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  1. swashed

    swashed Member

    Any Whitelink brides here? We can share feedback/experiences. Signed up w them a while back but a bit worried seeing mixed reviews..

  2. Hello!!! I am also a 2018 btb. Any Cangai brides here? :)
  3. misspotato

    misspotato New Member

    Anybody has real recommendation for ADphotography+photobooth package?
  4. babyPiya_

    babyPiya_ Member

    Want to know also
  5. ivy88

    ivy88 Member

    Hi! I'm Dec 2018 BTB

    I've just paid deposit for dinner banquet at Marina Mandarin. Any review on their food?
  6. Cookies&Cream

    Cookies&Cream New Member

    Hi! do you think it is feasible to do a rustic theme outdoor wedding in Nov 18? seems like the rainy season...
  7. swashed

    swashed Member

    Yup it's the monsoon period. If u must have it in Nov, be sure to have a wet weather plan
  8. eleanoronaele

    eleanoronaele New Member

    Hi! I've went for gown fittings with my cousin there before and I think they're really friendly. One negative point is when they're trying to sell you their package, they'll say it's the EXCLUSIVE package. Very misleading word to use. My cousin thought that it means she can choose all the designs. But nope, she has to top up $1k plus for a gown she saw under the DESIGNER series.
    So if you want to sign, you might want to ask them for the package which includes the DESIGNER series.
  9. swashed

    swashed Member

    Yeah I'm a bit worried about the top up part. When I signed they did tell me that designer would require top up, but said I would only need to pay additional $500 for designer range. But thru research I found it goes up to $1.2k as others have claimed :/ also they charge extra to start makeup before 7am, at $80 an hour which is pretty steep.

    So far my coordinator seems nice but I've only talked to her via WhatsApp so far. Will see how it goes when I go try the gowns.. I think the negative reviews I saw other than topup required is also about coordinator forgetting the gown chosen, purposely only show designer gowns or MUA chosen suddenly become unavailable nearer wedding date etc.. hope those are just once off and won't happen to me haha

    Thanks for sharing too
  10. LoveLily

    LoveLily New Member

    Hello! TGIF!! ;) I'm attending an upcoming wedding show in MBS on 8 July 2017 (Sat). Do check it out if you're looking for banquet venue :)
  11. misspotato

    misspotato New Member

    Mbs wedding is within hotel or expo?
  12. LoveLily

    LoveLily New Member

    Hi there! Their wedding is all held at the convention area side.. level 3 onwards got ballrooms. So the couple get their stay at the hotel, but wedding is opposite. They provide a spacious changing room beside the ballroom, so its not bad actually.
  13. lwzc88

    lwzc88 New Member

    Interested to know more and view her portfolio. PM me?
  14. eileenn

    eileenn New Member

    Can pm me her contacts? Thanks
  15. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi babe, can drop me the details to yaploveperth@gmail.com. Thanks babe!
  16. GracieT

    GracieT New Member

    Hi, I'm wondering does anyone has any review or hear say hear say from friends abt faber peak wedding food?
  17. wcaching

    wcaching New Member

    I'm a WL BTB.. signed with them and was worried too.. but the sales lady was nice to specially meet up with me again for me to have a look/try their gowns .. so far they are nice.. I just went last weekend to further discussed on my package and raised all my doubts.. there were a number of other brides fitting for their gowns..
  18. wcaching

    wcaching New Member

    I saw those reviews on topping up for designer range too.. however I Guess it depends on what kinda designs u are looking at.. I saw a bride trying on a gown which I thought would be designer collection, but upon asking the sales lady; she mentioned it is under exclusive.. can try to ask her to include the other collections for u too (I had royal collection added too).. I believe there's no way to be exempted form extra charges if u want their designer collection.. anyway, I emphasised to WL that I do not want to be introduced to the designer collection which is not part of what I can choose.. :)
  19. swashed

    swashed Member

    That's great, thanks for sharing your experience :) I'm also going soon for my first gown fitting.. will share more after I've gone, fingers crossed hehe. Maybe I'll create a thread for WL brides, can't find much active discussion here n the other WL thread is just full of their ads haha
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  20. LoveLily

