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this is funny.
Age: 32
Sex: f
Occupation: Marketing
Education: Deg
Hobby: Reading, movies, shopping, music
Srength: Patient, softhearted, understanding, smart
Weakness: softhearted when come to matters of the heart
Marital Status: half single as separated from HB.



Me - Human, easy going, intellectual and friendly. i like travelling, many kind of outdoor sports and meet friends. 1.85m, athletic,tall and slim I would say.

1. Age: 36
2. Sex: male
3. Occupation: Consultant
4. Education: Deg
5. Hobbies: Reading, rollerblade,movie and tennis
6. Status : Single
7. Strength : friendly
8. Weakness : No $$

Anyone interested - contact: [email protected]


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1. Age: 22
2. Sex: female
3. Occupation: pre-school teacher
4. Education: diploma
5. Hobbies: Reading, chatting online, swimming and shopping (if i have $$)
6. Status : Single
7. Strength : find it out urself..
8. Weakness : weakness is self-based perception. if someone can view weakness in a positive way, then it's a strength..

email: [email protected]


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1. Age: 31
2. Sex: Male
3. Occupation: Manager, Hospitality industry..currently in kimchi land..haiz
4. Hobbies: work, work, work
6. Status : attached (she is currently station in Indonesia..sob sob...

anyone has experience on been separated for work purpose? it going to be another year plus to go before i can see her or even propose to her...sob


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Age: 27
Sex: Female
Occupation: Accountant
Education: Degree
Hobbies: Jogging, swimming, rollerblading, scuba diving, etc
Hobbies: To make more new friends


hello everyone!

Age: 32
Sex: Female
Occupation: Admin
Hobbies: Shopping, yoga, movies, concerts, reading
Status:; Single now (divorcee)

hope to meet nice people out there

feel free to add me: [email protected]


Age: 28
Sex: Male
Occupation: Professional
Hobbies: cooking, golf, staying at hm, exercising
Status: Single and ready to mingle

Wanna keep in contact. Pls post and i will reply


van lee

AgE: 32
Occupation : Technical officer( security system)
Hobbies : Movies, Reading, Chill out
Status: single (Force to annulment!!)

Hope to meet nice ppl out there and walk out from my misery.

email: [email protected] ( msn messenger)


sad to see that there are many divorcees here.

no offense just feel that marriages do not last long for many local couples here.

be it whatever reasons for divorce... i do not deny that pple all deserves 2nd chances.


My turn......

Age : coming 30 liau...
Sex : F
Occupation: ex-accountant, personal assistant
Education : ACCA ( uh..... )
Hobbies :reading, listining to radio.
Status : Attached & available
Strenght : em..... many
Weakness : em... lost count.... ha..ha...
From : Indonesia loh.
email : [email protected]

Nice to know you all. take care.


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hehe...don't think they are many singles here.
thread is abt to go dead.

btw, kukukuku, u are attached but available? haha...one of those MBA?



attached also must have friend mah, look at positive point loh.
MBA is not okay because already sign agreement.
My case still open mah....ha...ha...

felt sinfull now.


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Hihi! My turn!!

1. Age: turning 30 super soon.. OMG!
2. Sex: babe
3. Occupation: a meaningful job tat gives lots of love and care.. haha
4. Education: Degree
5. Hobbies: Reading, shopping, yoga, hi-tea...
6. Status : Married b4, Single now
7. Strength : still thinking.. hahaha
8. Weakness : busy thinking abt my strengths.. hahaha


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I try.

Age : 31
Sex : Dude
Job : Finding sick companies to help
Education : Degree
Hobbies : Meeting people, sports, MJ...
Status : Attached b4 for 8 years. Single for 1.5 years.
Strengths : My high standards
Weaknesses: My high standards...


think i should try as well... keke

Age: 32
Sex: F
Job: Stressful job
Education: Diplema
Hobbies: cycling, jogging and reading
Status: going to be single soon.. (sad)
Strength: Responsible
Weakness: think and worry too much for everyone around me (haha)
E-mail Add: [email protected]


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yes salsa. You don't agree?

it's true what. On one hand, having high standards is a strength because you demand a lot more of yourself, and in demanding a lot of more from yourself, your requirements for a partner is just as exacting.

However, in the real world, many will fall short of your expectations and hence you may or may not miss out on something potentially wonderful...


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yep. other than that, my high standards apply to other things as well. Hard to find the state of perpetual happiness.

Back to being visual, as long as she's hawt, anything else is acceptable. Haw haw haw...

kidding kidding...


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ok, I oso try try

Age : 31
Sex : Babe, of course!
Job : I dunno...job scope not defined *lol*
Education : Degree
Hobbies : Retail therapy, salsa, cycling, movies
Status : Juz broke...but still hanging there
Strengths : think for others too much...
Weaknesses: think too much...

ah 4

wow bedokboy so high standard! yr gfs must be all those pretty pretty ones!
Eva Longoria, Monica Bellucci, Lin Chiling, Fiona Xie...?? hee


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no. sadly. i don't have a long string of gfs. All not pretty enough! Haha...

