Any good skin doctor who can cure acne urgently??!!

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by oohlahlah, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. angie2288

    angie2288 New Member

    I know of a good nutritional product that will help clear Acnes... pm me for more information.

  2. cookieselmo

    cookieselmo New Member

    i can recommend you one
  3. flowerpot8084

    flowerpot8084 New Member

    heard abt this product call Dermatics is quite good for acne skin.. my sis have been using it for 3mths liao and her skin really look so much better now...
  4. outside18

    outside18 New Member

    Need a sincere help....
    It's very confusing since there are many skin clinics.. so far I got 3 as below.
    C T Lee Skin & Laser Clinic / Jocye Lim Skin and Laser Clinic / Maple Family & Skin Clinic.

    I've been having acne problem and I went to several facial treatment.
    The most current one was with Leonard Drake and I bought some Dermalogica products..
    But guess what???!!! It caused my acne problem extremely worse!!!!
    I got serious acne problem all over my face now. [​IMG]

    Actually I told them (after 3rd time treatment) that perhaps this product doesn't suit for my skin type but since they already got my $$, they told me that this is normal process that all my pimple need to come out first!!! Do you think this makes sense?

    Anyway, I am very upset with them and thinking to find for the real skin doctor. But as I've mentioned above, I am very confused..

    Can anyone, please please recommend me the right one?
    My skin is very sensitive. I got breakout on my face and some on my back and front. Most of all the scar with dark marks are the one that I need to cure.

    As I have been taking antibiotics and Diane35 before, it didn't help much for me. But it's only harm to my kidney and I don't want to take any oral medicine. Please advise~ Thank you in advance.
  5. look_healthy

    look_healthy New Member

    Hi jin,
    i have a great product to recommend you, its suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Its a really good product and i suggest you try it out urself before u even purchase it, u can email me at ok.
  6. rubypumps

    rubypumps New Member

    jin (outside18) : if you have flaming acne i don't think it's advisable to go for facials, may irritate the acne more.

    have you tried niks maple clinic? honestly my frds who went there have their skin cleared up. i go for their facial only coz i think their products are too expensive.

    if you have the budget you may want to try DRX, at the rolex building beside paragon. heard lots of gd reviews from my frds, i do see results on them. but very pricey, i think 300+ per visit.
  7. xinyue

    xinyue New Member

    jin & rubypumps..

    I used to have very bad outbreaks.. big and red pimples that has another 4~5 pimples inside.. very painful.
    went to DRX at Tong Building (or the rolex building beside paragon) for treatment. Consultation is $85 for first timers and follow up consultation is $35. fees excludes products.
    The doc did not prescribe me with any oral medication. The doc just told me to use certain of DRX products.. and to come back in a month's time.
    I do see result.. face not as 'dirty/oily' as before, not so many pimples as before..

    this is something that needs patience and cannot be lazy..

    Doc says my big pimples is due to hormones and that oil on oily face was not properly control.
    however, chinese sinseh claims that all my big pimples is due to my stomach/gastric/instestine problems..

    who is correct, I do not know.. What i know is that, condition of face has improved. I have cut down on my DRX consultation but am still using their products..
  8. faith4ever2

    faith4ever2 New Member


    I have a good homebased beautican to recommend. Reasonably priced and most important she is good. I used to have very very bad skin and now they are all cleared. I agreed that clearing the skin takes time... but I began to see improvement about 1-2 months. You should try her special Treatment Facial. You can email her at
  9. mem0res

    mem0res New Member


    Just glance through this post and hear afew good comments about Kim Mun. Can someone pls share the consultation charges n the waiting time to see the doc?
  10. milkee

    milkee New Member

    Hi Jin,

    I'm working in a aesthetics salon. U should try looking for this IPL Blue light. It's a different filter to treat acne. Or some clinic they have the Blue light but not in IPL form.
    We use the IPL blue light ,It's really good. I did a few for my clients, it's really reduce the acne. But the only thing u have to bare with is the short pain. The area that have breakouts, is the area that is most painful.
  11. qq31

    qq31 New Member

    Hi ladies,
    Need advice. I am having outbreaks on my cheeks and chin. I had make an appt with Dr Nicholas from DRX as Dr SK Tan earliest appt is on OCT and i cant wait due to my AD is on Dec.
    Any feedback on Dr Nicholas? Also, anyone heard of Orchard MD clinic?
  12. gracey54

    gracey54 New Member

    There is no way to completely heal acne sorry… but the only way is a strict regieme of washing and applying creams etc…
    Read out the web, you’ll know why acne is impossible to cure permanently.
  13. fretzie

    fretzie New Member

    Acne and bacteria on your face go hand in hand. Get rid of the bacteria and you get rid of the acne. Manuka honey from New Zealand with an activity of +15 will kill the bacteria, even that under the skin deep in you pores. Bacteria gone, acne gone. You can use the regular products or drugs that will dry the skin or have some side effect that are worse than the acne, or use a safe product that tastes good and has a lot of other good uses when your skin is health. Works well to keep away wrinkles too. If you do make it to a dermatologist let him or her know about this honey, since there is not much in it for them don't expect them to push it though.
  14. peycheeye

