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hi ninyyo

i m planning to do f&e at tokyo, kyoto and osaka first week of Nov, but havent done any planning yet
can share share what's the air-tickets pricing like now?


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Hi cottoncandy,

I've checked that the direct airlines that fly tokyo are :
(1) SQ
(2) JAL
(3) ANA
(4) Northwest Airline

The cheapest among them is Northwest Airlines,current tix price is $590(excl tax).However, for NW they only have Tokyo and Nagoya.

Whereas for SQ, JAL & ANA, they fly to Tokyo and Osaka. So u can fly to Tokyo and then come back from Osaka. The flight price for JAL is $800 excl tax.
Didnt check SQ and ANA.The price is around there lor..hehee

However, i've browse thru Zuji website and found that for SQ and ANA, they have some clause, the rates quoted is for min.4 to go.

Anyway, most probably i'll fly via NW as their flight time is quite good, fly to Tokyo is 6am and coming back is noon. However, need to check it at least 2.5hours in advance coz the NW flight flies to USA and so their security check is quite stringent.

Btw, do u have any specifc dates to go?
I think i'll most probably travel on 12th nov to 20th nov.


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hi ningyo

thanks for the comprehensive info!!

we are looking at 29th Oct till 6th Nov
... but still trying to decide if we wan to do f&e or just take package tour.. coz busy with wedding preps now.. very difficult to plan for the trip if we were to do f&e


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i'll be staying at ikebukuro (inside sunshine city). u still have the name of the shop that sells cheap set lunch?

I plan to go in oct F&E. I only need to book accomodation coz my hubby's airline staff.


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hi LV
Yes, we followed the their instruction on how to get there... it is confusing, because we do not know their transport system well and that they are really located up there in the middle of the mountains. but, one thing is that we are really lucky to meet up with the inn owner's wife @ near their cable-car station concidently (she was fetching her son home), else we will lost our way trying to walk in :p

For fish market (in tokyo), you can try tsukiji, heard even the food near there is fresher! Personally, i have not visited the fish market yet, because didn't managed to get up early enough after all the night walks.

i can't remember we spend there, but have to do some maths... anyway, we stayed there for 3N2D with 3 dinners and 2 breakfasts. the GST already charged inside if i remember correctly, so no additional charges.
The food is home-prepared (the ryokan is also a home) by the inn-owner's wife & mother. they were marvalous!


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Hi all,
I'm planning to go tokyo in oct too. Will spend 8 nights in Tokyo and 2nights near Mt Fuji. Can share with me any tips or must see places. Thanks!


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Hi all,i am planing to go Japan tokyo for my honeymoon but with tour package, can share wif me any tips too which places to see and where to buy those cute cute things


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Went for a Free n Easy trip to Japan with friends (12Days 11 nights) not too long ago. Places we went to was Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji, Kobe, Beppu, Shizouka, Izu and Tokyo. Our accomodation was ard $900 (but we had 1 luxury stay) n we spent ard $3000 to $4000 depending on shopping and wat u ate.


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hello Ropsie,

wah! $3K for 12D 11N... very WORTH leh!!!
care to share with me
- where you go,
- where u eat
- where u stay??
- difficult to go ard? coz tik most in jap.

As i m planning to go HM... but scare the accomodation in Japan is expensive....

can you provide me with more info?
hmm... can email me : [email protected]


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Oh forgot to add tat we also went to Mt Fuji. Err...foodwise, we see wat's not too expensive n wat we can eat coz one of us is a vegetarian. Sometimes we buy our bento lunch for our train ride coz it's a long journey.

I think depending on when u go, u could get lower accomodation cost than us coz when we went, we came across 2 public holidays so we paid a bit more than expected. And u can save more if u dunt want the luxury stay like us. advise when u travel with ur luggage, do not pack too heavily coz most likely u'll be using the stairs a lot, esp when u change trains.


