(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Green>we're not doing any entertainment at all! Not even montages. Going to be just cake cutting, wine toast, thank you speech. Nothing else. :p

Same here. I want to keep things simple. I think the guests can entertain themselves by chatting among themselves. Our mcees will have an easy job. They don't have to host many segments at AD haha.

I like the snacks from Taiwan. All the snacks taste so fresh and Taiwan has more varieties than Spore.


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yl> the brother hotel have only one type..the one with red bean and strawberry on the middle..(very jpa kind)..it is very big..

for the yi zhi xuan,I like the black sesame lah..can try all the flavours lah..haha


green, yl> me dun have cake cutting, no thank-you speech, no yum seng, no champagne pouring, no montages (past to present kind)..

i'll only have 1 march in for solemnisation, pop a champagne.. then makan time~ wohooo.. i have live band for entertainment~ that's all..

clare> mochi with strawberry inside.. interesting~
How much do u pay for the live band?


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strawclare, green>hee, thanks for the info about the mochi!

waxie>pwah, u even more power than me. :p I wanted to skip the champagne but was vetoed. cake cutting we oso wanted to skip but kept cos the cake at PJ looks pretty. You going with which band?


green> 1.5K..3 pc band for 3 sets of 45mins (not sure of their charges now, book them last yr)

yl> mine's alittledream.. wil be popping the champagne (symbolised celebration).. but no pouring of the glass fountain. to me, its waste time.. i let the waitress to pour n serve to all the guests instead..


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Porsche: Ic..I only been to those shops in chinatwn. So hws yr prep 4 GDL?

Bubbly: sure no prob one..enjoy the session. Have fun!

Angelina: Fd tasting also gives the couple a chance 2 taste the full banquet courses. Coz on AD itself, u & hubby wont have the chance to enjoy the food..the most is the 1st, 2nd course & dessert loh..


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cheryl: my list of GDL items is very short coz both sides of parents do not want to ask for things... so we do not have much to prepare actually... now is looking more for nice stickers, angpaos only... hee


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all ladies...

<font color="aa00aa">Sep is approaching!i m really not Focus at work...(kept making mistake at work!!! ANd my leave (annual Leave) starts for 010908 - 020908 for GDL, then work until 070908 leave until 27th Sep...sianz...next week a few days Off i die die MUST get Most stuff ready and CLEAN UP MY DAMN room! I need to book apptmt for Brazillian wax, Medi n pedi....haaa....i have Booked the cakes frm Bengawan Solo lo....theb so called affordable alternative...Sianz....i m frustrated Over my parents' relatives attendance...i wanna allocate Seats in proper for my helpful wedding co-ordinator BUT my mum kept sayin cant, Duno who will bring hw Many pple, who come juz put them to seats n Fill table...i dun wanna see empty seats in the Middle of the Banquet Suite le...v ugly lo...Stress levels Piling Up lo...</font>
<font color="0000ff">i have been taking Collagen, Bird Nest, etc on alternate days lo, luxury sial...haa...yet my face still...ahhhhh....i m gg Siao liao....</font>
<font color="ff0000">now we have some change of theme...Morning ALL XD n JM to wear WHITE n corsages w red roses, then, Night will be BLACK dresses/shirts w red roses (re-used the XIONG Zhen n Wrist Corsages)....</font>
<font color="ff6000">simply gettin More n more Jittery...effectively abt 17 days to Go to my AD!!</font>


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ya. For me, most probably will just have a short trip to Bali. Then save the money on renovation and furniture expense first since we're expecting to get the keys in late Dec or early Jan. Next June then have a better holiday.


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Aussino Paragon have some sales 50% off for some bed sheet . I have buy a bedsheet and quilt cover total damage at SGD130

I now very sad , my bank money getting lesser and lesser , wedding , new hse all come one short haiz very siong . My bank abt to ZERO . very very sad ,Must try not to buy too much clothes and eat too much resturants .Think after wedding I must stay at hm play game better or watch HK drama


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hi galz,

I haven took my photos.. will be taken next mth. any idea of where is nice to take? i like sea n greenery=)

N also, i m looking for mum's dress for my BIG day. Any suggestions? hehe


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viv... e contest photo realli dun look like u... haha...=p

bubbly... mi thk it's okie for mums to carry silver beadin bag leh... most impt is match e dress... mayb try to convince her??

green... actualli mi always quarrel w mi mum wan... but also cannot stand mi father lar... he always remark to mi mum "y u become so fat now"... wah liao tat is soo hurtin... how can say tat to his wife who raise 3 kids for him... haiz...
sometimes i c mi parents i will also worrie next time will become like tat... quarrel everydae...

waxie, spoitbabe... r u hafin bevlyn for the vocal? she's good... actualli heard tianyao perform not long ago too... he not bad either...

strawclare... mi flat ard e same price... bought for 430k includin 25k cov... but currently not near mrt lah... will b near e future circle line though...

countdown to sep n countin up on stress level too... everyone... ganbatte!!!


