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hi everybody, just wondering if anyone has gotten their cellini furniture from its furniture fair?

Saw from their website that there will be a cellini furniture fair sale in March... heard that if u buy from those expo, the color that will be delivered more often than not are the wrong colors!!

There is nothing u can do about it coz they will tell u the color u want is out of stock...

so is it still safe to get your furniture from such fairs, even its a cellini fair?

Thanks for helping out guys!!!!


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just bought furniture from them @ marina.

tv console - 1680
king bedframe - 1388
sofa - 1878
dinning table wif 6 chair - 1928
gross total 6874
nett total 4333 (37% discount)


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for gross > $6000, discount is 35%, another 3% if pay by cash.

nett = 0.65 * 0.97 = 0.6305 (37% discount)

anyway i find their stuff quality below my expectation.

1. the chair leg is not level and need to be adjusted on site. Ironically it even had a "QC" sticker on the leg!! I do not understand why can't they check at their factory b4 they sent over!

2. Small portion of the alumium coating on the sofa leg peeled off. The rubber pad on the leg is too soft and strain my floor if i push the sofa on the floor.

All in all, the quality is nothing to shout abt for this price.


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hi gals,

will Cellini give further discount, if item is already reduced? i noticed some of u mentioned u were offered 15% to 20%. i just bought a couch on the weekend, and am rather worried to read some of ur comments.



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Jus bought a sofa from cellini parkmall, kinda satisfied about their quality when it was delivered to my place last sat, the service was good... but I heard that they are coming up with some very good promotions in oct, several new models...too bad needed a couch really badly. wonder if they can change a new set for old one, dun mind topping up..


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Anyone checked out BrunoMenzi (ParkMall) ? we like the style quite a bit. though prices are a bit steep. generally we like such kind of modern classic. the other few boutiques specialising in "modern classic" includes Eco Links (ParkMall), MossLiving and Moie.

Anyone has any comments on these few boutiques?
Anyone has other suggestions on other boutiques focusing on such modern classic furniture (dark wood, rustic style)?


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me just went to Cellini Marina Sq last sat and was informed of a package which includes:

Home Theatre Console
Coffee Table
Suede Queen Size Bed
Dining Table
Dining Chair

Total: S$3,998 (inclusive of GST and Delivery)

i was very tempted..but think beta look look around before committing..u gals/guys have any comments on this package..pls feel free to share...


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huh is it?! i just went to cellini marina square yesterday and the price quoted was $4999, the package is for the "wooden" range and also include L-shape sofa.


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i saw the $3998 package too and the one i saw includes a set of sofa too!
i'm very interested. Most probably taking up this package


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Hi guys,
I placed a deposit a few mths ago for my furniture at Cellini to be delivered next year. The items are exchangable anytime (which is good coz I hate the choice of my dining chairs now!). so far, i've encountered three personnel.

One is a thin [email protected] sq who cannot answer any question which I posed. For the platform bed, I enquired if normal bedsheets cld be used or if i had to purchase fitted bedsheets. after hemming and hawing, he said, "anything also can." when pressed further to confirm ( i was concerned that if normal bedsheets were used, the mattress would shift and it would look messy) , he simply repeated what he had said. So irritating!

My 2nd encounter was with a bespectacled plump guy. He insisted that the display price was the best he could offer. When told that we had actually had further discounts from another personnel, he told us that we shld contact her instead as she may be able to give us a better price! Irritated! When he asked us the delivery date, I answered without thinking "As late as possible" coz I'm not exactly in a hurry to move in to my new flat. Somehow, i was given the impression that my response gave him the impression that we wanted to stagger the delivery date so as to delay the payment (ie. not enough money to pay for it sooner!) What an insult! We've paid the deposit (more than 1k) earlier on. I was quite enraged and told him that we have gold & black cards and it wasn't an issue abt money. It's not as if i wanted to show off or that gold/black cards are that big a deal, but since he was so materially inclined, that would shut him up.

