(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi all, i think most ppl cant make it rite? How ah? Change date? Or just cancel lor. Cos now only left Jane & Jolene. Haha.. Too little ppl liao la..


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vivian> each pax can buy more than 2 LVs. i only bot 2. cos i haf to buy for my frens.

yeah we din expect one time kenna pregnant le. now dat im in my 2nd trimester, i find my pregnancy to be an enjoyable one, eg looking forward to my hubby coming home from work, and he will talk to the baby. the only bad thing so far i find is dat i cant really bend down to cut my toenails and cant bend down to shave. haha. cos the bump is quite big and obvious now.


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<font color="0000ff">2 items despite of size, as in wallets, bags, all as only 2 items or 2 per category...??</font>

sianz sial..when go overseas need to buy for frenz, haa, tt time i went US i bought 7 bags but only 2 are mine. the rest are all 'orders'...they gave me a budget n ideal design n i have to hunt for them..haaaaa
NO more next time, as cant really enjoy, haaa..

<font color="0000ff">u muz try take pix of ur body profile side to record memory pix of the belly growing, quite interesting. Haaaaa</font>


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yeah lor, dats y i refused to take any more orders. i haf to buy 5 other LV stuff for my frens. i only bot 2 for myself.

can buy more than 2 items, in all sizes and categories.

haha, yeah my hubby got take pics of my bump. everyday he come back says looks bigger. i was like diao lor, hw can dat be lor. me havent even done up the scans pics yet. lazy to paste and write notes abt the scan photos. haha.


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<font color="aa00aa">i understand your plight..my hubby was not v happy...tt i had so many orders..haiz...it's like a Honeymoon, like became a biz trip to help pple buy things n well. it also caused my luggage to b overweight n i had to stay 1 corner to repack the stuff....so i decided lo, no more 'orders' for next trip..ideally Europe!! making oneself stress and ..etc...cuz when i was there, i cant find the designs they wanted, colors, i was like v worried..think...ponder...choose...n forgot to get those i like bags for myself, in the end the 2 bags i bought for myself i didnt use at all...moulding..growing spider webby...haiz....</font>

<font color="0000ff">REALLY!? anyone can buy a smany LV items as they like?? =D Wow!! haa, provided gt $$$ la, credit cards the int rates damn high lo...conversions rates also lugi...so nice u gt 2 bags...do u think u can PM me the prices difference? Tax can claim??? haaa, so exciting, i cant wait to be there soon...i hope this year... =)</font>

<font color="ff6000">haa, i felt it's rather interesting to take a pix of ur belly every Xth day of the month &amp; u see the progress, it's kinda ...duno hw to describe the feeling.. flashbacks...etc...haaaa</font>


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Haha... Jolene, i dont play 3 pax mj de. Very boring cos can game very easily and the cards will be very big de. Go clubbing ah? Erm.. But Mon working liao le.. Dont think so la..

Maybe we arrange another gathering when the others can make it ba.. Haiz..
Congrats to the 3 mommies-to-be here!!!

I just got back from my short honeymoon yest. On 1st nite, I got a funny nitemare that I got pregnant LOL!

For CNY month, I always give my mom $500 more on top of usual monthly allowance. For reunion meals, my hb &amp; I will go to my parents' house for lunch and his parents' house for dinner. For angbaos to kids, I'll give $6.
Some of those teen gals' bfs force them not to use condoms during sex lor because it's not so shiok with condoms on them. My sister told me this about her sec schoolmates' plights. I find these guys selfish, they should have used contraceptions when they are not yet married.
Sad to say, most private sector companies do not welcome pregnant woman to join them. Some interviewers will even ask upfront if you plan to have kid in the near future on their questionaires. Now govt increases maternity leave to 4-months and it's recession period. Companies will want to cut manpower costs to the minimum and make each staff work to the maximum.

Thus it's better to stay at your current company if you plan to have baby at that year.


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Mei, I think those 3gu6pos got dementia, very forgetful, you need to tell them time and time again. It's like how I hear the same stories from them over and over again and still have to look interested. ha ha.
Msclaire, same reaction from me during the reception, I think of the long term committment, I feel faint already.

Koyoyo, gathering was good, wish you were there. Ha ha, nec fly aeroplane!! Meiling needs to beat backside.


the current situation is real bad.. if the company made $$ in 2008, they will still sting on the bonus so that they will have enough cash on hand to tide over 2009 recession..

i was bombed with the family planning questions during my appraisal..

congrats to all the mom-to-be..


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Ya, with the situation now, I'm quite scared to get pregnant but hubby wants to try... confirmed I won't be getting any bonus at end of the FY too.


