(2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB


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How did everything go girls?

Mine went by in a flash but I'm happy no big hiccups and my gowns had no fashion slip-up's or boo-boo's!

No honeymoon plans yet but hope to go on one next year...

Same, spent quite a bomb already so conserving for my house too...

Hi Simplyblack!

Good to hear that yours went by smoothly! :)

i think mine went by ok as well.. but I was majorly sleep deprived as I ws clocking at most 2 hours sleep each night leading up to the day. Lol. Dresses were a bit loose but no big hiccups on that too.

overall was good. just happy to have had the stay at the hotel to recuperate!

we will be touring some parts of asia next yr as we will be home for some weddings.. so our idea of honeymoon would not be anytime soon. but we sat down and agreed that a trip will always be like a honeymoon if you are together and happy. lol.. sounds sickly sweet right?

I think it's great superberrylove! Honeymoon's a sweet bonus but lets not get too hung up on them...

I'm also not in a rush for a honeymoon, in fact We're heading for holiday this dec with my parents n brothers... Just cos it was the right time of the year to go where my dad wanted to go and anyway we didn't know where to go for honeymoon... So will take our time to plan...

All that hard work was worth it right? Not just the event but I hope you enjoyed the process of preparation too! After all that's also once in a lifetime experience...


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Yes simplyblack! I did enjoy it and do miss it a bit already! lol.

The day after felt surreal for us. We were like - wow, you mean that's it? no more worrying about the guest list and time line? lol. did you guys feel the same too?

But now i have to make up for lost time and start on all my thank yous!!! cards will have to wait since i am waiting for the photos to use them.

Enjoy your trip my dear! i wanted to go ho me again for xmas since everything is shut here in aussie (sg has more lights and festive feeling. super commercial but i much prefer it), but time and $$$ prevents us from doing so. :(
Ya I do miss my wedding too! Lol.. was disorientated up to a week after the wedding , probably from trying to adapt to living together as well...

If you'd like, we can keep in touch via facebook... PM me! Take care girl! Hope you get to come home soon! :)


Hi BTB, my AD is Sept too..pretty excited..looking for VG & PG, seems so costly nowadays..i be having the banquet in regent and my package in Spozami in JB. Hope we can share some good tips and pointers

Hi , mind sharing your experiences and package at spozami?