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doreen's left? she's my favourite! although the last facial i went, the therapist was quite good also, her massage was comparable to doreen's. but can't remember her name.

i currently have an all-inclusive (body massage + facial + slimming etc) off-peak package with them. $1100 for 25 sessions. paid by DBS monthly installment. works out to about $44 per session, off-peak meaning can only do my treatments mon-fri before 6 pm. i'm currently freelancing, so it works for me. and i go quite frequently, facial + massage once a mth...


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I have been going off peak all these years but they never once mentioned about off peak packages. For massages, is it inclusive of hydro bath & scrub?

I think your package is the same treatment facial but much cheaper leh. The very first package that I signed up $966 + GST for 18 sessions of treatment facial is not very worth.


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jewel melody,..I just went recently, they tried to sell me the diamond peel package at $82.50 per session.....your's only $68.00 . when did you sign up?


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I have a Body Massage package to let go. Got a very good deal for it. 10 Sessions of Body Massage, Body Scrub and Milk bath each. Letting go at $680.

PM or email me at [email protected] me if you are interested.


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anyone interested to share BW massage package or already took a massage package & looking to transfer some of your sessions?

a consultant told me if we sign 100 sessions only $40 per session & can share among a few persons. So it's quite a good deal


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Does anybody know if our body wellness package can be shared out to friends? Are we able to persuade the consultants to allow us to share the package with friends?


Just called the stamford branch and spoke to the consultant

To be member, one need to sign 20 treatment package at $1177 and will get free body scrub with every massage.

100 treatment cost $4900 and not $4000 leh ($40 per treatment)

The consultant seemed very impatient to talk to me and didnt' elaborate more..


how about spa bath? Is it considered as one treatment?

Spa Shower
Pamper yourself to a complete bathing experience with our complete line of minerals, milk and essential oils supplementing a soothing and relaxing bath experience. The infusions will certainly melt your stress away, whilst leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple.

" Aromatic Herbal Steam Bath
" Milk Ritual Bath
" Detox Ocean Bath


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<font color="aa00aa">Megan</font>

I don't think 20 sessions considered member. Just package holder. I signed a total of 52 sessions but not a member.

I heard members can have unlimited &amp; free use of steam bath or similar, never really ask in details. To be member, need to sign hundreds of sessions

<font color="aa00aa">Xena</font>

at the point of signing up, the consultant told me it is transferable. I share the package with my mom currently, they just deduct directly from my package, no separate file for my mom

Recently another consultant told me it is not transferable, unless you inform them upfront, at the point of signing the package. Eg. 100 session 4 people share, they split into 4 files upfront but cannot transfer half way

don't know which version is correct

by the way, do you get unlimited &amp; free use of steam bath or stuff like that? did they offer any freebies in your package?


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I will ask in further details on my next trip to Bodywellness regarding the member package.

If you are going to Bodywellness, please ask about the member package too. We can then compare notes here, see whether they offer same freebies or more. whichever consultant offered us the best deal, let's group &amp; sign with her


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NO WAY am going to sign new package with BW. Very pushy &amp; BAD attitude.

The consultant tried to push their new crystal light package. When I insisted I do not want to sign such an expensive package even though she hard sell for 20 minutes, she stood up, gave me a 'so cheapskate, why bother to come to BW, waste my breathe talking to you' kind of disgusted look, took my tea &amp; stomped out of the room.

She is so RUDE! Not that I care to finish their precious tea. Whether I sign or not, I am still an existing customer. Is this customer service? Is this how they treat their loyal customers who have been with them for years?

With so many new customers, their service standard &amp; treatment towards existing customers changed. Anyway, luckily left last 5x.


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really? which outlet did you go? i went for their launch. di not buy too since i've still many sessions of diamond peel... but my consultant was ok abt it...


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I must clarify that the therapists at Heritage Court are however very professional and able to give you much facial advices
my face condition has improved much since I've started end last year.

Depending on who was the consultant you met that day. my consultant is very patient and still okie when I dont sign up for anything. she's able to throw in more freebies when I sign packages too.

anyone interested can PM me. If introduce by fren, can get FREE treatments too.


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had to let go of my package at bodywellness as usually not in SG.