So far, the best person i've met with is someone by the name of Michelle. she's warm, friendly, and even though we went down a few times to view the furniture in case they had new arrivals, she never made us feel redundant or a nuisance. She's also the most flexible person. She also took care to explain to us many details when we first stepped in. THat's why we signed with her.

Oh yeah, by the way, that plump guy even told us that we do not need to keep going down to view the furniture and to wait til next yr to come down again. I was so infuriated - who is he to dictate the frequency of our trips?!!


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Hi genesisgalaxy

I have recently bought a sofa set from Cellini too and was delivered.. so far, no issues.. i have been to the marina square branch and saw that thin sale person.. but as that time he was attending to another customer (and he was the onli sales guy there then).. we walk off.. eventually we bought our sofa at PS from a sales guy called Jason (who was veri professional and informative) after encounting a sickening sales lady at the IMM's branch.. she was like half heartened in answering our queries and look veri bored. so we got pissed off and drove off to the orchard's branch to buy the sofa.

sometimes the services is also very important, right? these ppl realli need to take a 2nd look at themselves and seriously ask if they are cut out to be sales personnel at all...


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Hi cottoncandy,
how long did u wait for the sofa to be delivered to u ?
What additional offers they gave to u ?


Hi sweet,

If ur sofa is made of fabric and you have custom-made an extra set of fabric, please do ensure tat u open up the extra set of fabrics that are wrapped nicely to check that all the pieces are there!!

I had my sofa delivered last Oct and did nt open up the extra set of fabric that was wrapped nicely. By the time i want to change to the new set of extra fabric for this CNY, I noticed that they did nt give me the cover for the sofa frame!!

Till now, the problem was nt settled! I have not got the extra frame cover from them as I discovered too late!!! They even offered me to pay for the frame cover at discounted price!! It has been almost 6 mths!! I just pray tat they will get the frame cover done for me!!

Please do ensure that you check properly! Even for fabrics that u will nt use immediately, do open up and check for complete set!


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hi sam
we waited for 2 weeks, which is the earliest that they can deliver our sofa and delivery has to be on a weekday...

hmm, our sofa is already on promotion, so we didnt get any additional perks loh

hi serrich
my sofa is mirco suede material... no issues with the sofa..but we didnt order any additional fabric. the delivery guys were veri nice.. coz my sofa came with big size cushions, when they were delivered, they were wrapped up nicely. after they finish installing our sofa, they even unwrap the cushions and place it nicely on our sofa for us and ask us to do the inspection before we pay them. so veri good service!

so sorry to hear about your problem, which brand did u purchase it from?

thot of writing in to their mgmt?


hi sweet,

I bought from IMM... I took up the $4999 package but i didnt want the dining set so exchanged for an extra set of fabric. I was quite happy with the salesman initially... Perharps we had too much trust on the brand! We checked the sofa, tv console for blemishes/chips, etc but we did not opened up the extra set of fabric to check cos its wrapped so nicely and we only intend to change during CNY.. So it was onli 4 months later then we realised that they have not given us the fabric for the sofa frame.

We got back to the salesman and he referred us to the customer service manager. My hubby called him once and he is supposed to meet up with us. But later the appt was cancelled so he asked us to bring the set of fabric to IMM.. They kept the fabric for almost a month and did nt get back to us as promised so hubby called IMM agin to find out what has been done..

The staff asked my hubby to call the Manager instead!! Shouldnt the customer service manager get back to us promptly?! Damned pissed!!! And when my hubby called him, he told my hubby to go down to Ubi to speak to him and his designer!!! Then keep saying things like we should have opened the fabric to check, etc... The fabric that we brought back has been used before, etc... Sound as if we want to cheat them for a new set of fabric!!

We told him and his designer to come to IMM instead and he is supposed to get back to us... It has been almost a week and he has not confirmed on the meetup!! So this is the customer service attitude that their MANAGER set! We are utterly disappointed!

So if any of u ordered extra set of fabric covers, do remember to open up the nicely wrapped ones to check! Otherwise, will end up like us, become an unhappy and disatisfied customer!!


