Ceiling Fans - Any recommendations?


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Very helpful with good recommendation. So bought on the spot all the ceiling fans I need, and also got the rest of the lights from him as well,

Ceiling Fan


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don't go to Strass Lightings.
My encounter with them:

Committed and paid deposit to 4 ceiling fans (Amasco brand) with them:
2 x 48" 3 blade ceiling fan without lights (bronze color) (AMC-48)
2 x 60" ceiling fan with lights (bronze color) (AMC-666)
Total damage: $900! Yes! I know it's ex!! DUH! so very regretted after shopping around, but no choice... committed liao.

2 weeks later, Before delivery, they told me that the 48" no stock in bronze color.
Told them I want bronze color to match my decor and they should have told me long ago when I committed whether they have stock or not. I kicked up a fuss, and told them if they can't find bronze for me, then I want a refund.
So, the boss told me they will die die surely find the 2 bronze color 48" for me.

On delivery day, the delivery guy call to tell me they only managed to find 1 bronze 48".
Since I don't have much of a choice, and 1 of the 48" will be put in the master bedroom, guess it could be of a different color. So I told him I'll take white.
the 2 48" fan come in weird packaging, without box or warranty. the other 2 was ok.

as my reno has not completed, we did not install the fans right away.
After some of my reno were done, I thought was changing both the 60" to white, to match the furnitures. So I tried my luck and call them to see if I could get them changed since I allowed them to change one of my 48" to white.
The boss told me that he has to check if it's in stock and will call me back.
He called me back 5 mins later to say that there's no stock. I told him I could wait and ask him to check when the stock is coming. He said he'll call me back and never call me again. I keep calling their store and no one answer. I suspect they have caller -id display to avoid calls.
I understand that on the sales invoice, it says goods bought are not exchangeable. I was just trying my luck but was unsuccessful. So I'm stuck with the bronze 60". nevermind.

Then yesterday, my contractors finished the electrical wirings and help me install all the ceiling fans.
All the ceiling fans were ok, except for the 48" bronze.
My contractor asked me is I bought a 2nd hand one as it was rusty, and the fan is very noisy when turned on! The motor also not strong enough to move the fan!

So today, we went down to the shop and ask them about it. The boss say they don't know, and ask us to refer the problem to the agent.
So, I called the Agent (amasco) to complain about their reseller (Strass). They told me that they will change (incl. free installation) for me for the 48", but they only have White color in stock. Then I told them i wanted Bronze color because the other 2 60" is bronze color (all put in living room so much be in same color).
The lady told me that she can't help me with the 2 x 60" one because they are not spoil and if I want to change, i have to go back to Strass. I told her that Strass attitude is very bad, and they told me that the 60" has no stock in white! I reason and argue, until she told me that she has to check with the warehouse whether 60" has stock in white or not first.
After awhile, she call me back and told me that she will change that for me as well, but as it was not faulty, i have to pay installation fee ($45 each) for them to change la. I'm ok with that la, as long as I get all uniform color.

SO, tomorrow I'll get all the ceiling fans change to white.

SO, to cut the long story short, DON'T BUY THINGS FROM STRASS, alot of complains about them on the forums also, I found out too late.
The ceiling fan (AMASCO) is not bad, customer service also good. Willing to help even though the faulty brand no warrenty given by the bloody store, and willing to change color for the 60" fan although we didn't buy direct from them. Can buy direct from them www.amasco.com.sg


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Hi gloomybear, I have the exact same sentiments about STRASS!

Recently, about 1 month ago, I bought 2 ceiling fans (with lights) and another 6 lights from them. When we are negotiating on the price which they finally agreed, they added another $160 for the installation fee (installation for each fan at $80) and claimed that it's industry practice and they are not the ones collecting the money. Anyhow, as my elderly mum is with me and she's exhausted from all walking, we just commit and pay for our items.

Initially, we had fixed on a tentative installation date and I had told them its tentative becos I need to check with my contractor first. However, when I tried to call them to confirm on the installation dates, their line is NEVER answered. I do not think they have any Caller ID, I think they are paying for the line and just simply leave it as it is and did not attach any phone to it. On all their materials and website, they just published this useless number for customers to call fruitlessly!