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gathering was really great as we managed to have time to catch up....d usual gang of brides n we managed to see lsntyl n msclaire too...so happy, too bad they cant stay long n a few of u cant join us
how was ur fren's wedding?

yah lor, bei tahan but still have to act like we never hear b4 n have to look interested :p
yah lor, i need to beat nec's backside alrdy cos she always fly us areoplane n den never contact us at d end :p
do enjoy ur bkk trip n happy shopping

how's ur short trip?


orh... so sad...

hao ba... see when the rest is free lor.. maybe after the 15th day will be better..

jo_vin, ur HB back already mah?
Hehe we can tell company tat we hav no baby plan. If baby really comes, then we say that it's an accident :p

Don't worry, just let nature takes its course. Actually when we earn more, we will also spend more. When we earn less, we will spend less.


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its so taxing now right? with the financial crisis and all. read some fengshui book that this OX year is not gonna be a good year...

I heard from my fren who work in HR dept that if pregnant (less then 3 months) if the company hv retrenchment, they still can retrench pregnant woman, i tot cannot leh... its scary...


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vivian> i dun remb the conversion rates le. but the price at paris definitely cheaper than singapore, plus got the tax rebate. so it's cheaper than the LV in sg.

green> haha you very cute leh, got such dream on the 1st night.

me and hubby initially dun wan to give hongbaos, cos we already quite broke liao, he's the only one working and im not working now. plus baby due in june, den got so many other stuff to buy. so we decided not to give hongbaos. but his mother say must give lah, cos we first year mah, if not ppl will say. den i told her we got no money le, rather save up those hongbao money to buy baby stuff or for our expenses. and besides, we can always say first year no need to give hongbaos one leh.

and guess wat?? last night, my MIL sponsored us the hongbaos. she count count, there are about 20-25 kids we need to give. so she bao each hongbao $6.
my FIL worse, say $6 not nice, ask my MIL to bao each hongbao $10 instead. crazy lor, now wat market liao, hw to afford $10 each?

but hor, i find it quite malu leh, MIL has to bao the hongbaos for us in order to save "face". dunno is it cos they are cantonese dats y they must do this to have 'face' or it applies to all?

my MIL also bought my mother bak kua and abalone. i told her no need lah, cos i dun think my mother will automatically buy things for my MIL. make me malu again.....


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yeah lor, times are really bad now. heard this is the worst recession....

hopefully after birth the market will be better le, if not hard to find job leh....

a few of my frens have been given extra job scope as companies are all cutting manpower. one of my frens got transferred to another dept, den she's not really happy abt it, her boss tel her if u dun like, u can always quit, dat save him some compensation.



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yah, everywhere is like tat, its employer's market now. My company also, should be 6 in a team now left 4 then 4 of us all got extra jobscope...


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waxie> wah.. ur fren was in a high risk situation man.. light menses means she bleeding for so many months...
it was sooo dangerous.. she could have a M/C anytime.. but thank God she kept it and realised it..

YL> hahaha.... well... things happen like that loh....
the 3rd mummy... havent been in here for a while liaoz.. i shall not disclose... but if u ask me on MSN.. i might be able to tell u la..

hehehe.. so you are trying also?? hehe.. jiayou!!
share the good news!

viv> hahaha.. AMK Hub got meh?? where?? which shop?? i see clothes alos like that la.. no $$ to buy....
now gotta save for gynae visits.. each visit is already $100+-... and its like a big quarter of what we have every month.... hahha..

nono.. i wasnt referring to that situation.. but it was my fren's fren's wife...

Hahhaha.. i was asking Net.. got time to do on wedding nite meh??? haha...
we were busy counting the APs and everything else.. by the time i lie down in bed finally.. it was 3am... totally knocked out...

quick can preggy.. then u'll know la.. hahaha...

Net> what u mean one time kena pregnant le??

hahaah.. on the contrary... my mum bao the APs and help me to bao... hahaha.... but she say i owe her the amt bao-ed..
i have to return her some time when i can... but well.. she knows that with a little one coming...
it'll prob take a while before i can return her la....

but.. i dun feel good also la.. so useless.. married liaoz.. still need to take APs from mum to give...

green> its so true.. when i used to earn thousands.. i also spent thousands.. now when we have a few hundreds to spare every month..
we still live by... hahahahhaa.... :p


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lsntyl> i quit my job in sept, thinking after wedding i want to find another job, change new environment mah... den after dat pregnant le, den no one will employ me one mah, plus i keep vomitting and unwell during the first 3 mths.

rach> at least ur mum stil bothers abt u. at least she bothers to help u bao the hongbao money. my mum, on the other hand, never asked me abt me or my baby so far, ever since the gender is out, she never ask abt the baby anymore. she never cook anything for me even though i told her a day in advance dat im going back.