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Are u sure that the extra set include the frame cover?
To all,anyone here who have bought a extra cover set got the frame cover set as well?
Anyone bought this sofa Semanti model (SF9128), how many backing(cushion bag) does it come with?



Yah, I am very sure cos the salesman told us to choose the fabric for the frame and cushions. There is a slip of paper with the sofa design indicating the colour codes that we chose.

Now just hope that they will give us the cover for the frame! Or else my sofa looks weird with Set A fabric matched with Set B fabric..


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hi serrich

sorry to hear about your unhappiness with them... yes, it is indeed irresponsible of the CS Manager, he should be the one who try to follow up on the case.. do wish that the matter will be settled asap...

hi sam
i bought that sofa! hehee.. i got 6 cushion bags... wat color is urs?


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Sweet my backing is red in colour.
Hi serrich, just called them up today and they told me tat the extra cover does not include the frame set (checked with both loyang and marina sq branch) . Only the seat and backing cover.


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wow sam, daring color! guess wat? after choosing for half an hr, we still took back the color combination of the sofa as displayed in the shop.. hahha


yah sweet,
Still waiting for the cs manager to revert...

Are u sure u are referring to the same model that i bought? If the extra set does not include the frame set then why didn't the manager tell us? Instead he keep saying that its our fault that we did nt check. Anyway i went to IMM to check with the salesman and his manager before. The colour code for the frame cover was indicated on the receipt as well.


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Is tis the sofa set tat you bought?

if yes, the extra cover do not include the frame set! I got the cellini $4999 package also. The salegirl at MQ told me clearly tat the extra cover set is only for the seat cover and cushion cover exclude the frame. so tat time she advise us to choose a fabric tat is matching to the frame set. hope tis clarify all your doubts.

btw, if you need help on your purchase, you can contact Francis Sui who is the general manager who is in charge of all the branches, he will help you settle all your prob

juz my 2 cents.


Hi tifa, nope. Mine is another design.. I tried to search their website but cannot find the design lei... Its like L-shape sofa but not totally L-shape.. a bit octagen shape... I also dunno how to describe lei..

We were told by the salesman to liase with the customer service manager, Peter lei... If the extra set does nt include the frame, they should have clarified with us long ago instead of dragging this until for almost 9-10 mths!


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Tifa, that's the sofa that I purchased. I didn't buy it as part of a promotional set. We chose our items a la carte and were given a discount overall. I think we paid a higher price than the one on promotion currently. I think it's $2500 ? Not quite sure!

It has yet to be delivered coz not in a hurry to move in. Wow, now i know i must try to whittle that extra cover set for the frame. Do you know what's the additional cost?

I've yet to decide on the colour combination. was thinking of choosing the grey as shown in the pic and yellow cushions . i think that colour combi can be found somewhere in the cellini website. Opinions?


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Hi Genesisgalaxy,

My sofa come wif a package, which include 1 coffee table, 1 coffee side table, 1 TV console,2 speaker stands, 1 dining table + 4 chairs, 1 bedframe and 1 bedside table, and FOC 1 extra set cover, total cost is $4999.

u must choose a colour combination tat match the theme of your house.


Hi tifa,
Thats a good deal! I also got the same package but different sofa model. They onli gave me a free side bench and table lamp. I exchanged my dining set for a complete set of extra sofa covers.

Finally the CS Manager told us that they will get the cover for the sofa frame done for us by mid Jan! Phew... finally we can get our complete set of covers after so much trouble! :)


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I think Cellini furniture are either made in Singapore or Malaysia. My sofa set is from Cellini. Quite good. Value for money as I intend to change it every 3 - 4 years.

Actually it does not matter where it is made as long as you feel that it is value for money, you like the design, workmanship is ok etc etc.

My delivery was on time too. No issue at all. Just to note that their rubber stopper on the sofa legs will leave a mark on your floor if you move it around. No biggie. Can always buy your own sofa leg protectors from DIY shops.


