Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?


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Dear Misty to lehcar,
I've sent you an email. Sorry for the late response as I seldom check this forum nowadays.


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Hi faith,

I have created the template in Photoshop. However, I have a problem with printing. I tried saving as a picture format (jpeg and bmp) and printing it, and printing direct from photoshop, but the wordings turns out blur, i.e. not as sharp as we see on screen. Wonder whether you had that problem and how you solved it.

Many thanks!


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Dear All, I seldom check this forum anymore so I guess for everyone's sake, I attach my template in JPEG for your reference.

Please do not edit from the template but use it as your reference only. The JPEG file is of a lower quality as there are dimension & size limits to attachments. Do PM me if you require any further assistance.

As for notti, check your resolution. Is it the default 72 pixels per inch? For printing quality, use 150 or even 300. Mine was 300. Meaning you have 300 dots of colour per square inch as compared to 72. And of course save it at maximum quality setting. Save it to JPEG & you shouldn't have a printing quality.

If you are sending it to a commercial printer, they usually ask for either JPEG or PDF.

Use Adobe Acrobat or any free copy of PDF Writer. Print your template to a PDF file with the highest quality settings and ask your printer to give you a test print, i.e. they'll print ONE card for your approval. If you are satisfied then instruct them to proceed.

Do PM me if you need any further help?

Just to share with all of you, I recently had a caricature done of my hubby & I - a cartoon illustration of yourself. It was used as a header for our blog which was my birthday present to my hubby. To see an example, check out my blog here.

I thought it will be a nice idea to do a caricature and use it on the cover of your wedding cards. I would have probably done that if the idea crossed my mind back then.

If you want to contact the illustrator who did my caricature, you may check out the link at the bottom of my website. It's a Singapore company & they do caricature for use on wedding cards too. Don't worry, I don't have any affiliation with them. Just liked their work very much that's all.


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Hi faith,

ohh my God finally i found you..i really need the wedding is next month and i m such in hurry find the chinese wording like yours in my invitation. Can u help me..plissss..mail me :[email protected]

thanks alot faith...


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anyone's invitation is using only english wordings? as my parents are divorced and both have remarried so it's a little tricky with the wordings. coz i intend to state on the english "together with their parents, XXX & XXX invites you ....."