Ceiling Fans - Any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by seekingfan, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. seekingfan

    seekingfan Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Any recommendation on brand of ceiling fan to buy? And where to get it? Thanks in advance!

  2. june02bride

    june02bride Guest

    Hi all
    need expert advise.......izzit adviseable to install ceiling fan in new hdb flats?
  3. lonewolf

    lonewolf New Member

    Hi June02Bride

    I won't consider myself an expert in this but I like to share with you my 'thought process' with regards to ceiling fan.

    I intially cotemplated installing air-coning the living room for my new place. But I decided that the cost would be too high and figured that I won't used it that often anyway. Also that would also mean that I need an additional door for the kitchen. In the end, I decide to forego that and will opt for a standing fan.

    The isssue with ceiling fan is one of placement. As you probably know, the new HDB flat comes with nearly all the wires hidden. That includes the wires for the 2 main lights in the living/dining area (at least it was for my 5-rm flat). So if you were to install a ceiling fan, you need to think about where you are going to place your living room light.

    A few suggestion you may want to consider.

    1) Install the ceiling fan and do away with the living room light. Compensate for this with downlight around the living room. I had seen this been done by one of the show flat that my contractor showed me. It was quite OK.

    2) Consider those hybrid ceiling fan with lights at the bottom.

    Good luck!
  4. june02bride

    june02bride Guest

    hi lonewolf
    tks for the advice, will keep this in mind during my renovation.
  5. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi all,

    Have purchase 2 ceiling fans from Sembawang shopping centre. Cost is about 150 each (w/o installation). I chose the 3 blades one ( 1 for living rm and 1 for rm).

    They usually recommend the 5 blades for living rm but i didn't like the pattern so stick with the 3 blades one and the lady say will be powerful enough.

    I took both with light kit (meaning with lights in the middle). So this will solve the problem of no light in my living room. However do note that, it may not be bright enough. So I decided to just place standing lights and install additional 2 downlights in the hall.

    Lastly, for the brand, I think it's Amasco or Tri-star. Confused cos it's supposed to be Amasco but the invoice is written Tri-star. Maybe it's the model no.

    Hope the info is useful [​IMG]
  6. june02bride

    june02bride Guest

    hi wylynn
    i noticed u bot yr fan fm sembawang, r u putting up there???? i juz selected my flat there (BTO scheme).
    on top of the ceiling fan, did u also install air-con??? my hubby insist installing both (fan & aircon).
    what's the color of yr fan??? izzit does bronze color kind?
  7. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi june02bride,

    hey me also june 02 bride hee ...

    no my h2b is staying there (his parents house). My new house is in admiralty (also selected from BTO scheme [​IMG] think we are in the same batch!) When was ur selection ? I wanted to get a flat in sembawang too but no available ones. Which blk did u get ?

    Yup i installed air con too. Air con is whole house while fan is living rm and mbedrm. I think it's better to install both (my own view lah). Cos of air con, it's a 1 time thingy. once installed u can use but if don't install quite hard to install again.
    As for fan, i didn't like the standing ones cos i find that it will take up space and not so nice (my own opinion again okie).
    The colour i chose is a silver one (to match my aircon unit-silver also). It's cos of the colour then i decided to buy. I don't like the bronze colour one ... hee ...
  8. june02bride

    june02bride Guest

    hi wylynn
    when is yr wedding??? mine's 9th june [​IMG]
    can't remember wat blk no., but it is the blk where there is a convenience store on the 2nd or 3rd storey, becos all the other units i wanted were taken aleadi (my q no. was on the 2nd last day).
    yr idea same as my hubby, it would be troublesome if 1 2 install the aircon after moving in.
    but i hear alot of negative comments on installing ceiling fan, ie difficult to maintain, dangerous for children, blah blah.
    the bronze 1 looks quite old fashion hor. will have to tell my hubby abt chosing 1 with the light kit [​IMG]
  9. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi June
    mine is 22nd [​IMG]
    huh ? don't remember any blk with stores on the 2/3 floor leh. is the batch of white red and blue flats ???

    well i also has dilemma when i was installing aircon don't know if want to install living room or not. But in e end decided too cos at least install liow want to use can use. Have 1 or 2 friends that regretted not installing so took their advice.

