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So as we age, applying makeup is no longer the same again. Just thought this video is really relevant and needed. So here you go!

@ahc.official Hyaluronic Acid toner
@emobsessed Muldream Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Ampuole
@cliniquesg Gel Moisturiser
@paulaschoicesg SPF 50

@bobbibrownsg Brown Intensive Serum Foundation
@maccosmetics Concealer
@hourglasscosmetics Eyebrow pencil
@tomfordbeauty duo sheer blusher
@natashadenonabeauty Contour powder
@makeupforever HD powder
@ctilburymakeup Eyeshadow palette
@heroinemakesg Eyeliner
@heroinemakesg Mascara



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Burmese wedding style? No problem!
Thanks @thetravellingburmesemaid for this opportunity!



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My new series of THE LOOK. -where I share my deets and rituals for my brides.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate becky’s wedding dinner look, where I focus on perfecting her skin texture, under eyes and opening up her eyes.

Ps: She also fell in love with @twistthewillowtwig earrings which matches her floral dress.



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Makeup Artist



When your bride request to look softer, younger but natural. Playing with the placement of contour, blush, shape of brows and shade of eyeshadow all plays a part.



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It was such a joy dolling you for Iris for her PWS, Church wedding and Banquet.
Ensuring she has different looks that compliments her and her theme & gown.



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✨ GIVEAWAY! ✨What is your BIGGEST Wedding Day Fear?

Weddings are daunting events to plan, and having been in the industry for the last 7 years, there's so many ways I've seen a wedding go wrong!
But fret not!

Beauty Without Filter wants to create a community where couples that are about to get married can openly share about their greatest concerns. In return,
we promise to open up our experiences and networks to help you get over these hurdles as smoothly as possible!

So let's get to it and do share with me what your BIGGEST FEARS are in the comments below.
We will DM the people with the most interesting answers, and you will walk away with $50 Sephora Vouchers!!

With Love,

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Hi everyone, Thank you so much for the overwhelming response in the previous post. ⠀
Just like I mentioned in the video, I want to create a community of brides and brides-to-be where we can openly share opinions and resources!⠀
Keep those responses, stories, comments and funny experiences coming in, and don't be shy about it. The more we share, the more we can learn too! ⠀

Always with love, ⠀

Photography: @nataliewongphotography
Gown: @graceatelierweddingssg
Bride: @marked_withlove



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Story Time! ✨

Belle was an amazing bride that I had the privilege to work with earlier this year. We had so much fun putting together a stunning look for her big day and she turned out absolutely gorgeous!

However, things weren't always smooth-sailing for Belle...
2 months before the wedding she had received her dream wedding gown from an overseas vendor, but much to her dismay, that dream dress simply just didn't fit right!

With limited time on her hands, Belle turned to @reformation for a backup plan and even canvassed @etsy for a matching long pearl veil.

We saw the potential in her 'back-up' gown and put our customisation to the test! We paired it with @adorningglory fresh flower hair accessories and worked towards producing a 'tanned' look that blended well with Belle's amazing features. ✨
At the end of the day, we overcame Belle's predicament, putting her look together one piece at a time - even using a Brown Waterline Liner to accentuate her eyes. Accessories and gown aside, Belle's look exuded beauty from within, and was definitely best without filter.

: @kompactfaen



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My top tip for that perfect look! ✨

I would like to thank everyone so much for all your responses in my previous giveaway video! I had simply so much fun reading through all your responses, but do keep them coming in!

I’m return, here’s the one top tip I always choose to standby when it comes to pulling of that perfect look! ✨

Look out for the giveaway coming real soon!

As promised, here are my go-to gown retailers!
La Belle Couture @labelle_couture
Luna Bianca @lunabiancabridal
Lyra Studio @lyrastudiosg
Grace Atelier @graceatelierweddingssg



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Story Time!✨

Stella was an amazing bride that we had the opportunity to work with.
Hailing from the Big Apple New york city, Stella was unfamiliar with the local wedding scene - not knowing what to expect.

