Cellini Furniture


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Hi bk,

No leh. only bought these 2 items.
What else you bought other than the dinning table?
How much you spend?


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I just bought their Manhattan black glass table for $700++, in fact is more than 18% discount.
The chair I KIV first, cos find they are quite ex, so I try to look for cheaper alternative. If cannot find then will go back to them.
The sales girl very nice, she reserve the discounted price for me just in case I want later.


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I bought a bedframe and sofa from Cellini in Jan @ their Eunos Technolink branch. When my hubby and myself were at their showroom browsing around, a lady sales personnel approached us and had been very patient in answering my queries and she even went to the extent of lifting up the mattress on a few bedframes coz I wished to see the supporting mechanism of the different bedframes. The mattresses were very heavy and she had to hold on to each mattresses for about 2-3mins.
The two purchases in total had more than 30% discount.
My purchases just got delivered a few days ago. The very next morning, their customer service personnel even called up my hubby to check if there's any defect on our purchases. Overall, I am very satisfied with both their products and the service.
If anyone wish to go to their Eunos branch, can look for Jeddy, the lady sales personnel. She's very friendly and helpful.


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Hi Rene,

Wondering which model of bedframe you purchase?
I bought bedframe with mattress @ $1418 during sale ard end Dec 2006. Btw, I went furniture mall @ Beach Rd.


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Hi Rene,

I am unsure of the model but mine is the one in black with red flowers. The design can be seen in most of the magazine.


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Hi Wen,

I think I have seen your bedframe display in the showroom.
I almost bought one bedframe with similar design as yours.. That range of bedframes gives a different feel. However, My hubby perfers platform bed so in the end we bought Modesto.
U can click on the link behind to see my bedframe.



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Hi Rene,

Saw that design as well. Actually I can change to your design if I want to. Both the same price.
Btw, the sale lady told me that I have to confirm my material & colour before a month before they can deliver to my house. Is that true? Understand there won't be any delivery charge. But my case is my unit is actually under lift level but thinking the lift is too small for my mattress to go in. So I believe they have to climb up 11th Floor. So do you that there will be a charge in that?


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I believe they need time to fabricate the bedframe and plan for delivery schedule. Mine was about 1 mth too. I m not too sure abt the delivery charge. Perhaps u can check with the sales lady when u r confirming the colour and material of your bedframe.


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Hi all,

I went down to their office at Eunos Technolink branch. The furniture look quite nice. But after reading the blogs here. I'm starting to have doubt on their quality. Anybody have bought their sofa set before??? How the quality??? Anybody bought their tempered glass product before??? Kindly advise.



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I have place an order. But goods not deliver yet. Can't comment much. But was servec by Jacqueline from Furmiture Mall (Beach Road). Good sales service.


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I ordered the manhatten dining table from the Furniture Mall outlet. Its not cheap at all, but i want a long table so i chose it. Hope it will be delivered fine, no scratches on the black glass top and s/steel legs.. *pray

will b back to update after Sep


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Does anyone know how often does Cellini have sale? Or are they always negotiable on the prices even without sales..


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Hi All,

For Cellini, there is some special promo going on at Singapore Expo.

Living Trends
Public - Free Admission
Hall 6A
03-Nov-07 to 11-Nov-07
Start Time: 12:00; End Time : 22:00


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They are selling the Nightgale their in house mattress and therefore they are selling designer bedframe + mattress+ nighttable + 2 pillows + bedprotector (cant remember exactly) =1688 etc.


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Went to IFC branch last month, saw a floral sofa that I liked. Matthew was the one attended to us. SUper good service even though we didnt buy anything after staying inside for quite sometime.
This week, I have decided to buy and went to TradeHUb branch instead cuz hubby cant drive me to IFC. WAh piang, that bald philipino salesman super bad attitude!! I asked country of origin and I couldnt make out what he was saying cuz of the accent and he grew impatient and answered ALL FROM EUROPE EUROPE EUROOOOPPPEEE. Arggghhh...
ANyway, I will go back to Matthew. Buy furniture really headache.
i own Cellini king size bed frame. It is very good. I has been using for 15 coming to 16 years. Except during moving some scratch caused by the mover.



We bought a black glass dining table form Cellini. It cost us S$1280. When it is delivered, the chairs are not balanced. Seems like sitting on rocking chair. Then the delivery men try to fixed it and its ok.

But guess what. We use the table once, and it is very badly scratch. But we did not scratch it at all. Jus normal plates and bowls.

So we went to cellini and check their dining table in the showroom, and their piece is very good. I try to scratch oso cannot scratch.

So be careful when u buy things based on their showroom quality. The delivered one and showroom is totally different!!!
Just bought a package from Cellini at Beach Road. While the sales lady Michelle was nice enough, we questioned her about the aftr-sales service. She promised that this would not be an issue. Furniture delivery supposed to happen on Wednesday. She called to say delayed till Friday, blaming the delivery company. She called today to say the furniture is not actually ready and till take more than a week to deliver.

It's absolutely CRAP and they have been clearly lying to us. I would advise you to look for better deals elsewhere - completely lost my trust in this company.


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i just bought a promotion Flow set (black and white series) with Matthew from park mall yesterday. the furniture will deliver 4 days before my an chuan.. i hope they don't delay becoz 8days after they deliver is my wedding day liao... any issues with matthew so far? are all their delivery bound to be delayed? someone pls enlighten me.. thanks so much


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Anybody bought Cellini Nightingale mattress? how do you all find it?

i intend to take up their $2999 or $3999 package but reading the past reviews made me hesitate. Is the quality of Cellini funiture bad?

Anyone also bought the black tempered glass dining table and found the chair shaky and lots of scratches on the table top?


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i called Matthew at Park Mall branch. He told me the black tempered glass is not scratch proof but is heat resistant, water vapour is ok.

I intend to take up the 3899 offer. So it consist of 3 Seater Sofa, 1 Grand Castle Mattress at King Size (To Top up 900), King size bedframe (To Top up 100), Black Tempered Glass Dining Set, 2 Latex Pillow, 1 Bolster, Leather Oil, Mattress Protector, TV Console (To top up 300). So it is around 5300. Is it worth it?


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bought a king size bed frame, tv console, 3 seater sofa, dining set with 6 chairs for 5k.

The furniture mall having maybank cc promotion..

1st month instalment wavier.

Hence, my total bill is only 4600 plus