    peycheeye New Member

    agree with gracey no permanent cure, i have the same problem
    if go dermatologist usu use cream, take longer time to see effect.
    If go blue light + peel very fast, my pimple dry up and heal very fast
    I know there is also a injection to reduce the acne fast in case got serious big breakout
  15. junio

    junio Member

    Dr Joyce Lim.. maybe you can try with rocuttane.. it is very strong but effective..
  16. cherylc

    cherylc New Member

    i used to take antibiotics also, it cleared the redness and then i had a course of roaccutane which reduced the oiliness. i also did 6 chemical peels which cleared up my skin quite a bit at body contours clinic, but my doctor has left. Am going to do blue IPL and continue with the chemical peels at his new clinic
  17. purpleflag

    purpleflag New Member

  18. mlndwng879

    mlndwng879 New Member

    I'd personally recommend Dr Ong Beng Bee at mount elizabeth, especially if you're uncomfortable with a new dermatologist, very friendly.

    Is very thorough and will take the time to explain everything. I've recommended to 2 other friends.

    contact details are

    The site above just launched, besides giving you the contact information of the doctor, it allows you to rate and reviews doctors. In time, i'm sure it will garner enough feedback for anyone looking for specific doctors.

    Good luck!
  19. nameless83

    nameless83 Member

    I took Roaccutane for 3 months in National Skin Centre about 4yrs back. Side effects are dryness in skin and lips and feel thirsty most of time. But they asked me to do blood test before starting and towards the end. reason is that they need to ensure that my liver is not affected by the treatment.

    Thereafter I took Roaccutane again 5 months ago. Same side effects, quite irritating. But pimples cleared away as usual. Given a choice, I won't take it anymore. Shall maintain current condition and try facial products recommended by my friend.
  20. hwa

    hwa New Member

    I don't recommend Kinmun Clinic. within few days, my acne became worst! skin became very sensitive. this clinic is too commercial. the doctor is arrogant too.
    I don't recommend this. they only created problem, and make us buy their product more and more, not solve my problem.
    I am regret to use their product.
  21. jazzy

    jazzy New Member

    Hello, just to revive this thread after looking through all the previous posts. I suffer from very bad adult acne as well and my big day is coming. Previously tried going to Prive clinic but was recommended very expensive treatments that actually made my condition worse! Shall not say more about that unpleasant experience here. Are there any trustworthy recommendations or reviews?
  22. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    if you are suffering from the condition called acne rosacia. you shld avoid any trigger element that can worsen the condition. (ie, alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, sudden changed of temperature). before you go to sleep, do a gentle cleaning using chemical free cleanser, you can apply some calamine lotion to cool you face (just note that your family member shld be made aware of this, else they may get a shock when they see a pale face in the middle of the night :)
  23. bibiyku

    bibiyku New Member

    Hi @jazzy feeling stress unconsciously affect to your skin condition, moreover if (maybe) we have bad habit with consuming junk food, etc. Balance it with drink more water, in the morning and eat fruit/ home made juice high in vitamin C and A to brighten and clean your skin from inside (mixed orange carrots or and tomato is good; avocado also good). Salad also good for your skin. Lessen your meal with too much salt and oil.

    And my suggestion before going to skin clinic you can use home made remedies : dilute water and distiled vinegar 50:50 put on spray bottle. Use it regularly after face cleansing with soap. (Day and Night).;Spray the toner on cotton pad and dab on the problem area for around 10 secs. Do not rub it, dab only. Vinegar will help to dry up and actually also a disinfectan of the acne. After using the vinegar toner you can use your regular moisturizer, dab only. No rubbing.

    Do not drink too much before bed cos if will cause some eyebag on the next day and don't forget to cheer up yourself before your big day!

    All the best and God bless you!
  24. Vien

    Vien New Member

    Hi all. I have been having good diet, work out everyday to detox. But my acne prob is coming back recently. I went to see dr kelvin goh at SJ clinic since early Jan. Been doing the mask treatment for 3 times per week. (To unclog pore) and did laser yesterday. It seems like getting lil bit worse. Not sure if it's the effect of the laser. No Medication prescribed. Just the cleanser, serum and Moisturiser doctor prescribed. Can someone please advise? Thanks so much!!
  25. LPW

    LPW New Member

    Can try niks maple clinic..... Dr.Ong
    It s really work for me n my brother in law also. But prepare to queue very long lol
  26. jazzy

    jazzy New Member

    Thanks all for your replies! I found a clinic as I could not wait anymore and am very happy that my skin is gradually improving! Thanks all for the tips!
  27. BrittnyCachero

    BrittnyCachero New Member

    Dermalmd blemish serum is one of the few products I have tried that helps treat pimples before they even appear. My breakouts are less pronounced and go away quicker. A big plus with dermalmd blemish serum is it helps minimize scars and lighten older scars.
  28. AceOfXF

    AceOfXF Member

    I'm on Oratane since April. It will dry ur lips and make ur face dry. I have been suffering from acne for 10 years.. Oratane really brings it down but the pigmented marks need time to recover. You cannot get pregnant while taking Oratane. It is also quite expensive... spent about 2.5k.

    I have visited many skin clinics but after applying those creams, it was alright for a while then it came back again.. a nightmare. i would say i also spent about 2k for those clinics that the web and my friends recommended.

    Oratane was my last resort. Sighs.
  29. tanghaouser

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