Stella had travelled back to Singapore to try on her dream dress, but much to her dismay, it was far from what she had imagined! Time was running short and something had to be done fast.
This was when we got to work. We curated the look and reassured her of her dress' potential.
As always, we begun styling the look by accentuating her facial features. Through customisation and incorporating pearl accessories to Stella's hair, we brought the attention to her overall look, rather than just on her dress. This struck a much needed balance and created a seamless flow - a winning look indeed.

Working with Stella was testament to the importance of style curation. While many brides-to-be stress over getting that perfect dress, it is also important to establish a flow to the overall look.
It was a pleasure working with her and definitely a story to remember! ☺️



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When Artist meets Artist - A Customer Review Story.

Cheryl, founder of @andthensheweaves on instagram is a fellow artist with a flair for design.✨
The journey towards her big day was nothing short of eventful and definitely one to remember. ‍♀️

Unsatisfied with her gown she had initially picked out, we encouraged her to look for something that would make her stand out.
We topped the look off with an amazing customized headpiece to made from handpicked crystals.

Here's what Cheryl had to say:
'One of the best decisions was engaging Atiqah for both my pre-wed and actual day. I don't usually wear make-up so I was very worried about how it will turn out but Atiqah was able to get my preferences and was super good She even handmade my headpiece out of gemstones. Also super thankful for Atiqah on my actual day because I was very nervous but she was always ready to provide encouragement and assurance.'



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✨Read this before you engage a makeup artist! ✨

Are you looking to hire a makeup artist for your wedding soon? Or do you know someone that’s gonna get hitched! Here’s 4 things that you need to let your makeup artist know in advanced to avoid any disappointments.‍♀️



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Rebekah was a bride that I had the opportunity to work with consecutively for 2 pre-wedding shoots and her actual wedding day. Achieving her ideal minimalistic look is just as it sounds, using only what we really needed to enhance Rebekah’s features. A process that comes with experience and requires a touch of finesse, we were really happy to create a seamless vibe that painted a beautiful picture with her veil, dress, theme, and location all in sync. ✨



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Monday Makeup Minutes ✨

Happy Monday Everyone! While everyone is starting to settle into the work week, here's the first instalment to a series of videos where I will be sharing about makeup tips that everyone can benefit from! ‍♀️

In today's video, we're talking about concealing dark under eyes! Something that many of us suffer from as we go about our stressful working lives. But fret not, a refined look is just a few steps away.

Do share this video and remember that while we can resort to makeup to make ourselves more 'presentable', true beauty comes from within, and is best without a filter! ✨



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Going the extra mile with Beauty Without Filter. ✨

Planning a wedding is a daunting task, and looking good for your wedding is no easy feat either. However, if you have an experienced makeup artist by your side, here are a couple of things that they could help you look out for.

Touching up! Weddings these days are still known to go on for long hours! You could be posing under the hot humid sun right before your march in. Check in with your make up artist whether the look you have on is able to last the day. If not, do remember to factor in sometime for that much needed touch up in between.

No one bride is the same. And sometimes, it takes more than makeup and a dress to bring out one's true features. With a little crafty flair, we can work with you to customise hair pieces or add simple artistic touches to get that perfect look. It’s truly the nitty grritty details that makes the most difference.☺️

Lastly, tears proofing. Who's cutting onions! Wedding days can be full of emotions - from touching speeches to simple loving gestures from family members, these are things that can trigger those tear ducts. If you know that you're the emotional type, ask your makeup artist to add a little tear proofing to her finish. No one wants smudged eyeliners in the middle of the day!

When you next hire a professional make up artist, take these pointers into consideration to make the best out of your makeup experience.‍♀️



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3 Reasons why you should hire a wedding planner!

For the most of us, our wedding days will be the biggest event that we ever plan for ourselves. This puts even the best of us under a lot of stress to ensure that everything goes smoothly!
For those of us who are still deliberating whether we should hire a wedding planner, here are my 2 cents or top 3 reasons why you should even consider.

Firstly, hiring a wedding planner is like having a best friend who will always have your back.‍♀️ They are equally as dedicated to your big day going as smoothly as possible as you! Just like how it feels good to have a partner in crime, having a wedding planner to depend upon just takes away all that unnecessary stress and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your wedding like you should.

