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  1. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    I am not sure if others had a specific timing for the tea ceremony & praying, but i do. I am not sure of the shifu's name actually, he's situated in Malaysia and we always address him as Shifu.

  2. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Actually I can feel how yr mom feels. I will oso feel bad if I did not send my son off for enlistment. Maybe u can ask the shifu if another timing during the day? Surely, the God will understand and give blessings, since it's q tuff that the govt will give way. I believe God bless kind hearted persons. :)
  3. kytheon

    kytheon Member

    Just a question, do you really need to follow the timing strictly? i mean after all, it is you and ur HTB who is in the marriage. Perhaps you could speak to your in laws and ask them if possible to use the timings as a guidelines instead of following so strictly to it? I think the whole day is already good for both of you le, so doesnt really matter if done on what time right?

    No offence, just my personal opinion. :)
  4. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hi, my in laws would very much like to adhere to the timings, hence i think it would be unwise to even broach the subject to them.
  5. auntylala

    auntylala Member

    Hi, i think you should call up the shifu again and let him knows about your current situation. I believe that he will give a better solution and advise. May i know the offering of tea to both your HTB's parents as well as your parents?
  6. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hi, i do not really want to incur the wrath of my HTB's parents for any changes to the auspicious timing, i doubt they'll like the idea of settling with second options. Yes, offering tea to both side of parents.
  7. kytheon

    kytheon Member

    hey jessie, maybe u can try to have a chat with ur husband to ask for his help to talk to his parents.
  8. Geelyn

    Geelyn New Member


    2018 Jan btb.

    Need some advise as i am doing most research alone as my gtb is a foreigner.

    1) any recommendation for bridal studio for AD gown rental and AD photographer.
    2) do people usually use videographer on the wedding?
    3) anyone had reviews for wedding held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront or Carlton Hotel?
    4) does groom gets hair styling on the AD too? hehe stupid question.
    5) anyone have AD schedule to share.

    Thank you all for your help / advise.
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  9. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hi Geelyn,

    pls see my replies as above. By the way, congrats to you!!
  10. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    Hi All, need some advices..

    I signed a package with a bridal who will be providing the following items/services:
    - bespoke gown
    - photographer
    - MUA
    - car decor and hand bouquet

    Prior to signing the package with them, I had went to try on their existing gown for 2 times before I found "the gown" but wanted some tweaks to the existing one so I proceeded with customizing with them.

    Recently went for my first fitting and found the laces to be different from "the gown" and requested to have it changed. It is only then the bridal said the laces were no longer in production because "the gown" was done many years ago. They did not tell me at all and did not even seek my approval before proceeding with the current laces.

    They are now giving me 2 proposals:
    1. Replace the lace and pay $250
    2. Accept as it is

    It is so ridiculous for me to pay extra but if I don't then it's equally ridiculous to accept something I do not like when I am doing a bespoke gown.

    I have been really nice to them until this point because HTB does not want to become nasty in case they screw up the photographer and MUA (since they are partners)

    What should I do? I'm so fuming inside but it seems I have no choice at all.
  11. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    If you got high budget, u can go for hotel but hotel is always almost fully book for those hot dates.

    You can try restaurant as the price is very super affordable and with nice food, who cares about hotel. In the end you also won't want to loss out too much for a wedding and end up with too much outstanding bill.

    I see many ppl choose hotel, so their guest will have to give them a $150 ang bao which is well... Who will give $150? $80 to $100 is like the agreeable price that most guest are willing to pay. So if you are still looking for location for dinner. Think and calculate the budget wisely.
  12. Juneohzn

    Juneohzn Member

    I'm also thinking it's ridiculous to pay $250 just to replace the lace leh. But i'm thinking.... how come the lace is different from the one you tried
  13. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hihi, what about getting them to waive off the fees (or reduce to the minimal) since they did not consult you on the changes prior to your knowledge? Or let you select the range of laces that compliments with the gown yet if you have to pay extra? Its your rights as consumer.
  14. tanghaouser

    tanghaouser New Member

    Hi anybody interested in Taiwan pre wedding shoot package? From bluebay
  15. rolliepollie

    rolliepollie New Member

    hey babe! I am also a 2018 BTB but we are looking at a small cosy banquet setting. Could you share the package you got for the Conference Room? :) And were you able to get any perks? here's my email carol.wansi@gmail.com. thanks!
  16. rolliepollie

    rolliepollie New Member

    Hi BTB, my HTB and i are quite keen to go with Fullerton for our banquet. Anyone has signed with them for the Straits Room? Would love to hear your feedback/opinions on their package and service. thanks! :)
  17. MelxCand