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Rach>not really trying lah. We shun qi zhi ran. I think I know who the 3rd bride is le cos I saw the fb entry. But donno if is same bride as yours lah. :p

Net>ahh, since you quit then not so bad. Thought the company do something nasty after they know your preggers. Your bb is boy or girl?


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Ah Net>well.. at least ur MIL cares la...

My MIL already tell my HB tat they are not going to help with any hospital bills or pregnancy related bills... even before we mentioned anything abt that... we have not wanted to ask them for any $$ loh... when he told me i was like.. huh??? we got say we want to use their money for it meh???

Thank God i'm staying with my parents... sigh.....
jia jia you ben nan nian de jing.....

My mum also not cooking anything special for me.. she say when she was pregnant with me.. she also cooked herself and buy food herself.. who bothered to do anything for her??
I was like.. huh... people's mums will cook and so happy.. my mum.. is like... nothing.. just nag n nag.... but coz my grandma passed away when she was a teenager.. i told her.. u had no mum to do for u what.. now i got mum.. but my mum dun wan to do for me..... bleah...

But she mentioned she'll cook bird nest for me during 2nd trim la... where the bb can absorbed.. hahah....

YL> i dun think its in the FB.. coz she mentioned dun put any comment on her FB.. but hor... i realised recently..there's one more.. hahahahaha.. so there's at least 4!!! haahhaha... :p


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haha ms nec is mia again..
Seems that you gers have fun at the gathering. well i try and make it for the next one. My frens wedding not bad, she got a super creative vg who macham like director keeps tell everyone how to move n poise haha it fun n her video are nice..
Wah 4! Spore govt will be very happy about it.

Hehe chinese has a saying that one should only reveal pregnancy after 3months for the well-being of the babies. I respect the privacy of the 4th mommy, shall wait patiently for the good news.
Yah loh, I was impressed at Net and her hb's time management &amp; endurance on their wedding night! *whistle*

The stupid makeup and hair gel already took me till 4am to remove. My hb also no battery left haha on wedding nite. I only watched him snore.

When we have baby, we won't have time to go out as often as last time. This will help to cut down our expenses on entertainment automatically. We can use this saving to offset some of the baby's expenses. I learned this from my married friend. I found it to be quite true.

My parents never bother about me when I get sick etc. Before marriage, my mom already made it clear that she won't help out with my baby next time.

Since we know our parents' patterns, let's not have expectations on our moms. It'll save us from more disappointments hehe. I second Rach's comment. You should be happy that you still have nice in-laws who sayang you as if you're their own daughter!

Now you're pregnant, so try to remain cheerful okie! Don't worry too much.


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yes.... its the busy season now,i work til 11pm last tuesday....
Everyone getting preggy.... i want also.....
my parents still ok but my MIL have been asking liao..... *** stressed ***
Don't be stressed. When we are single, parents and relatives will ask when we want to get married. When we are married, they will ask when we want to have baby. They just ask for the sake of killing the silence, else nothing much to chat about. :p When u have a kid, they will ask u about his school results to compare with other kids.

These are the replies that I prepare for my MIL on CNY if she pesters me for a grandchild.

In a cheeky tone:
"I only provide the egg. Whether it will be fertilised actually depends on your son's sperms. See how well they can swim loh."

In helpless tone:
"Our own house is only ready in 3 years time. Now room has no space for baby."


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pinky>don't be stressed. take it one step at a time. if bb come, yay. If no bb, tell them now economy so bad, worried about job?


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lsntyl> my baby is 80% boy, according to my gynae. will be going for detailed in early feb.

rach> true lor, jia jia you ben nan nian de jing..... haiz... y ur PIL like dat one... tsk tsk. it's like my parents like dat.
yeah true, eat bird nests when u r in ur 2nd trimester. last night, my MIL make bird nest for me. so happy! she say she spent over $1k jus on bird nest, thk it's only 4 liang. and she will make for the whole family, so not just me benefit from it.

green> no worries, im staying calm and cool wif regards to my mother. cant be bothered wif her. im jus complaining.
but of cos will feel sad lah, cos my own mother treat me this way. but she will never realise dat she's in the wrong lor. she will only think dat it's me being unreasonable lah, blah blah

pinky> my MIL worse... i now pregnant only...den she wan me to quickly give birth to a girl after i gave birth... she says best is within a year. den can "close shop" le cos one boy one girl le...i was like HUH? u thk babies are cheap meh?

but still, dun be stressed over wanting to haf a baby. shun qi zhi ran. besides, now market so bad le, job already must hold tight tight le, where got time to produce baby?