    As for ceiling fan, i like it cos my parents house also have. We use for many years liow but still working fine. The only troublesome part is must climb ladder to clean other than that everything quite convenient. Furthermore, my ceiling fan i use remote control hee .. :p no need to walk and off the switch. very lazy hor ... ha ha ....

    ya ya bronze one very :p hee ...
  10. bubbletea

    bubbletea New Member

    hi wylynn,

    whats the brand of your ceiling fan? i've seen fr magazine the kdk platinium series also w/ remote ctrl. but haven't check the price yet.

    does anyone here knows the diff between the 3 blade & 4 blade type of ceiling fan? which is better?
  11. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    Hi gals... just to let you know, I have a small ceiling fan up for sale, if anyone is interested... can arrange to go my place to see...

    You can refer to my initial post at: Ceiling Fan [​IMG]
  12. dalynn

    dalynn Guest

    Hi all,

    Am currently sourcing for ceiling fans for bedrms & living rm. Any recommendations? How much shall I expect to pay?

    thks in advance [​IMG]
  13. google

    google Guest

    Hello Dalynn,

    U56WS KDK Grey $165.00

    AMC48R (c/w remote & lighting kit) Amasco-Twister $168.00

    AMC33R (c/w remote & lighting kit) Amasco-Tristar $168.00

    The KDK pricing is from Goh Ah Bee electrical store and the Amasco ones are from a shop I think called Big Lighting.
  14. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    Dalynn, how big do you want ur bedroom fans to be?? I am actually selling off my ceiling fan... pls go to the thread to find out more...

    Cos I bought it for my living room... it is more suitable for bedrooms... but so far, it's working pretty well in my living room, cos my living room is small... we can live with it... but do let me know if u are interested... [​IMG]
  15. google

    google Guest

    Hi JenJen

    Where did you buy your fan from? Quite a good buy
  16. cody

    cody New Member

    I got mine from KDK, only $70 per piece.
    It's different from the KDK that google installed (hers comes with remote control, mine doesn't).

    Gotta check with your contractor / electrician tho, coz the minimum height clearance from ceiling to floor is 9ft.

    Also, KDK is not HDB-approved. So its a risk .... (then again, some older resale flats have v high ceilings eg those in Tiong Bahru ... those definitely CAN install KDK).

    I tink they're not HDB approved becoz the newer flats have lower ceilings, so by the time the fan is installed, it may pose as a danger (imagine streching your arms and touching the blades of the fan!).
  17. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    google, it's a small fan leh... not the big 56" pple use in living room... I got it from IMM...
  18. dalynn

    dalynn Guest

    Hi all,

    thks for your response.

    my hubby wants to install in all 3 bedrm + living & dining. Ours is a resale which has huge living rm + dining rm after we hack the study rm wall, so need to install at the dining as well. So, was thinking of buying all 5 from same shop,easy to co-ordinate lah! Furthermore, mine is top unit with high ceiling, not sure if I need lower/bigger fan.

    Hi Google,
    do the Amasco ones you mentioned come in white? Ours is a minimalist concept, so we're looking for one fans to blend with white ceiling [​IMG] Where is this shop you're talking abt?

    Hi Cody,
    wah the diff in price is almost 1/2 just bec of the remote control?!
  19. dalynn

    dalynn Guest

    Hi Google,

    sorry typo error, ... shld be white fans to blend with white ceiling ... not one fans [​IMG]
  20. cody

    cody New Member


    Yup, the KDK with remote control is their latest product, so i guess they cost alittle more.

    Seems like you'll be able to install KDK fans since you have such high ceilings! (Lucky u!!)

    FYI: The KDK fans i bought come in 3 sizes.
    60 inch : for large areas eg living room
    56 inch : retailers seldom keep stock coz the differce is v small. this is the size of the remote control one.
    48 inch : recommended for bedroom and smaller areas eg dining rooms.

