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Good morning, Ah Green, Ah Heart, Draggie, Siao!

Mayi mei-mei, I hope you are coping fine...take it easy OK. Are you at work today or on leave at home?


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Morning, everybody!

Mayi, take your time to grieve. You will get over him

Cheerio, you logged in so late yst lor. I dont do OT one hor :p


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so wu liao ah..i cant even b bothered to read keke i tot the subject was whether she shld accept her 'smoking bf' duh then become some enviromentalist topic keke


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that thread has been hijacked long time ago.. it has since became "should one smoke and how much harm can be created when a cig is lit"
Though I always cough whenever ppl smoke around me, I never find the smokers annoying. I respect their freedom. At most, I just walk away lor.

It's irrealistic to expect ALL others to abide to your rules unless u are staying on an island alone. LOL


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green, actually hor, i'm a social one, i dun smoke much, in fact me trying to cut down...
(trrrryin harrrrd wor....) one pack last me 3-4 days... and during office hours i dun smoke cos my colleagues all non-smokers... so not nice tok to them smell like cig... I bey tahan than post back de, otherwise i å¿ liao... then kenna personal attack... me busy reading the Lasik link Latino adviced me ley....

Wah Piang... today Tues nia nia... Friday they say give me MC ask me go check-up on my eyes wor... i still 怕怕 ley...


Ya I like the real thing but i'm really a MJ ba kar (meat leg) "Forever lose" is my theme song. I thought can 情场失æ„ï¼ŒèµŒåœºå¾—æ„ but no wor, it didn happen.. =p


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我懒的回å¤ä»–ley, waste my time replying... My whole mind on Lasik now.. diguesting all the infor and deciding whether to go ahead for 1st appt not this friday... just seen the video from the hospital link, hair stand sia... **yuckzs**

Bonnie... i like i like... i wan to play with u!! **evil grin**


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whahaha... bonnie... throw table can la... dun eat dices ley, wait stuck in throat i gotta rush take water!

All these tok tok abt MJ makes me wanna keep myself busy tonight... Play small small nia...


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dlver.. ai join me mai? kekeke..
i go arrange arrange... muahaha...
ur small is how small... scully ur small is 50c/$1 me faint ah~


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2/4 or 3/6 can or not? i haven't take bonus ley, wait i lose liao u chop my hand ah...

tonight cannot liao...
a.. èš‚èš, u super active ley...


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Hey Mayi...................

now u forever feeling sleepyyyyyyyyyyyy ah?

eh.. wat about the smking thread ah? kekeke.. ok i go see see.. kekeke..

I see the title i find it lame liao leh


So far... hmmm let's see, I've called Jean from the smoking thread an arse for 1) preaching to smokers that they are selfish and assuming that they are contributing more than non-smokers to global warming (for which I also called her deluded), and 2) for being patronising and snide to those who tell her otherwise. Of course, she didn't take it too well and is now throwing out little jibes. I suppose she's having a lot of fun with every "they post stupid posts while I'm being objective here" line she posts, but hey, I'm not about to spoil her fun.

Just came out of a super-lengthy meeting... my god...