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No leh.. He'll only be back for reunion dinner then fly back on 1st day of cny. Haiz.. Sad right? But at least he come back for reunion dinner lor.. No choice.. he got to work..
Haha true, history has shown that birth rate goes down, divorce rate goes up, crime rate goes up etc during recessions. We can use recession as a reason to postpone baby plan!


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<font color="aa00aa">SO many Sep 2009 MTMs!! Congrats to all!! =D i guess mine ..not so soon as my man &amp; i really not ready for becoming Parents....haaa...

i recalled my AD ...my hubby was having his ass poked...(HUH?!) no la, he was vomiting some blood on AD after the Sabo in the morning (wasabi overdoes, he claimed?) plus AD stress, made him v v sick...after the whole event (majority guests leave liao....) his Sec sch mates came and brought him to a corner and told him abt a dying fren who had had Brain dead....in ICU...but thy din tell my hubby until after our wedding day...
was v v sad...i also cried for that fren - IAN as he was a cheery and nice guy, who gt married last year, and he was ok ...until recent discovery of having a hole in the heart...he went for tests, etc...was ok..until ...i cant recall what had happened the next thing was he was in ICU, doc pronounced him Braindead...haiz...and he passed away on the day my man &amp; i flew to US...we returned and went pay respects to him...really a tragedy...</font>

<font color="0000ff">AD no time to make love...went US 1st 3 days he always v fast drop dead sleep as he was still having fever, next few days also sleep sleep...BBs no no...now...occasional la, but no la, BBs cute to play, nurse, etc...but we are just not ready as yet..</font>



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Hi Erlina, went to the photobook link you posted. But the rest of the website doesn't mention it. Do you know how long it will last and what the promotional code is?


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<font color="ff6000">**yup...really sad abt the great loss of a promising IT career ahead juz married man and...well, sometimes it's destiny...**</font>


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YL> heehe... let me know who are u guessing....

green> its not really announcing only after 4 months for the well being.. its more of.. in case there is a M/C.. then malu...
why do u think whether u announce earlier or later will affect the well being of the bb?? no sense and no logical at all..
if i announce earlier.. people ard me can take better care of me... can help to pray for my bb.. i think its even better... hehehe.. :p

Oh really?? hahhaa.. but lately already staying home to cut down expenses liaoz.. haha.. i haven been out for like 2 weeks.. u can imagine...
hahahah... i did one 1-2 nites la.. but most of the time i just stay home.. hahaha..rest... and save money.. hehe..

PInky> dun stress... just let nature take its course.. the more stress u are.. the more stress the poor sperm is... hahahha..

Ah Net> hahaha.. at least u have nice MIL la... hehee... i'll have to wait for my 2nd trim for bird nest.. hahahhaa... :p

i read its better to give our bodies 2-2.5 years to recuperate.. but i think 1 year will be good la.. hehehe.. :p

viv> then make sure ur protection are well done.. hehehehe.. :p

sad to hear abt that fren.... but CNY is coming..

That's what my friend told me about why she had to hide her pregnancy for 3 months hehe. I also think it's better to announce early so that we can share the joy with everyone and they can take care of us!

I'm very slack after wedding. Eating CNY goodies, sleeping, surfing net LOL. I'm getting plumper haha. I didn't save much cos need to prepare angbaos and spent $200+ on buying CNY goodies for in-laws and parents.

I'm not ready for baby too, so we are using protection.
I'm reading a book given by my friends. I came across something interesting and would like to share it here hehe. It is also applicable to any relationship besides marriage.

Thou Shalt Make Conflict Thy Ally
Conflict can destroy a marriage. But it also can bring fresh breezes and new life into the relationship. The marriage can become become stronger through disagreements and adversity.

Sometimes marriage is like a duel. When we learn how to successfully handle conflict, guess what? It becomes a duet nand the harmony produced from it is almost divine. So decide whether your marriage is going to be a duel or duet.



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<font color="0000ff">heeee....at least for those mtms when their reelatives asked, they will b proud to announce "yes! i m gota b a mummy!!" haaa

sama sama rach, i also less gg out, eating out and splurge on stuff....

but my facials, medi/pedi, brazillianz,massages.. all remains intact...so call my indulge as i need them for basic hygiene, beauty, relax...haaaa..aslo saving up for Europe, if possible, for this year or next year...stress!!</font>

tml is eve liao, <font color="ff0000"><blink><font size="+2">happy New year all!!</font></blink></font> =D


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Yup! Maybe we can meet up to celebrate one of the sgbrides' birthday or something. =) What do you think?

Btw, Happy Lunar New Year to Everyone!