    Their design (or rather lack of design) is just a simple what fan with 5 metal blades.

    NOTE: try not to buy ceiling fans with wooden blades - they tend to warp over time esp in our humid conditions.
    same for aluminium fans - the blades are too light to circulate the air in the room.

    I got mine from KDK's recommended retailers:
    (A) New Tai Wah - 62910056 (Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #01-117)

    (B) Tai Yong Electric - 62940117 (116 Jln Besar)
    (C) Lim Kim Thye Electric - 62927332 (157 Jln Besar)

    If i remember correctly, New Tai Wah is the cheapest but their operating hours follow office hours.

    I bought mine from Lim Kim Thye ... he's the most expensive ($75 each, about $5 more than the others) but he was the friendliest and offered the most advice.

    Hope this helps !
  21. cody

    cody New Member

    "Their design (or rather lack of design) is just a simple what fan with 5 metal blades. "

    What i meant is SIMPLE WHITE FAN with (3) THREE blades ...
  22. google

    google Guest

    Hi Dalynn

    check out the website below, but don't buy direct from them, they are expensive(by 20-30%)
    forgot the address, will try to find out for you but no promises. I think it's some where in Jln Besar

  23. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    hi Dalynn, no problem... just that mine is a suitable size for bedrooms... thought u might want a bargain... my home is minimalist zen look... and the fan looks good, cos the silver brought some "modern" look to the environment... do let me know if u are interested to come and see... no obligations, since we can live with it... [​IMG]
  24. mas

    mas New Member

    Hi all,
    I just found out bout this website thru a friend and find it very informative reading thru. Anyway, me & hubby also just got a flat at P21 and now sourcing for home appliances. Ceiling fan is one of them. Actually we're quite fond of KDK brand. But then again, if its not HDB approved, can anyone recommend me another brand? A good one for my living room. And let me know the range of the cost price. I'd prefer with remote control cos I'm very lazy.
  25. dalynn

    dalynn Guest

    Hi Google,

    thks ... I'll check it out.

    thks for the offer .. I'm looking for a white one.Anyway, good luck for your sale [​IMG]

    Hi mas,
    read the thread from beginning... google & cody has given some good tips incl the price [​IMG]
  26. zach

    zach Guest


    I'm looking for a ceiling fan for my new HDB flat. Looking around, most of the fans I see are quite flowery and fanciful in design. I am looking for one that is simple and classic in design. I am also looking for those without those lights under the fan.

    Anyone has any recommendations on what brand to get and where I can get these fans? What is the general feedback for KDK brand? Seems like quite a reliable brand as many places uses this brand of fans.

  27. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi Zach, we bought ours from lights & lights in Balestier. You should be able to get them from any lighting shop in Geylang or Balestier. Ours came with remote control.

    KDK is a very well known brand.

    For effectiveness get the 3-bladed ones.
  28. jatling

    jatling New Member

    Me bought ceiling fan silver colour of 3 wings and one white lights and with remote as well.......at one of the shop at Balestier and it's Elmark brand.
  29. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Zach, ours was not KDK, just in case you mis-understand [​IMG]. I think it was Elmark as well. We installed 6 units in our EA. We LOVE ceiling fans! Unfortunately, one remote control controls all, so sometimes they interfere with each other.
  30. rili

    rili Guest

    Hi Zach,
    We got our ceiling fan( 4 blades plus a powerful motor) and lamps (optional) from AF Lightings at Balestier. It is made in USA. Brand name - Amasco. Look for Mrs Poon. She is very nice. She also gave very good advice for our other lamps.
  31. msnanas

    msnanas New Member

    Hi Zach,

    Heard from my uncle in-law, he said that 4 blades one is the latest design and its cuts the wind better. Not sure how true...
  32. zach

    zach Guest

    Thanks for all your inputs! The one about the remote control creating a mini-whirlwind in your home was quite funny and its something I'll have to keep in mind... hahaha...
  33. sunny3

    sunny3 New Member

    Hi Zach,

    I got 2 Elmark ceiling fans. The shop gave us 2 different type of remote controls, so that one will not activate another, the electrician told us.
  34. roticanai

    roticanai New Member

    Hi Sunny,

    We are thinking of install ceiling fan as well, could you mind let me know how much did u paid for the fan?