20 sessions left our of my 115 sessions, each @ SGD$50 with any choice from the list of facials/massage/wax/treatment/slimming in this link

abt to transfer sessions mininum 5 sessions per time to one person. Have prove of receipt and can check my package from bodywellness, just PM me.

Able to use these sessions bought with friends and family too. or to try out Body Wellness b4 signing on to their package.

Personally i like their Body Treatment, cos usually got scrub, some massage, wrap then steam bath and their massages alone
So far, the consultant have been very nice and not pushy to me at all

ask me if u hav any more enquiry


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>>Pauline: which branch are you at? what's the best price you are offering if I take more? can PM if not convenient to disclose online.


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hi Pauline,

Me too, can you PM me the best price if I take the remaining 20 sessions.

I am interested. Thanks!


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>>Pauline: how much is your package? Since you bought a 115-treatment package, shouldn't each treatment be cheaper than some of the gals who have purchased package of 100 at only $40 each?

I'm already a client at Bodywellness Heritage, don't mind taking your remaining sessions if you can offer a good price. PM me, thanks!


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>>Pauline: thanks for your quick reply. Wont be taking any session since the transfer is not much cheaper than your purchase price. Besides, I'll be able to get the same offer if I upgrade my package which I've spoken to my consultant about before. Perhaps Cyn26 will be interested.


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i have also sign a program at body wellness,very cheap as i used to visit bella, good in term that package is versatile,can change to massage and slimming...


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Do you know Body Wellness implemented a <font color="ff0000">new cancellation policy</font>??

They will deduct 1 session from your package if you cancel your appointment less than 4 hours before your appointment time

Such policy was not in place when I signed my package. They just add it recently, at their discretion, disregard whether customers agreed to such term &amp; condition


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Any one with body wellness IPL package who want to transfer? Considering doing IPL leh but not sure so want to test out first. Pls PM me if you do or have facial package that can convert to IPL


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Hi! I just signed up for a platinum package at abt $48+GST per session...with a wide range of menu facial, body spa, slimming...

Anyone keen to share as it's transferable? Please PM me.



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hi everyone,

juz wanna do a small sharing with u. my cousin went for acupuncture slimming at marine parade and she see visible results in the 2nd week. to my surprise, she shed off 4kg in the 1st month. after her 3 month course, she lose total of 14kg.

its really amazing that i have never imagine. but its really good to see the new her. i can tell that she seems to be more confident now than before who usually quiet. as her cousin, i really feel proud and happy for her bcoz of her strong determination and seeing her looking good. and even now her mum is taking up the course. ha.... its safe and effective. and the most important factor, its not expensive at all.

not like those other slimming places who keep on asking u to sign this and that. they will tell u wat u need and u sign once and no more. they dun hardsell at all. if u want a fast effect within 3months at affordable price, i guess this is the best place.

if anyone r keen, can e-mail me. i can ask my cousin to arrange to share how she did it. [email protected], pls put on subject (cousin slimming). enjoy slimming and looking good.


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I'm looking for a facial package (about 10-15 sessions) at Body Wellness (Winsland House). If anyone is keen to let go their package, please pm me. Thanks!


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Hi all,

I want to sell off my classic membership (26 sessions left) at $47 each and 11 sessions of skinlight facial at $167 each.

I think it is very hard to get the skinlight facial at this price as I got it at promotion price. When one of my friend tried to get the same package at my price, the staff rejected her and did not hard sell her. According to the staff,there is no more classic membership now too.

I am too busy to use these packages as I also bought VPL package from them. I am only using the VPL package as VPL is good enough for me, so I do not see the need for the others.

If you are interested, please pm me. Thanks.


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Hi All,

I bought too many BW ampoules and would like to sell some. These Thermo Active ampoules are used during massages and I understand there is a choice of 5 types Eg: Slimming, Firming etc.

It is 20 ampuoles for $375 (after GST). Price is low because I got these at a one-for-one promotion. Can mix and match according to needs and be converted to face ampoules for facials too.

If keen, please email me at [email protected] or sms me at 98362922. Sms gets priority. First come, first served.

Thank you.


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Hi Everyone,

I have an RF package from Body Wellness to let go. $400 per session for 15 sessions. Okay to buy one session to try first. Each RF session is about 45 mins.

