AD before Flat?


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Hi.. me rom on 090909.. and lucky for us.. tried BTO once.. and got it.. bt flat only ready in 2012 or 2013.. AD think might b nxt yr or 2011.. so to say.. i also hv to face the same prob as u all.. gota stay together with ILs.. me too hate tat.. really cannot imagine.. and think we sure will hv conflicts 1 lor..

worst is.. my HTB says.. his mum suggest moving to our new nest with us when our flat is ready.. this really mks me moody for days.. imagine, they themselve hv flat, wat for wana move in with us.. cant MILs let us hv our 'er ren xi jie'.. even though her relationship and mine are good nw.. bt staying together sure will strain this relationship lor.. n i really dun wish to worsen it and my HTB will b sandwich..

haiz.. stress... !!


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I ROM on 10.10.08~ Currently staying wit my own parents.. Customary will be on 10.10.10.. Think by then might hv to move in wit them.. My BTO will only be ready on 2012.. So ya~ 2 yrs of staying wit my PIL.. =)


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u still have in law's house to stay together.

my in law does not have own flat here so bo pian .. we stay separately .. i think even after AD also will like that.

If we cant get the flat by this ballot .. maybe need to wait till 2013 <bto> just can stay together liao ..

Haiz .. XIANZ


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Very sad now .. Might have to postpone my AD becoz of flat issue ...

Damm Xianz ...

Really ENVY + JEALOUS .. those ppl that still have in law hse .. at least no such this problem ..


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I have to tie the knot first because once my BTO is ready, I need produce cert to exchange for keys.
And I don't wish to do solemnization &amp; AD on separate days.


Dear all,
Just to check does any of you have the problem that your family discourage you to have 2 separate dates?
Due to the high divorce rate? As in after rom in the eyes of law you will be considered married and if there is any conflict during the preparation of AD then there is no turning back.
Any comments? Thanks


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hmm....i know a lot of people advise ROM and AD to be within 1 that can keep up the momentum of the wedding preparations.

but shouldn't lead to divorce if the 2 dates are far apart. in the first place there must be a reason why you got married right? still boils down to how strong the relationship is even before the marriage.


Hmm.. My Fiance is "anything type". So we got ROM last July &amp; will be having our customary wedding this May.

After Ad, we will be staying with his parent's first till our house is ready. We really can't wait to move in to our new home! As there's always a saying.. Daughter-in-law cannot *gum* with MIL. No matter what, there will always be conflicts.

For the past 5 years, I have been staying with my fiance's parent's house for a certain personal reasons. Ever since, I have been tolerating all problems that live in their family.

Just another one year more!

Actually there's a lot of problems during my wedding preparations these days. Got to please both side parents. It's quite tiring. Especially on the customary stuffs. It gives us a big headache. -.-


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Sorry I am new here - what is AD?

Also is anyone doing something similar - We are planning to have the solemnization at the end of this year, wedding dinner (and tea ceremony in the morning of the same day) in 2 years and move in to our new home in another 2 years (BTO expected completion date in 2016). We are thinking it may not be so stressful planning and financially wise. Any thoughts/advice?


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AD = actual day = customary wedding + wedding banquet.
some ppl have 2 days - 1 is ROM/solemnization. the other is the AD.