Any Recommendation for Printers?


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For those considering nagamas at city sq, you can forget about it.

1st, they can't deliver the cards as per promised.
2nd, they made so much error.
3rd, they're a dishonest lot!

I printed from both T&T and Nagamas but the latter gave me a lot of prob. the cards were nt printed as agreed and they refused to re-print and still had the cheek to demand for payment.


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Hi All,
I printed my wedding inserts with AXXA design & print. Very well-done..

Took about 3 days to finalize the layout. Very fast. The designer was prompt in his reply. The production takes 4 to 5 days but I got my inserts in last than 2 days.. Lucky! ;)

Actually i did a comparison before hand.. the price difference charged by the printers in Singapore is about $10. So find one that you are comfortable working with.

I worked with Mary initially and then Carmen for my inserts.


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Hi milky,

Care to share how much is the rate for their printings? I'm looking at ard 100pics

Thanks. Cheers.


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anyone know where can i do hot-stamping(embossed,pop out type) at a reasonable price. i read from one of the threads that mould for hot-stamping is $40 and printing of each insert is 40 cents. any one can give recommendation.


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I got my wedding cards design and printed at a printing shop call "backcomp" in bras basah. The inserts I got from my hotel printer instead.

I am very satisfied of the service that backcomp provided.Look for the designer bernard.I know that some of you are looking for cheap printing services.But most printer only provide printing services without giving any good advice.But for bernard,he will give very good advice on the concept of the wedding cards and will advice to couples on how to save the cost.He has shown me some of his wedding portfolio which he had done for custommers. Really impressive !!I had received alot of compliments of the design of what he had done for me.

Btw, backcomp is located at blk 231 bras basah complex #02-97.His contact is 63379089 and his mobile 81685234


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i got 350pcs for 150$ 250gsm, postcard size, dbl side full colour.. on majestic white pearlize paper.. my jie's friend...outside ppl charge $1/card on average. =)
Im so happy...


I just printed our cards with Colour Shop at Bras Basah. They printed our order within a day and the quality is really good.
Their number is 63374566


Hi caroline. I gave them my design (church + hotel) and got them to print.
They are only a print shop. Card designers are different.
You still haven't sorted out your cards?? No time alreadyyyyy.
Maybe you can check out The Card Room. They provide both design and printing.


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hi pinkcoral..ya..but is for church invites only and looking at less than sis will do the draft and i will go get it shld be ok right?mailing the cards in 1st week of Jan.

by the way,do you know if Colour shop sells plain solid coloured papers? thks!