Price is fixed. The RF machine used is the latest in terms of technology. I could see results after one session. The effect was even better after 24 hours.

If keen, do pm or email me at [email protected]



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Dear All,

I have moved away from the Central area due to work and its inconvenient for me to have long term packages with Body Wellness, Winsland House. Looking for some place nearer.

So I would like to sell my remaining MLD Body package (using the Methode Physiodermie products). I have a total of 40 sessions left. The package is not restricted to one treatment, but has all of Manual Lymphatic Massage services including:
- Whole body lymphatic massage,
- Circulatory (for detox),
- Cellulite treatment (fat busting)
- Digestive treatment (for bloated abdomen)

For information about Methode Physiodermie, do check out

I am letting go at S$90 per session. If you have tried Methode Physiodermie products &amp; treatments, you will know that this is a good price.

Been happy with the services so far but dont really need so many sessions. Besides, hardly go there now as location is far from workplace and time is always a factor. So hoping to share this package with someone. Possible to buy one session just to try out 1st.

Interested and fast deal, please sms me at 98362922. All I need to do is to transfer to your name.


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I have been a loyal customer of Body wellness for the past 4 years and I have repeatedly renewed my packages with them over the years too until recently when my current package is left with just a few sessions.
So what made a loyal customer so pissed with BW?
NEVER Trust what they promise you in the package even if they had written in black and white, Cos thats what they promised me 1 year ago when i signed my current package. The manager Lynn wrote in my package that I could switch from my current treatments into some other treatments, however, she eats her words when I wanted to convert my treatments recently and I am all fumed knowing that none of the promised is honoured.
So all BW customers, be careful with what they said they can do for you in the packages even if they write down in your file. It's all a tactic to push the packages to you.


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Hi enivi28,

Which branch are you at? Try writing in to their management at their website if the branch manager is not helpful. Be specific in your complain. As far as I know, their management does take customer concerns seriously.

Here is where you can write in: [email protected]

Good luck, and keep us posted. Agree with what is written here that their prices keep changing. Sigh.. think we should really share info.


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yest juz bgt the VPL package... kind of hardsell coz seems like if i don't buy,, kena stuck there... coerced me to buy the Vit C too.. haiz .. yest cannot sleep whole nite coz donno how to get my refund... should i complain to CASE ??? Any advice anyone ???


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I was approached to join Body wellness as an MLM marketer last month as it now goes into MLM model.
A woman, named Mimi was trying selling this package of $2500 to me. She told me that Bodywellness is now operating on a MLM model and by signing up, I will be a Jade mmember and entitled to 40% overriding commission of my downline..
The package comes with some products and credit of $2,400 which I could use for any services (at al-larta price)...
Anyone heard of this? I have doubts on salon going MLM...It may do well for the first few months but after that, the salon will be crowded with these people (MLM marketers who bot the package) and place will lose its prestige as then there will be many "funny" characters of people...
Mimi also told me that body wellness is doing man facial only at the moment but will be doing man's massage soon.


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never heard before of this.. but to mi, if the salon is really good at their services and if i like it.. i does not mind visiting them. just my 2cent worth.
Please don't sign up any package at Body Wellness!

My friend and I regretted signing up the massage package in 2004. After 5 years, I still haven't finish my 11 sessions. Why? I am forced to take leave in order to go for a session. Those slots after 6pm are always fully booked. This place is seriously overcrowded.

What's the point of taking a package when there's no available slot for us to book?


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Oh, looks like BW reputation is going downhill.

I have been going there initially for massage only, then later on, both for massage and facial. Been going there for many years - the Winsland House branch (since 2004) and yes, it's true that they sometimes try to sell you new treatments etc, but I very politely just tell them that I like the current things that they are doing for me so I don't want to try anything new. After a couple of times, they will just be a bit black face but that's it.

I try to book my appointments one month in advance so that I can get the therapists / masseuse that I prefer, but sometimes those therapists / masseuse are busy so I just use anyone who is available. So far, even the "random" ones that I have been assigned are quite good so no complaints.

The facial works for me and I do it once a month. Sorry to hear about those who have bad experiences there....