Any good SEAMSTRESS to recommend ?


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I sent my mermaid gown from davidsbridal to MAMA & MISSE for alter. They specialised in MTM QiPao, hence their needle work is very good! mermaid gowns are not common in singapore and yet they can alter it to fit me perfectly..

and its very affordable and they are very friendly, have fitting room for u to try.. ;)

Located at 32New Market Rd #02-1088. Tel: 6533 6250.. (i copied this address frm their namecard)

its at PeoplePark, beside OG at chinatown..

Hope these help whoever is looking for a good seamstress... =)


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can i have to contact for kim?
[email protected]
thank you...


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We've just engaged Mama & Misse to make 6 dresses for the 'sisters' was a terrible experience. Like any transaction, make sure you've everything clearly written on the receipt (i.e. delivery date, material, discounts if any, etc).

So take caution if you want to try them out. Workmanship is decent though.


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i do know a seamstress who specialise in this line for more than 20 years working with top designer. Her chargers are resonable as it based on workmanship. Materials is not provided but she will recommanded the place for purchasing the materials.

If anyone is interested in her services, kindly drop me an email at [email protected]


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i checked the rate from kim... it quoted me about 250 for a knee length dress with lace.. is that considered resonable price?


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i remember when i went to a boutique called "The Wedding Mansion", they actually have a dedicated workshop to do alteration for gowns and dresses, i am not sure how much but you can give it a shop


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Hi metro_18

I saw another thread here - Please recommend "Good & Nice" tailor .

There was someone who recommended this freelance seamstress - Shirley (Hp-90257821) who seems to be very good with bridal alteration. More information given abt this seamstress in the topic.

I called the seamstress, she sounds like a v nice lady. I didnt go to her in e end, coz she lives in yishun, not convenient for me.


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Anyone made a WG from Kim recently? Happened to see this comment from Podder's Forum when I googled to see if I could get Kim's contact.

"podders, please DON'T go to the Kim Seamstress at Tampines...i've had a very bad experience with her.. her workmanship is lousy...and it seems that she's rushing her work...she actually still has the courage to present me with the ugly piece of totally fall short of what i expected..."


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Any one MTM their gowns recently? Looking for a good seamtress to tailor my full lace gown..

Are we expected to provide our own fabrics?


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Anyone ladies try Judy from katong shopping centre? May I know normally how much she will charge your for adding embroidery or crystal on wedding gown train?


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anyone have been to a Mdm Ho's Alteration? She shifts to Blk 230 Compassvale, Sengkang... Anyone try to her before? On Wedding gown?