    LoveLily New Member

    Hi GracieT! My HTB mentioned the food was alright, typical fairs. Actually food preference is really quite personal..
    It really depends on the AD chef isn't it? some will say too salty, too cold, too little etc.. can't please everyone :)
  21. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi, could you pm me the details? Thanks babe!
  22. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi, mind sharing the details with me as I am considering Marina Mandarin too! Thanks alot babe!
  23. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    Hi 5^ I booked Marina Mandarin too.. mine is this yr Dec 2017 :)
  24. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    booked mine at 12xx (on Fri dinner) free flow wine and beer.. free 1 table w every 12 paying tables :)
  25. lwzc88

    lwzc88 New Member

    I visited their shop randomly but didn't sign up with them. Wasn't comfortable with the lady's selling and also didn't see any dress I like. She was nice enough to let me try on a few gowns but that was after listening to her entire sales pitch.
  26. GracieT

    GracieT New Member


    U r so rite,lovelily!Every1 definately has sometin to say.Point noted.
  27. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi babe, mind sharing when is your wedding date and how many tables did you get for your friday dinner...
  28. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    getting 24tables and 8th Dec.
  29. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi babe, you paid $12xxx for 24 tables on a friday, with free flow wine and beer. It's a fantastic deal! That will cost me $30k! Who did you speak to for this awesome perks?.. lolx.. Thanks for the info!
  30. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    yes, I know it's a fantastic deal. haha.. this promo ends last year. our coordinator is Christine.. I honestly find her so-so nia..
  31. ivy88

    ivy88 Member

    Who is your coordinator? Mine is Fiona, She is nice but she dun allow to include one night stay for my helper room cos I have requested for 2 nights for bridal suite. How about you?
  32. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    Mine is Christine. I also gotten 2 nights, I wanted to extend one more night paying the standard room and requested for free upgrade to bridal suit so I don hv to shift my things here and there. She don't allow too..
  33. ivy88

    ivy88 Member

    Ic., then have you done the food tasting? Do you mind to share the dishes you choose?
  34. evonnn

    evonnn New Member

    Hi, does anyone have a good recommendation for local 6 hours PWS photographer (below $3000)?
  35. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    have not done my food tasting yet,but likely nt going to take shark fin. if the good nt good my htb parent says might wanna top up =x
  36. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Mind sharing when did you book it, maybe i can moniter for a similar period this year.. even if i book for Dec17, i am only getting $21k. Is Christine still at MM?
  37. Dolkapots

    Dolkapots New Member

    booked ard Oct 16 during their open house period, hence gt the promo too.. it is for Dec'17 banquet.. yes she is still w MM but I heard she is leaving.
  38. dreamcatcher19

    dreamcatcher19 New Member

    Hello! any Conrad BTB here? or any Ztagewedding BTB here?
  39. a_sira

    a_sira New Member

    Hi all. I'm new here. Haven't done any planning yet except book pre-wedding photoshoot. ;) Is there any whatsapp chatgroup that I can join?Clueless abt wedding plans as its v last minute and my work commitments r too much. heh.
  40. Veronica1909

    Veronica1909 New Member

    Im a Dec 2018 BTB.

    Stil shopping for banquet venue and bridal shop. There r too many and dunno where and how to start.

    Any recommendation? wat and how shall i start my planning and preparation wif ?
  41. Huiting1010

    Huiting1010 New Member

    Hi not sure if I'm late, but I went down to select my gown not long ago, and was pleased with their service. Not sure where the bad reviews come from! Their gowns is nice and pretty. Staff is good too.
  42. L0llip0p**

    L0llip0p** New Member


    Valid from Jan 2017 - Jan 2025 (8 years)

    1. Pre-wedding shoot:
    (a) 30" canvas photograph, carved frame
    (b) 36 photos
    (c) 5 wedding gowns for photoshoot - able to select from all A, B, C categories (including premium Pronovias collection)
    (d) professional make-up and modeling for 5 styles - able to choose top make up artist at no additional cost
    - free earrings, head accessories, manicure and eyelashes
    (e) bridal veil , hair ornaments and gloves
    (f) groom's tuxedo and formal suits - 2 sets
    (g) waist cummberband, shirt and boutonniere for groom
    (h) studio shooting and outdoor scene shooting - able to choose top photographer at no additional cost
    (i) bridal bouquet upgraded from artificial flowers to fresh flowers ( i chose sunflowers )

    Other expenses (not included)
    - MUA fee to follow you around: $230
    - Driver & Car : $20++ per hour
    - Courier fee for album to sg: $23 per kg (or you can ask friends or family traveling to Taiwan to bring it back for you)
    - Additional photos: $65++ per piece