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oic, tnx kxbc.

e reason y i asked abt their country of origin is bcos i believe that certain country's quality is better...

is pretty ex since it is made in spore n m'sia...

do u think their leather sofa is worth e price? wonder how long it will last...


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I wish to share my horrible experience abt my purchase. I bought my set of furniture @ $5999 (the wooden range) in Sep 03. I tot I was getting a very good deal with TV console, L-shape sofa (4 modules), coffee table with 4 chairs, side table (for living room), queen bed and side table (for mbr).

BOY!!! Was I wrong!!! The furniture was delivered to me in Feb 04. And here begin my nightmare....

1st incident : delivered a chipped side table for my mbr). hv to re-deliver again.

2nd incident : spotted white powdery substance coming out from underneath one of the sofa module. called up their CS & complained. they came & replaced

3rd incident : again white powdery substance found from underneath my dining chair/table. called CS complained again. This time, they asked me to monitor for 2 wks and spray bygone?!?!?!?!? Fine! I waited for 2 wks, still the same, I called again, they came & replaced it.

4th incident : AGAIN!! white powdery substance from coffee table. I was PISSED!!! I called their CS and complained and demanded that they changed all the remaining items that was not changed as obviously there is someting wrong with this batch of wood. The problem kept repeating with different piece of furniture. They refuse to change the remaining items but I got them to give me an assurance letter which they admitted to the wood bug problems sighted on their furniture and would extend my warranty or change all remaining items if there is any more of this problem with other pcs of furniture. And let me tell you... all the above happened within 4 months since the delivery of my furniture when i moved into my new flat.

5th incident : and no price for guessing what happened next. white powdery substance found underneath another of the sofa module. I called their mgmt this time and inform them and asked them to fulfill their agreement on their assurance letter. They say they are unable and let me tell you, i was talking to one of their so called director and he tell me that its my flooring (cos my house is fully parquet) that is infecting their furniture!!!!????? And that they will not honour the letter they have given to me and ask me to go to CASE if i want.

What kind of customer service is this??? and imagine the horrible ordeal i have to go thru for the past months... taking leave to wait for the bloody furniture to come...

I am sure it is not my flooring that is having the problem as I have previously ask for pest control advise. And they inform that its the furniture's problem as these furniture comes from natural solid wood. the only bright spot is that one of their CS guy is really quite friendly and he was very sympathetic. BUT, I'm still very upset about their service.

I'm having such a headache on solving this problem.

So watch out, dun trust the brand too much, sometimes those kuching kurak furniture can also offer you much more better service and at a lower cost too


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I'm actually quite keen in getting the package they are offering now.
Reading this thread...made me think twice about getting a package from them...

Thanks all for sharing...


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Hi all
after more than a year, my furniture has finally been delivered.

Result? While I'm happy with the quality of the furniture, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE.

my sofa and dining table chair cushions are all of the same beige colour, therefore if you were to choose, like me, the bed frame would naturally be beige to suit the entire theme right?


My bed was delivered of the WRONG COLOUR. THEY WROTE THE WRONG SERIAL NUMBER ON THE RECEIPT. the throw pillows that were attached were beige while the bed frame was of a weird brownish purple colour. So when i called Cellini, I was brushed off and dismissed with the following remarks:

(1) my husband was the one who'd signed the receipt so indirectly, they blamed him.

(2) We'd paid to change the colour from black initially to beige. So you would think now that since the bed is of the wrong colour, all they have to do is to re-deliver right? HA! wrong! i was told to PAY AGAIN if i wanted the beige bed.

(3) when i told Cellini that i'd paid initially to Change the colour, she said that I'd paid $50 ONLY. I wanted to scream at her, but i controlled myself. If i don't recall wrongly, we'd paid more than $100 or so (?) just to change the colour in the ORDER FORM , meaning that it wasn't even being manufactured yet and we'd already paid just to alter some words in the order form.

(4) She was insistent that I would have to pay another $300 or so to change the colour from that brownish purple that was delivered, to the beige that i wanted. I said that i wasn't happy coz I'd already paid earlier on. wouldn't that mean that i would have paid $400 in all for nothing?!!!!!