Furthermore, hiring a wedding planner also means that you have one point of contact for all your vendors during your big day. Imagine getting ready for your march in and you realise that your photographer and videographers are no where to be found! Fret not, with a wedding planner, there will already be someone scrambling behind the scenes to get things right.

Lastly, most wedding planners do this as their full-time job. They would have the ins and outs of the industry within the palms of their hands. They are up to date and would even expose you to new ideas on how to pull off that dream wedding that so many crave for. Having this expert in your corner always takes that load off your shoulders.✨

Enjoying your dream wedding should be your main focus on your big day. Consider having someone that you can count on to make that dream come true.



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Giveaway Announcement! ⠀

A huge shoutout to everyone who participated in my giveaway! I would like to take this time to especially thank everyone who commented and shared their experiences and advice. It is an incredible testament to the ability to go further together. ⠀

With that being said, I would like to congratulate these 3 individuals who I feel went the extra mile to share their experiences and wisdom! And I would like to recognize that effort by gifting you the $50 Sephora Vouchers as promised! ⠀

A huge round of applause to: ⠀

Drop me a DM! and I will arrange for the voucher to be passed to you! ✨



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Makeup simply does wonders. With makeup done properly, you can define your features, change up your look or even pull off a transformation good enough to drop jaws on your big day.

Working with brides like Kai Ying reaffirms the amazing opportunities that I have as a make up artist - while each smile is a bride’s nod of acknowledgement, I always believe that make up best enhances features and adds a little more confidence. True beauty however, always comes from within and is best without a filter.✨



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Casual, chic, classy or glamorous. The beauty of make up is versatility in expression - you get to be who you want to be, when you want to.



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The power of makeup - Empowering yourself through open expression!

For the longest time, society looks at makeup as a form of 'cover-up' for physical imperfections that some may have.
On a contrary, I feel that makeup these days are one of the best forms of expression that women and men alike can have.
Make up allows us to express exactly how we are feeling, without having to make changes to our physical appearance.
We can look quirky, classy, glamourous and non-chalant on the same day, and it all can be undone with a little makeup remover.
Being in control of how we look and doing it well can sometimes be that much needed boost for a little more confidence. So let's do it right. In the next few posts, ill be sharing my best kept secrets on how to elevate your makeup game. ✨



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While the whole world scours for more tips and secrets on how to preserve their youth, there are certain circumstances when looking older & more mature could pay off. Instances such as a professional setting, looking a little more mature might be the small difference between getting that much needed promotion or even a commercial feature.✨

@jwanting is one of such clients that I have worked with in the past with such a request. As a talent on-screen and for corporate commercials, looking more mature with makeup gives her that extra versatility that she might need. The best thing - pulling off such a look with the correct makeup, is not that difficult!

Have you ever needed to pull of a 'Mature' look? Let me know in the comment section below!



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While having an amazing anti-ageing skin regimen and having more hours of sleep can definitely help with making us look younger, we all know that sometimes there just isn't enough time for us to keep that up because of our crazy schedules.
Make up howeverr can be our saving grace in times like this. Achieving that youthful look isnt that difficult after all. Here are a few tips to achieve that youthful vibrance we all crave for! ✨

1. Choosing Dewy foundation and ditching the Matte finish for makeup - Having moisturised and dewy makeup can definitely do wonders to making your skin fresh & youthful.
2. Using more cream or liquid-based formula! Using a cream blusher would give you a smooth and soft blend without having to cake your makeup!
3. Remember, less is more. Using lesser concealer or products is always ideal to prevent makeup from caking or creasing on ur lines.
Tip: I like to use a thin layer of foundation first. Followed by using concealer only at areas needed.
4. Brows plays a huge role. Having slightly thicker brows help with a fuller and more youthful look. It also helps when the shape of ur brows would be lifting your eyes.
5. Skincare routines! Hydration and skincare is always important regardless of application of makeup. So always remember to hydrate & never skip your skincare routines

Let me know your favourite skin care routines or if you have any amazing tips to share as well, let me know!