    2. Actual day
    (a) 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown and 1 kua/tea gown (if you don't find any you like in singapore you can get them to bring over from Taiwan)
    (b) 2 suits for groom with shoes and ties
    (c) flowers for bridal car & hand bouquet
    (d) make-up x 2 times, hair accessories and eye lashes
    (e) 2 father's Jacket
    (f) 6 bridesmaid's dresses
    (g) 6 corsages

    Other expenses (not included) :
    - ampoule
    - MUA transportation on AD
  43. Verlxx

    Verlxx New Member

    Hi, I'm a dec btb too! Hmm, you can first list out the hotels that you like? Then arrange for appt to view the ballrooms, discuss the terms with them and compare. Some hot dates are taken for year end 2018, so you gotta be quick! The rest can slowly find and plan after that.. ;)
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  44. Togepi

    Togepi New Member

    Hi babes!

    I'm a July 2018 BTB taking up weekend lunch package with Conrad. =)
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  45. Veronica1909

    Veronica1909 New Member

    Thanks for yr advice. Arranging to view dome venue soon
  46. Veronica1909

    Veronica1909 New Member

    Im oso interested in conrad. Can pm me yr package?
  47. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok New Member

    Hello BTBs,

    I just started my online research a couple of weeks ago and I'm still feeling very lost, super happy to have found this forum thread! I just spent the whole night reading all 10 pages.

    Current plan is to wed in late 2018, most likely doing ROM and banquet together. We are open to lunch/dinner and chinese/western/buffet.

    We are currently deciding on a FSM to calculate the dates for us, shortlisted master long and master tong but both charge the same price and have equally good reviews online, it is really difficult to decide on one. A little worried because they can only do the consultation in approx 2 months' time. Which FSM did u ladies engage?

    I am also intensively researching on hotels and venues, and I have a some noobie questions and will be really glad if someone can help me:
    1) how do you decide on your budget since we will recover an unknown amount from the angbaos?
    2) why high ceiling and pillarless? Is it for aesthetic purposes only?
    3) is there room for negotiation even after signing the contract? Because I see some are comparing the packages after signing..
    4) what happens if I signed a contract and can"t meet the minimum number of tables due to unforeseen circumstances? Will it be possible to trade for similar priced items/services like menu upgrade or additional nights of hotel stay?
    5) do you all pay to attend the wedding shows or simply attend the FOC ones only?
    6) how many hotels do you ladies visit before deciding on one? How long does each visit take and is it advisable to visit more than one hotel a day?
    7) apart from the cost of tables, what other costs should i expect to pay to the hotel? Will they charge for the venue on top of the per table cost? Is AV equipment inclusive in the package?
    8) how do you do the nego for the package? Do we tell them what we want directly and it is a straight yes/no thing? Any tips? :p

    Sorry for the spam of questions and thanks in advance!
  48. wcaching

    wcaching New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Wondering if anyone has attended or going to hold your AD at any of these venues below. Will you be kind to share any feedback or recommendation on which is the better choice? Or can anyone share your negotiated packages with me?

    I have tried to email Faber Peak and Fullerton, and realised that they just purely sent me their PDF price lists which can be found on their websites too. Since they have upcoming showcases of their venues, we were encouraged to drop by for discussion. However I'm afraid that once we drop by, we may end up signing with the first venue due to those sales talk etc.

    - Faber peak
    - Sofitel Sentosa
    - One degree 15 Marina
    - Fullerton
    - Fairmont

    My HTB and I are looking at an intimate wedding lunch with just my side of relatives and friends with his immediate family. Likely 10 tables wedding luncheon is what we looking at.

  49. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    I suggest you go visit the venues before the wedding show or else it is really stressful to decide on the spot.

    usually they won't hard sell at the first meeting. From my experience with one of the hotel you listed, they actually "lie" that a couple wants to confirm the date I reserved and pushed me to give an answer.

    I choose another date instead cuz I was not ready. Another week later they send an email again and said another couple wants to confirm my new date. I signed the new date in the end and changed a coordinator.

    One month later I found out the new date I signed clashes our zodiac so I asked the hotel for the old date with many other dates and found out the old date is still available
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  50. hxtj

    hxtj New Member

    Hi jes!! You're back!

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