(5) Irritated by her refusal to even hear me out, as well as her screaming at me, I was pissed. EXTREMELY PEEVED. At a certain point, i said something to clarify and she, in exasperation, had screamed "YES!!!!!!!" as if i was the world's most stupid person.

(6) after a few calls, we were still on a war of words. Finally, i couldn't take it and when she was yelling, i yelled back "Now don't YOU shout at me. i am the paying customer over here. I didn't pay you so much to have you shout at me. if anything at all, this is MY FURNITURE that was delivered WRONGLY. if anyone has to shout, I AM THE ONE TO BE SHOUTING AT YOU. SO STOP SHOUTING AT ME." Grrrrrrr! I didn't mean to be so rude, but how can a customer service personnel YELL AT A CUSTOMER?!!!!!!!!

(7) She claimed that my husband was alone when he signed the receipt bearing the colour code. I told her that even if he was alone, the colour code was for cellini's admin work. HOW WOULD WE KNOW WHAT IT STOOD FOR?! If i were to throw a mind-boggling number of acronyms I use at work at her, would she be able to decipher them? Absolutely not , right? So WE ARE TO BE BLAMED FOR NOT KNOWING THE COLOUR CODES. Right.

(8) with regards to point (7) above, my husband wasn't alone. I WAS WITH HIM AND MY MUM WAS WITH US! ALL OF US recall that we'd pointed the beige colour at the showroom (it was on display for goodness sake!) and said that we'd wanted all of the items to be of the same colour!

(9) That aside, I had chosen a zen lamp for the bedroom. what was delivered was an awful purple clay lamp that was HUMONGOUS and SO UGLY. the gold plating at the bulb area was also peeling off too. When i told not one, but TWO of the personnel, the y asked me if the lamp was FREE OF CHARGE. I was enraged coz we had paid for the lamp! What were they trying to imply? that it was free, so take it or leave it and shut up?

(10) still on the topic of the lamp, When i said that i'd paid for the lamp, i was met with suspicion. She said that it was the lamp that i'd ordered. I told her, "please. if the theme of your house was entirely beige and brown with zen-like tinges , WOULD YOU CHOOSE A HUGE PURPLE LAMP thAT DIDNT MATCH ANYTHING?!!!!!" I said that if it had matched my stuff, i can still accept it. but i had PAID for it and it was the WRONG lamp with NOTHING TO MATCH IT. HOW DO U EXPECT ME TO ACCEPT IT?!

(11) AFter haggling for a while , i cut her off by saying I would bring the lamp down personally to exchange. And so i did yesterday. Guess what? When I brought the lamp to her, she promptly took the lamp, walked to one of the showroom displays where there was a distinctive gap and PLACED IT THERE. Then i realised that the lamp matched the showroom display to a tee, which meant that THAT LAMP WAS A DISPLAY SET. that was the only logical conclusion, coupled with the fact that the gold-plating was peeling off! A new lamp wouldn't look like that, right?

(12) And by now, you would have thought that my woes are over. Far from it. She replaced the ugly purple lamp with the correct one. but when i checked the lampshade just as we got into the car, THE NEW LAMPSHADE HAD A STREAK OF DIRT ACROSS that could not be cleaned off. It looked like a dried stain of streaks! And so, in we marched again, this time she was serving another couple and she told me to choose a lampshade from the display sets in the showroom (there were 2 displayed) and she would change for me. I WAS SO ANGRY. WHY SHOULD I ACCEPT A DISPLAY SET LAMPSHADE?!!! i had brought it down personally , wasting my time and effort and now, the new lampshade is dirty and you're telling me to accept a DISPLAY SET to replace the NEW DIRTY ONE?! I don't see the logic. I was prepared to rage on but my husband was tired of her silly antics and told me to just take the lampshade and go. he said that it was only a lampshade, a minor feature, and that he couldn't be bothered with her anymore since her service was so lousy.