    MelxCand New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the forum. Just got engaged earlier this year and now waiting for the parents to confirm the actual date. But I think they are looking at the end of Dec 2018 for the wedding. A little worried if I can still get venues.
    Have shortlisted a few studios, but likely to go ala carte. Want to engage our own photographer. But realised that they can be rather expensive so I am looking for ways to save on our outfits. My friend told me there are some bridal shops having gowns sale. So I will be looking at that hahah...so I just buy the gowns and use for pre-wedding and actual day. Hope to talk to you ladies more :)
  18. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hello! Congrats to you! December usually is a "hot" month for getting married, it'll be good if you can shortlist hotels/restaurants base on your budget & headcount while waiting for the auspicious date first. Hmm can i ask why are you looking at ala-carte service? Since you needed gowns for pre-wed & actual day, you can engage bridal shops for their service which i think is fuss free la. Imagine car decor, corsages, gown alteration, brothers' jackets or father's jackets are all included in the package. You can ask for their most competitive price if you take up their pre-wed + actual day + photographer + videography service.
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  19. MelxCand

    MelxCand New Member

    Thanks for the welcome :)
    Actually why I'm looking for ala carte is mainly because my fiancé and I have shortlisted the photographers for pre-wedding and actual day. For pre-wedding we only need one or two outfits (we are thinking of doing one casual look even). Actual day as well, we are thinking of doing lunch banquet and I'm even thinking of just wearing one gown. Want to wear different gowns for Prewed and actual day too. So I am looking at packages with just gown rental and make up maybe. Went to a couple of boutiques yesterday and confirmed that we won't need the whole package. My friend just shared with me that 1728 wedding house is having a sale next week. Might go that to take a look and see if I can grab some gowns for my prewed. If I am lucky I don't even need to sign any package :)
  20. MelxCand

    MelxCand New Member

    Sorry to hear about this. Possible to share with me which studio is this? Cos I'm at the studio hunting stage so probably need to start ploughing through the ones to go and not to go. And there are like so many of them. Can PM me is you not comfortable saying it here. Thanks
  21. jjwedding

    jjwedding New Member

    Just fixed up my wedding date! We are looking into luncheon. Some friends recommended me their bridals previously. But I am thinking to just go ala-carte. How? Any advices?
  22. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Do u noe what do u want for your wedding dress?
  23. eunice90

    eunice90 New Member

    Hi I am new here. Have not fixed up my wedding date as we are still waiting for our shifu to come out with the dates. We are looking at last quarter 2018.
    Are we too late cos we have not started any venue hunting yet.
  24. Clarise90

    Clarise90 New Member

    Hi all, anyone holding their wedding at Orchard parade? any comments about the venue?
  25. Clarise90

    Clarise90 New Member

    Hey im also still waiting for shifu to come out with the dates... u engaged Master long or David tong?
  26. Happymoonz85

    Happymoonz85 New Member

    Hi all! :) im a Dec2018 bride, glad to know that im not being to anxious in starting my preparation early. Have just signed up for October BOWs event. Like to ask if anyone has any comments on Orchid Country club wedding. Thanks!
  27. Pinkpeonies

    Pinkpeonies New Member

    Hi all, im a feb btb. Recently i am quite torn if i should let go of my current package. Reason being, i cant secure a dress that i like, and the rest of the dresses didnt caught my eye. :( anyone stuck with such situation before? How do you ladies deal with it? Is it silly to look for another bridal studio to rent another dress?
  28. eunice90

    eunice90 New Member

    My future MIL helped us engaged a shifu, so not Master David and Master Long. :)
    It'll be out latest by mid next month, then at least I can start to plan more..
  29. Ivyky

    Ivyky New Member

    Hi all, just a few quick questions.
    is it weird to have rom in 2018 and customary in 2019 which is direct one yr later? Does rom date need to be calculated as well?

  30. kytheon

    kytheon Member

    up to individual. my rom was may 17, actual wedding (chinese customary) in mar 18. so far, my rom date i did not specifically choose. but actual day date was calculated.
  31. Yan Jun

    Yan Jun New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I am a July 2018 btb. I'll be holding a luncheon at Marriott Tangs.

    We are currently looking for bridal packages and photography packages.

    Any good recommendations? :)

    Thanks guys!
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  32. MTV GAL

    MTV GAL Member

    Hi babe,

    Congrats to you!!