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Hi Shannon,

Can you share your Japan Itinery with me? [email protected]

Plan to go Japan and Korea for honeymoon next year. For Japan, heard tt we can purchase the transport tix for tourists which is cheaper, do you have any idea how to go about it?

Many thanks.


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Hey Shannon,

I would love it if you are able to share some information on your Japan tour with me too! I am planning for my honeymoon in the coming August. Hope it's good time to visit. What do you think? By the way, my email address is :
[email protected]


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Hi, shannon,

Can u u share ur japan itinery with mi? [email protected]
I'm planning to got to hokkaido, tokyo, kyoto in May. Would need some budget recommendations of gd ryokans during my trip in tokyo & kyoto.


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hi everyone,
me planning for my HM this yr end, but not sure which a better period to visit , Oct, Nov or late dec(for xmas) for below places of interst -
mt fuji
disneyland and disneysea

would love to see snow but bet it would be freezing cold right?

for some1 with no japanese knowledge, can i survive on FnE

love to get some advise from those who travelled within this period.

Dear rosie,
could you share with me ure itinery and accomodation. Kindly email me at [email protected]
thank you


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Dear Shannon,
Hope you do not mind another fan here. Pls let me know if you could send me the itinearies too????
thx in advance.


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Hi Ceraine,

Wow!! Travelling from Hokkaido in the north all the way down to Osaka and Kyoto!! I'm so envious.

Just fyi, it will probably not be snowing yet in Oct or Nov except for Hokkaido. For places like Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka, it may or may not snow in Dec because snowfall is usually the heaviest late Dec through Jan, which varies from year to year. It also depends on which places you visit.

With regards to F&E for someone without Japanese knowledge, it depends on your definition of survive. Haha. If you do your homework thoroughly beforehand and can read a decent amount of Chinese characters (they have no lack of English signs too esp in train stations), all the major cities in Japan are pretty visitor-friendly.

Happy preparing for your honeymoon!

Oh if anyone needs assistance in finding accomodation, I may be able help, esp if you're very tight on budget. =)


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Hi Shannon,
I am planning to FnE a trip to Japan this Nov and will be planning to go to places quite similar as you, ard same no of days too. It will be great if you could send me your itinerary. Thanks.
[email protected]

Dear Rara,
What lobang you have for accomodation? can email me please.


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Haha, I don't have any lobang. Just that I know where to find cheap accomodation online, or of any budget for that matter ranging from budget business hotels to luxurious authentic Japanese ryokan. So if you let me know your budget and requirements, I can help you shortlist. =P


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hi all, was in tokyo in late april. hope this helps you:

roppongi is slated to be the best area for pubbing. i didn't feel so though. i also felt a bit scared at night. sun set about 6 plus. rise at about 5 plus. not called land of rising sun for nothing!

these are the places i visited and really liked:
asakusa temple and the shopping around it
meiji shrine
takeshi-dori (street shops near meiji shrine)
ueno park

shibuya also got shopping but quite expensive.

for those of you who would like to watch a sumo tournament, it's very expensive (something like 10,000 yen) and you need to book like 2 months in advance.

look out for a guidebook called travelpack tokyo. it's got everything. tells you what the top 25 places are to go, tells you about each place and what subway stations are the nearest

tokyo's subway system is a tad bit confusing and certainly overwhelming at first glance. just take a minute to think it through and you'll be fine. if not, ask the station controllers - they can speak english.

it's a city of vending machines. around the central area you'll see the boring ones like drinks and cigarettes (300 yen) but i hear that in the more ulu parts, you can buy porn mags and used panties (not that i would buy, i just hear about it ok?)!



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Hi all,

Just went to Jap on guided tour.. very nice.. would really love to go again.. hee..

Guided tour was ok for us since both of us dun know a single jap word.. but very true that it was rushie..

Tried the onsen bath.. very interesting and was quite an experience for me since its our 1st time to jap..

