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  1. glorym

    glorym Member

    Hi, anyone planning wedding at CHIJMES in 2015? I understand we can bring in our own florists if we pay a refundable deposit of $500. But can we do so with caterer too? Thanks.

  2. justame

    justame Member

    Hi btbs & grad brides, anyone held your wedding ceremony (Not banquet) at chijmes? Is it possible to fit 300 people comfortably, including space for a catered lunch reception? Grateful for any advice/photos pls!
  3. chupps

    chupps New Member

    It will be quite cramped as the max capacity for theatre seating is 308
  4. DingOOPS

    DingOOPS Member

    I hope this review will be helpful for you. Just went to their wedding show last month. For 300 pax, it already felt quite cramped and there are many blocked views.

    Not sure how the negotiation with the staff will be though.
  5. JJAng2017

    JJAng2017 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Im a BTB prolly Q3 2017 (gg for Chijmes apptmt next week)

    Just wana ask if anyone have any reviews on Chijmes wedding (lunch buffet+ROM) so that maybe i can have an idea what to check at the apptmt :)

    Appreciate your help :*
  6. sjunzz

    sjunzz Member

    My fren just held her wedding at CHIMJES, to be honest the place is beautiful... But the food normal only. And they are quite a handful for coordinating the wedding. (I heard theres alot of small little annoying issues in the wedding coordination from the bride)

    The worst was when one of us bridemaids pass the key to the valet, which never issued ticket back and LOST THE CAR KEY for 4+ hours... Keep giving excuses say gave the key to whoever whoever (which is not the owner) ... And whenever we mention lost key the guy even snapped at us say its not lost.. But unable to return us the key... The staff Even tried to push the blame to the car owner when he finally found it in the bridal car. Many of us tried to find the key and the wedding couple is greatly disturbed as the car key owner is the closest cousin... It was hard to enjoy the wedding fully... And when its all done... The least the staff can do is apologise but the first words came out of his mouth is ... "What attidue is this? Why must I apologise!!!!"

    In my humble opinion, reAlly beautiful place but We all are disgusted by The service and staff there. Food wasnt the best just the normal, if u dun mind the horrible staff to ruin ur experience, sure CHIMJES is a really picturesque and beautiful venue to hold a wedding.
  7. Sharonluv

    Sharonluv New Member

    Hi Graduates brides & BTB, anyone did your wedding at Chijmes hall or attended one?

    My husband & I went down to meet up with the coordinator last weekend, and we love the place! However, due to the hall used to be a church, there isn't toilets in the hall. All guests and the couple have to use the public toilets nearby, and some walkway do not have shelter.

    We are looking for next year Dec banquet and most of the hotels we have checked are full, as we only have max 18 tables.

    Just to check if anyone could give me feedbacks on the food (chinese cuisine by Tong Le), services, isit inconvenient for the guests/couple (i.e. washroom, raining day, parking)?

    And another sensitive question, will the guest thinks I'm using a "church" hall and will give slightly lesser angbao? As per table isit cheap, the price is comparable to a hotel banquet.

    Thank you!
  8. Enchantedgal

    Enchantedgal New Member

    Hi! I have not attended any weddings at Chijmes but you are right. I think the guests will definitely give lesser Ang Bao because I heard from friends that they usually give $50 for church weddings. Just to let you know, from my ROM experience at a county club ballroom where I paid almost $60 per Pax, I even got a few "friends" who came empty handed.

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