Any Clubbers Out There?


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Siao eh..
i really think ur BRAIN is very DIRTY leh.. aiyoh.. who want to think abt ur "bird"
jiak ba liao lor...zzzz....

he is a la sap chi ko pek lah..


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erm.... detox at MOS tonight? What u guys think of MOS huh.. i'm always at the main house area..tried going into the hip hop section, but too crowded...the music also so so only.


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Digging out this thread again...

hopefully can hook up with ladies who loves to club n have a night of good clean fun.. coz my ah boy dun like me gg clubbing with my guy frenz.. =)


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me reporting to your 'hook'

used to love to club but now my circles of kakis all retired le...

also looking for new kakis to club together.

PM me..

P/s, Other clubbing jie mei, pls come forward too...


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Used to go all the time myself, miss not going as much but I am going to a drum and bass night this friday, I will be throwing some ninja shapes!
Far better for shape throwing than any music ending in the word trance!