  35. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hi All,

    I bought mine at Jurong Light Mall at $120 exclude installation. Simple design and silver color, not bad.
  36. serrich

    serrich New Member

    wow... victoria, yours is so cheap.. Whats the brand of ur ceiling fan?

    Mine is Elmark also using remote control. It has got 5 blades and with orange light in the centre.

    I understand from some of the shops tat there are actually 2 different batches. The first batch cost a lot more cheaper (abt $180-200) cos there is no quality check by PSB so there is no "SAFETY" indicator. Dunno how true lah.. but mine cost abt $260 comes with "SAFETY" sticker.. the so-called 2nd batch lah... Not sure how true is this lah but better be safe than sorry lor...

    Hope this helps...
  37. victoria

    victoria New Member

    hi serrich,

    mine is Asmasco i think, dunno got spell correctly anot. it has i think 4 or 5 blades, 4get already la. simple design with no light. it's look quite clean cut and zen 2 me lor, dat's y i like. I like it more because it's cheap...hahaha...but no remote control la.
  38. junee

    junee New Member


    Can someone here advise if ceiling fans can be fixed on a false ceiling?
  39. sammi

    sammi New Member

    Hi Junee,

    Shouldn't be a problem as long as the contractor install it securely. My hubby's office showroom has a ceiling fan fixed on false ceiling.

    U might wanna take note of a height problem if its HDB flats....fan might be too low after installing on false ceiling.
  40. joice

    joice New Member

    Hi junee,

    If u r living in a HDB, u have to check with the HDB officer. I think they have a rule that the ceiling must be dunno how many metres away to the floor.
  41. happy2

    happy2 New Member

    Hi Sammi & Joice

    Do you know what is the ceiling height for HDB? What is the minimum height required to install a ceiling fan?
  42. m16s1

    m16s1 New Member

    I have lobang for national ceiling fan at 180 bucks. I am buying it at 150 each since i will be getting 5 ceiling fans
  43. joice

    joice New Member

    Hi happy,

    I'm not too sure abt their requirement height to install a ceiling fan.

    Maybe you can call any of their branch office & check with them. [​IMG]
  44. happy2

    happy2 New Member

    thanks joice...will do that
  45. home155

    home155 New Member

    Hi All,

    Can anyone please advice on the different between the 3 , 4 and 5 blade?

    Does more blade equate to more wind as it is able to cut more of the air space?

    Which is more desirable for a 5 Rm flat living room?

    Thanks in advance.
  46. jasondvan73

    jasondvan73 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Hope I can get some help from those of you who have ceiling fans:

    1. If I have a false , what's the best way to install the fan? Is it better to attach it to the true ceiling and extend a rod through the false ceiling(would the rod wobble around hole)or is it better to attach it to an additional beam created on the false ceiling ?

    2. Anyone heard or used the brand Usha? Any good? Is it reliable or noisy?

  47. girlfriend

    girlfriend New Member

    hi cody,

    I m abit confused by your posting on 19 Sept.

    You said try nt to buy wooden blades coz of sg humid weather n same goes to aluminium blades coz they r light. So which type of blades r better?
  48. jasondvan73

    jasondvan73 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have a ceiling fan that is simple with 3 blades for sale. It is a Usha fan that is used in a few coffee places such as the Spinelli joint at Penisula Shopping Centre. It is 1500mm in span. I am selling it because I have decided to put up airconditioning in my living room.

    Please email me if interested at jasondvan73@yahoo.com.sg
  49. ziggy

    ziggy New Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone using ceiling fans? Would appreciate if you'll can recommend the brand and model.

  50. ziggy

    ziggy New Member

    Forgot to add,

    Living in HDB flat. So the choices are limited to 48-42 inch blades.

    Seen Amasco's and KDK websites, but nothing much there.

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