tables, then 18 and finally 21) and we did not have any wedding montage/ performances. Feedback was that food was acceptable/ average, which is what we expected. What we really liked was that we could mingle with our guests at the wedding since it's quite a cozy setup. The dressing room was very nicely done up! It's a very nice place to rest before the march ins. As the weather was good, we had the solemnization outdoors. Brides must be careful of the buttress roots when walking down the "aisle"!

We had luggage tags and paper weights as favours. I think luggage tags were more well received.

I'm looking forward to my pictures. The CHIJMES looked so beautiful (both outdoors and in the hall) and I'm sure we will have many beautiful picture memories of the place. Cheers!

PS. The suite link up with the Conrad was fabulous as well. Loved the 6 pm late checkout that was arranged.


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Hi Chewiegranolabar,

I'm considering a lunch wedding @ CHIJMES or Asian Civilisation Musuem (ACM) in Oct 09.

Can I trouble you to email what your package included? Just to give me a sense of the costs involved before I meet up with them. I checked online and there's a min. 250 pax requirement but am planning for about 180 guests only.

Thanks for sharing your wedding experience!

Email: [email protected]

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi everyone..

I'm looking at holding my wedding at CHIJMES too..
But kind of worried on whether the guests at the back can see the screen..since the aisle is rather long..

Also, I received some -ve comments on their inaudible sound system...

Any comments from those who had their banquets held there before?


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Hi, i'm new here. I will be helding my solemnisation at chijmes. has anyone done a christian wedding march, solemnisation minus the mass and banquet at chijmes before?
Anyone could send me their list/contract negotiated with the sales coordinator? as need a check list or prices before i finalised the details with them.
my email is [email protected]
many thanks!


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Hi all,
I have the following items for sale from my wedding last Friday.
All items are brand new and only bought few days before my actual day.
Please send me an email at [email protected] for more details.

1) Martell VSOP, 70cl, duty paid, 8 bottles, $70 each

2) Berri Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, 75cl, duty paid, 22 bottles, $18 each


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Hi there,

Anyone can email me a good gauge of the full cost involved in having just the church wedding in Chijmes and how many people it can accomodate? Pictures welcome too.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]



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I am considering signing up with CHIJMES too. After reading the posts, I've my reservations regarding their service, food, carpark and sound system. Are these negotiable? Could anyone please advice me on what is negotiable? Email: [email protected]

Thank you!


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I'm keen to know more about CHIJMES dinner packages too. Couples who had their wedding there and did not hit the max 250 guests, how much did you pay?

Or anyone who can share with me an approx gauge for the cost too, please email me.

[email protected]

thank you!


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Hi there,

i just received a quotation from Chijmes. I can foward to you. I have actually propose a lunch & dinner package for 100 to 200 paxs.