    Any Budget you're looking at ? Or you have specific gowns in mind? :)
  33. Ellee

    Ellee New Member

    Hi any nov 18 btb?
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  34. eunice90

    eunice90 New Member

    Feel for you babe, do they allow you to let go of your package?
    Suggestion maybe you can go find out other alternative shops that just do purely dress rentals cos they may be more pocket friendly. I am most likely doing ala carte for my wedding so just my suggestion. :)
    Cheer up!
  35. gtweds

    gtweds New Member

    Hihi i am planning for a simple wedding and just need to rent a gown. Do you all have any ideas where i can get cheaper gowns rental. My budget is about below $1000 for 1 gown. Is that considered a normal budget?
  36. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member


    I think I am gonna be a Nov BTB! :)
    Still in the process of booking the venue, fingers crossed!
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  37. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Heard from my colleague that there are a handful of shops at Far East Plaza selling, if I never remember wrongly, her gown was $300ish with tailoring. (you can even sell them away after that haha)
  38. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Definitely not too anxious! :p

    Quite a number of hotels are fully booked on my shortlisted dates in the last quarter... e.g. Fullerton, Mandarin Oriental... Everyone is too fast haha!
  39. sssab

    sssab New Member

    I saw this new website that so selling and rental of gowns. I think quite interesting concept whereby we can browse through all the designs online before we decide which one to try on or rent. Makes dress hunting so much easier haha.
    Here's the link! www.bridesthelabel.com
  40. miyabikkg

    miyabikkg Member

    Hello! 2018 Oct or Nov bride here. We talked with Cang Ai and going to sign up with them at Bows this weekend. Any other Cang Ai brides around?
    We're still looking for actual day photographer/videographer. Any suggestion/recommendation will be greatly appreciated!

    Still in the process of booking venue too.. and trying to decide on lunch or dinner... We want to do solemnization before the banquet, so lunch seems a little rush since we will have gate-crash, tea ceremony in the morning (but don't feel like starting too early). Any advice?
  41. gtweds

    gtweds New Member

    Thanks will check them out!
  42. gtweds

    gtweds New Member

    Thanks for sharing. I went to see the website, saw quite a few i like and the pricing looks reasonable too. Wonder if any btbs tried them?
  43. sssab

    sssab New Member

    Yup the pricings are indeed pocket friendly. Haha in fact I booked to try on a few of the dresses. The quality of the dresses looks ok on the pictures, I hope the real pieces are too.
    I will update after my try on session tomorrow. Feeling excited!
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  44. DaphDaph

    DaphDaph New Member

    Hi all. I’m new here. I’m also a btb in dec 2018. I intend to hold my wedding dinner at MBS. Anyone have attend any wedding lunch/dinner there?

    I need some feedbacks please :)
  45. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Hello, I am intending to do a lunch banquet as well as the items that you mentioned in the same morning! :)

    Will you be following any timing for FTB and stuffs? The "calculated" timing are usually in the morning if you/your family wants to calculate the auspicious dates and time.

    Personally, my considerations are the price and timeline for AD. Lunch is definitely cheaper. Time-wise, having a lunch banquet will mean I get to rest at 3 or 4pm, as compared to a dinner banquet which will end at 10 or 11pm.

    Just my two cents!
  46. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Been there for company's D&D, would say that the food is pretty sastisfactory, but had some problem locating the venue initially. :p

    Have you visited the site?
  47. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Wow the prices are indeed competitive! Let us have your feedback on the gowns :)

    I have yet to find my AD gown too, haven't start looking yet haha..
  48. miyabikkg

    miyabikkg Member

    We are not doing any calculation so it is completely up to us.

    I know what you mean. We originally wanted lunch as well because it is really cheaper and means early rest.. But after we did a rough plan of our timeline, we realized it meant I would need start the gatecrash really early.
    My parents want us to do lunch because we have relatives living in Johor coming for the wedding so it would be easier for them to drive home after lunch. However, for me it seemed very difficult to do a lunch because my parents have a lot of siblings (like 5-6 on each side, with kids all older than me as well), and since they are coming out for the wedding banquet, the mentality is might as well all come out earlier and join in the tea ceremony.. thus I don't see the tea ceremony for my side ending within an hour... ;x I suggested doing the tea ceremony at the venue (we're likely taking Temasek Country Club) before or after the solemnization depending on how much time we had, but she didn't like the idea. She suggested us doing the tea ceremony right after the gate-crash, before leaving for the groom's house (and thus no need come back), but my htb not very keen on it as he prefers the more traditional way of having the tea ceremony at groom house first.

    Now I'm proposing that we change it to a Saturday dinner (we originally wanted Sunday dinner) and arrange one night accommodation for relatives who prefer not to drive back in the dark (probably AirBnB).

    What time are you intending to start?
  49. miyabikkg

    miyabikkg Member

    Anyone has experience with Temasek Country Club?
  50. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    Its your big day, and once in a lifetime, follow your heart!

    But before you engage another studio, maybe you can try getting lots of friends to help you plough through the available collections in case you missed out in the nicer ones?

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