(13) Surprisingly, throughout it all, she was all smiles and acted so sweet. Gone were the scathing remarks and the scream fest she had embarked on during our phone conversations. Guess why? There were a few customers at the showroom. It was a drastic change in attitude. What a hypocrite!

(14) Now, to avoid complicating matters, my husband had decided to change the colours of the pillows instead of the bed frame (his logic: "What if they intentionally delay the delivery and by the time of our wedding, we are without a bed?!"), so we changed the colour of the pillows. Guess what? My husband will have to GO DOWN PERSONALLY to get the pillows in a wk's time to exchange the TWO BEIGE pillows for the new MAROON ones.

I'm spewing inexplicable furore here because of the culmination of all these events in less than a week.

I'm still sore about the insinuation of us being cheapskates and wanting to complain about the lamp which they'd thought it was free initially. I told her that we'd bought EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in the home from them, an ENTIRE SET even the lamps we'd gotten from them. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?! I said that we've spent a significant sum of money on Cellini, would we need to cheat them of a miserable lamp?! Additionally, on the same note, since we'd spent quite an amount, I noted sarcastically that Cellini should be able to absorb that miserable amount of money (300) even if i'd been insistent on changing the bedframe to beige and after all, i HAD PAID for a colour change in the first place!

So, in summary, NOTHING will be changed except the pillows. That means that my initial payment of $100 to change the colour of the bedframe from black to beige WILL BE NULLIFIED. in OTHER WORDS, that $100 is paid to change the colour of TWO PILLOWS.



If it weren't for the fact that my AD is drawing near, i would pursue the matter all the way to the top. I hate being shortchanged, blamed, made to feel like an idiot and having responsibility deflected onto me all by the same person.

If you were me, after purchasing a full set comprising of: dining set, sofa set, bed, side table, coffee table, lamp,...
..... would you be able to swallow all these events with a mere tinge of salt?


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I purchased a sofa from them at IMM during their closing down sale.

The item was ok at the show room.

However, when the item was delivered, there was a cut at the side of the sofa.

When we called the customer service manager, he say "So what do you want me to do?"

We will so angry. We insisted that they take back the sofa and after they sent it back, they only use some white paint to paint over the area where the leather has came off.

Imagine a cream color leather sofa, with a "stain" at the side, now painted with white color over...


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wah!! dat's very mean of them. how can they do this???? u shld complain to CASE or their HQ or sthg... u spend gd money for the sofa mar.


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i went into the marina store and ask for the price and size of a nice sofa. I ask that the saleman give him his namecard and the diamension written there so tat i can check my flr area when i reach home..

and you know what..he give me a pen.. and say.. "you write on the namecard the size.. size is written here on the display"...


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So far lately any good review on Cellini Product especially Sofa? I am getting one soon ... Perhaps I would like to hear positive views also ... Thanks


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hi light thunder,
dont know if u're still needing an answer to your above question

i received my bed n mattress from them yday.
hubby said the delivery was super on time n the delivery guys were very helpful n friendly


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Hi Magical,
Which cellini branch u went to and who's attending to you? I also thinking to buy some stuff from them
Thanks ^_^


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My tv console arrived yesterday. delivery was smooth...my console came within the time frame as they promised. item received correctly and the delivery guys are friendly. happy with their service.


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Hi! I'm thinking of buying a sofa (swift SF 9055), reclining style from Cellini.After reading the negative comments, I'm abit apprehensive now.

Not sure about the price (yet to check it out)

Any advice? Any comments?


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Hi bk..

I just bought my bed, mattress and dining set from them last night..offering 15% discount as I went down with my ID..no more 20% discount...


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Hi bk,
Just wanna share with you.
Bought a bed frame & mattress from Cellini @ $1418 recently. They having promotion @ 40% discount if you will to buy mattress from them.


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Thks Wen, actually I am looking for their dinning table. During last weekend, they are having the storewide 18%, I went down to get it from them.

Your mattress set price is reasonable leh, did u manage to get anything else?