Went to disneyland.. very amazed by the super crowd inside.. but truely enjoyed ourselves.. but I think 1 day for disneyland is really not enough.. hee.. think i will get a 2day pass next time..

On our last day of the trip.. we realised 1 family in our group extended their trip.. then it occurred to us that we should also have do so too.. but too late liao.. hee.. but next time me would definitely want extend another 2 to 3 more f&e days.. hee..


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Hi Shir,

interestingly I was also on a guided tour and 1 family in our group also extended their stay (in Tokyo). So it really sets me thinking if we were from the same group.

Is it convienent to tell me what was your tour agency and which day you flew?


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Hi tigger,

We flown on 26 May.. with Chanbrothers.. the family that extended also in tokyo.. so coincidence.. hee..

Hee.. are we the same group? How many people do you have in your group?


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Hi ladies,
I am planning to go Hokkaido this Oct for honeymoon..planning to spend 12 days F&E..does anyone have any itinerary or tips and accom. recommendation for hokkaido? Please kindly send to [email protected]. Thanks!


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Hi rara,
The budget is ard SGD100 for a room per night. I am fine with hostels too as long as there's a bathroom attached...:eek:)
Sleeping on the floor type is also fact I love the thick heavy blackets that they have (the only part of japan i've been to is tokyo).
I have never stayed in a lodge that provide meals but I noticed from the website, many does. Do you think it's worth having food in the accomodation itself?
Hi everyone,

Any idea how do I get from Tokyo or Hokkaido to Osaka? The idea is to go for a package tour to either of these places and get a domestic flight to Osaka to look for my aunt. The thing is, I have no idea how much or how to book the domestic flights. Anybody can advise? Or is it possible to visit my aunt first, then book their package tour over there?


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Hi yunxi,

Sorry for late reply. I can try to shortlist some hotels for you. But is $100 your budget for one person or two? Japanese accomodation usually charge per head instead of per room. Besides budget do you have other preferences? like location and stuff? Which part of Hokkaido are you looking at? Sapporo? Hakodate? Otaru?

The advantage of getting a package with 2 meals included is that you get to taste authentic homecooked japanese food. Prices may be a little steeper, but the quality should be more or less guaranteed.

Hi vanillasky,

The cheapest way to get from Tokyo to Osaka is by overnight bus which will cost between 3500-6000yen, depending on the type of bus. Buses will depart around 9pm and arrive at 7am. Times may differ slightly depending on bus operator.

Fastest way would be by Shinkansen, which will cost from 8500 to above 10000yen and takes around 3hrs.

Shinkansen from Hokkaido to Osaka would cost between 16000-20000yen, takes about 5-7 hours and you'll have to change trains a few times.

I can help you with the details if you let me know your date of travel, time, budget, preferences etc. Then again, wouldn't your aunt have a better idea about the system over there?

As for package tours, yes they have a lot of package tours. You can even check the local JTB website for the land packages available.


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Hi rara, oh...then the budget will be $60-$80 is per head. preferably within walking distance to a train station or bus stop.
As I am spending abt 12 days...I will cover a few areas in Hokkaido..which sightseeing areas do you think are must-go? Thank you!


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Hi Yunxi,

For your budget I think traditional inns are quite impossible to get and they are usually quite out of the way, but you can get pretty decent hotels near Sapporo station, some with breakfast.

One good option is Toyoko Inn, favoured by many fellow forumers here.
Here's there website:

I also found some other hotels but I haven't had time to look in details. It'd be good if you can give me your travel dates too cos their prices and packages change very frequently.

I haven't been to Hokkaido before so I can't help much. But if you're going in August, be sure not to miss the beautiful sunflower fields in full bloom! And do try the hot springs which Hakodate is famous for. =)

P/S: oopsie, we're hijacking the tokyo/osaka thread. you can refer to the hokkaido thread. I'm sure you can find a lot of useful information there.