Upon installation of the fan, the fan immediately made very very loud noises. The installation guy who helped to install the fan said we have to call the fan company. We are so scared because the noise is so loud that it seem to be able to drop off anytime. So, we called up the fan company and they said if it's the fan problem, they will change it. If not, we will have to pay for $50 for their admin and transport fee and they won't do anything to it. So, I argued and said we have paid for the installation. Shouldnt they be looking into the installation as well? They clarified that the installation is not charged by them. It's charged by the shop! And so when I tried to call the shop again, I have confirmed that it's indeed a useless number! I can never get them!

Now, I am at my wits end on how to solve the noises that my fans are making. The fan company (ELMARK) is not helping and the only way is for me to make a trip down to STRASS, which I feel it will not be of much use!

Are there anyone who can advise? Or any contacts of some technicians who can help look into it? I do not mind paying the small fee as long as they will fix the problem whether it's the fan issue or the installation error.


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Warning Warning Warning !!!

Me too have been conned big time by this shop, Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd. The salesgirl that served me was a specky fat lady.

She sold me a 5 blade ceiling fan with 5 lightings for a whopping $528. I was damn foolish enuff to believe her & paid for it.

Weeks later, I discovered that it only costs $280 plus thereafter I realized that I've been conned & chopped big time by this fatty malaysian saleslady.

I still felt the pain in my heart till date, how foolish I'm, sad.

This dishonest shop is :

Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd
BLK 406 Tampines Street 41 #01-21,
Singapore 520406

tel: 67851233
fax: 67851833

We should avoid at all cost to visit such shop, dishonest people running this shop.



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any recommendations for good and reliable ceiling fans other than KDK? recommended places to buy from wld be good too. Thanks


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hi thommy u can try at lights boutique too
i remeber they sell fans. they hav all the displays. go check it out.
between lor 42 n 44. pinkish signboard


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Hi, manage to find this shop after reading some good reviews from renotalk and recently just bought 4 fans at $1145 from there. i would say we got a good bargain as the shop we went quote the lowest after visiting shops at balestier, jalan bersah and geylang. I bought a Alpha V6, Alpha baby fan, Alpha F360 and Crestar Icon. The shop is call A Lighting enterprise at geylang. I'm not related to this shop in anyway just wanna share this lobang since i got it from forum too and manage to save 100+ to 200 bucks. Cheers!


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hi guys, saw the warning on strass.. I wanted to buy the amasco amc 48 but realli scare to experience the same ting as u guys... jus wondering anyone out there got other rec on which particular shops to get tis fan along balestier or jalan bahar??





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I would warn you against the purchase of ceiling fans that are too cheaply made.

Cheaply made fans quickly become a issue..........

1. They cannot push enough air to do the job

2. They can often become noisy because of ill fitting parts.

3. They'll cost more money to run over time because the are not effecient.

I suggest that you purchase the best fans that you can---if you plan to really use them. They not only help cool in the summer...but you reverse them in the winter to help spread the heat around.

I have ceiling fans in almost every room in my house....and the better quality fans offer AAA service----the two cheaper fans that I bought ..make me sorry that I did....but I will not make that mistake a second time. I will only buy the best .


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My home's ceiling fan (quite old) also has remote control. But seems like the receiving sensor of the fan is spoilt, remote control appears to be working (small light flash on remote control each time i press button).
Anyway, now i can't switch on the fan. Using the switch on the wall also cannot activate the fan. So now my home fan is useless because of a stupid faulty sensor.

I want to ask you guys, for the KDK ceiling fans with remote control, can i bypass remote control and switch fan on and off using the switch on the wall?


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I when to choong ying buy the cyiling fan after I see the internet complain about choong ying. But after I go to choong ying at kaki bukit I very surprise that they have many model cyling fan . Amasco, elmark, , rega , kdk . And I get the very good price.


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so actually what is the recommended ceiling fan brand which is reliable ( maybe wind strength can last for 3 yrs and above? )

I knw i can trust KDK but the models are not many to pick from for HDB


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Ceiling fans are a must! My friend got those designer fans frm jb at such a cheap price. I got from wherever the deisgner aaked me to its 3x the price man


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My friend bought from JB. Cheap but got problem after installing. In the end got to dismantle and take it back to exchange. Too much hassle