After u pass the looks test, still got the talk test. Got accent, pass. Haha. I SPB. Sarong Party Boy.

eh salsa_alone, what you mean by hanging there? Still trying to work things out ah? Hope you find your way lah. Although you're a girl and might see things differently, I hope you don't have to go through what I'm going through now.

1. Finding someone suitable
2. Getting to know that someone from scratch
3. Learning to understand that someone and how you can compliment her
4. Trusting that someone with all your heart
5. Deciding to commit the rest of your life with that someone
6. Having kids with that someone. (your genes mixed with hers, = product (kids) that further cement your relationship together!)
7. Growing old with that someone
8. Coping with the loss of that someone (if she dies earlier than you)

and all this...
all this...
all this... if u can find that suitable person...


if the relationship is a success...

wah lau!



have a good weekend guys...


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Relationship and trust takes time to build. A lot of times, the person that we ultimately choose falls short of our expectations. We have to give and take, and accept the person for what he/she is..

Guess if the feelings is right and u loves that person, you will be willing to compromise and overlook many things..


Bedokboy, think you have think too much and are under stress to "really" look for someone now...
kekekeke just let nature take it place and without knowing, someday, that person might stand right in front of you without you realizing...
that's just my POV...
Cheers... ^ - ^



Am new here. Here's a little intro to myself..

Age: 22
Sex: F
Job: Childcare Teacher
Education: Diploma & A Levels
Hobbies: Cycling, swimming, chatting online
Status: Single
Strength: Put others above self
Weakness: Sometimes tend to be worry too much
E-mail Add: [email protected]


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thanks justtoshare.

it's just that i guess I'm at the age where some stability is always appreciated. And to me, stability right now comes in the form of a regular person you can trust, tell stories to, share your experiences with and build a future together.

Haha. My clock ticking. Not ashamed to say.


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Marry a foregin bride lah. Low maintence though less income as well, demure, more accomodating, willing to take hardship, less demanding, respect you and your parents (No bad MIL relations). Less naggings and hence less quarrels and blissful marriage life. They really make better wives in a way.

Their request are simple. Care for them and don't bully them!

There are social sigma though. However, in term of character and personality, they are truly miles ahead better than some Sinapore woman.

While Sg woman may treat you like dirt, they may treat you better than your mother!


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desperate for friends.. must post hahaha

age: 24yrs O
sex: male
job: financial planner
hobbies: lam nua
strength: 30kg shld be fine
weakness: too frenly.. hahaha


Hi Bedokboy,
ya understand what you mean, try harder though it will not be easy to find....
jia you ;-)


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hi, here's my little intro.... :p

1. Age: 33
2. Sex: girl loh
3. Occupation: designer but contemplating for a drastic job change
4. Education: diploma
5. Hobbies: making dresses for my dolls, studying human, buying shoes(I love shoes!), online shopping, playing with my cats & hanging around this forum
6. Status : just attached
7. Strength : my strength is my weakness too, tough answer
8. Weakness : think too much

I think it's alright to have high expectations but more importantly is to have realistic expectations of your partner.


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Hi All,

1. Age: 32
2. Sex: Male
3: Occupation: Sales
4: Education: Diploma
5. Hobbies: Bowling, movies,jogging & sleep.
6. Status: Single
7. Strength: Not sure
8. Weakness: think too much


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Here's mine,

1. Age: 26
2. Sex: Gal
3: Occupation: IT, sales engineer
4: Education: Degree
5. Hobbies: Movies, coffee with friends, travel, cycling, watch dvd, tv, sleep etc.
6. Status: Attached b4, now single
7. Strength: for u to discover... keke..
8. Weakness: think n worry unnecessarily... keke..


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Hi Bedokboy,

I agree with you after being with a person for so many years and now you have to start all over again is pretty difficult.

At times, it can be a situation you ask yourself "is it possible to find the ONE' for you again.......

Don't worry, you are still young as a guy whereas for us lady it is not consider young anymore


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ya, thanks for the vote of confidence, lest I start to slowly agree with some of my friends who say I am choosy.

Granted, there are girls I come across, quite interested in, but they attached lah, or married lah, or just simply don't like me. So too bad lor, keep searching. haha.


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what is wrong being a single?

Anyway, we just need to expose ourselves to more opportunity, meet more people. As to whether you can find the right one, well, it is hard to say. Even if you have found the right one, it has to be reciprocal right. And even then, will the relationship last? If not it will be back to square one again.


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yes i agree.

to find love is not within our control. we juz need to find opportunities to meet more pple and expand our circle of friends.

when fate comes n love develops, treasure it.


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when single, wanna get married....but when married liao, wanna be single instead!!..

so married better or stay single better??..hmm


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Hahaha...True. For those who are married and want to be single again, could be an indication that they are not enjoying married life? Eg, not enough 'freedom', no personal life or crazy MIL, etc etc.


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oi yvonne, what about good guys who were attached for the longest time and are single now.

Haha. So still got some single good guys around what.

Sigh, good girls are either married, attached or lesbo.