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straylamb (straylamb)
<font color="ff0000">i looked damn chubby n harsh in the Pix lo..sianz.....</font>


<font color="0000ff">but appreciate greatly if u could vote for me....haaa</font>


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straylamb< is yr father only joking with yr mum?? My uncle also always say his wife fat, then they will joke around and beat each other like youngster like that...kkekek but they have 2 grown up daughters liao...

Just met my jie meis, and glad that they have took over the AD morning games and such and prepare among themselves... hehe... 1 thing off my list...


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Halo gals. My BS again assure us that photo will be ready in time when take on Oct08. Told us to relax. Oso other PS slot fully booked. Really in a loss now... ...

Jojo, not so nice to name the BS lah. Anyway, it is around Bugis.

As per advise from you all, I shall continue to followup with them closely till I got my photo.

Thanks goodness, we got other things prepared.


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i have finally finally finally bought my superpadded! so excited to try it out!

kim not around when i popped by. was told she got urgent last min appointment. an auntie mending another booth was "looking after" the nubra booth for kim. but the auntie abit the err... "over-excited"... hee... u'll understand if u happen to approach that auntie too. hee...

bought a dress today too! meant for dinners. havent really thought of occasion to wear it yet. should b wearing to some friend's wedding next yr bah. but i LOVE the dress to bits!

i m a happy girl today!


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Hellbride: Why do you think you're feeling this way? Is it the pre-wedding jitters? And I guess to some people, the actual ceremony and all doesn't matter as much as the end product of being your darling's wife? And what are your plans for the wedding? Will it be the whole ceremony and banquet or what?

Cynthia: Your exam should be over already? YAY!
Hope you do real well!

Celest: I also like greenery...And many brides have taken at the Alexandra grass patch, which I really feel has a very nice effect though common!
You can go view our photos to see what effect you prefer lor! Hehe!


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viv> why is the KRW in 1.34?? i tot its supposed to be like 730 kindda figures??
1.34 to what??

wah.. talking abt bird nest.. i still got 2 bottles left.. stopped eating since my cough..
sigh.. should start taking again man. but i think too late wor.. 8 more days only...
But can feel my skin not so smooth liaoz..and more breakouts.. sigh..
with the bird nest really felt smoother.. now is rough rough de.. sigh....

clare> ok la.. not those high ends one..reasonable i would say..

wah... $10k abit diff la.. ahhahaa. but u can meet him up..then discuss and see what can be done loh..

Ray - 9231-5640 you call him loh.. hehe. :p

YL> really depends on u loh..

See what you want to do.. it'll be nice to have flowers la. if u can afford it..why not?

Ivy> give me ur email.. will send u the emcee script..

hahah..where ur work place?? dun have to meet at yishun de ma.. i travel all ard also de le... hehehe.. :p
wah... ya loh.. RSVP till sianz.. :/

yah man.. i got 5 frens going reservist on 1st sept.. zun zun lo..sianz... :/

waxie> wah... u best.. no nothing at all!! hahaa...

Lavender> so how much u paid for it?? hehee...


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Hi Lost, my total top up was also the same amount as u. $2.5k! Hehe.. But total i got 2 18R, 2 15R, all digital. Now actually i really regretted taking so much, cos the albums are really big!! N now i have to find place to store them. Sigh... Could have used the money to rent the gown which i want.. Bt hubby says its ok la.. At least we have the photos, rather than we nvr top up, then cant c the photos le..

Lost, when u get ur albums in Sept, rem to upload in Multiply ya? We can't wait to see them!!

Jojo, i also havent do GDL and havent decide on date for an chuang. Cos htb leaving overseas. He can only confirm the dates as to when he'll be coming back, then we can decide on the dates for that. So dun worry, u are not alone! Me more gan jiong than u, cos HTB is not here!! I'll have to handle everything alone...

Mei and charma97, we also havent started planning for honeymoon. Cos anyway HTB contract will only end in Mar. So we'll be gg in Apr. And also have to depend on how much money we have! Planning to go Europe, but scared not enuf money. Haha..

Ergina, ya, since ur BS insist, guess u just have to get other things done first ba. Btw, whr u holding ur banquet?

Hey gals! I've got all my photos le. But havent got the time to upload yet. Cos just now play mj until now then finish. LOL. 2mr or Sunday then i upload ok? Hehe..


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Jo_vin, look forward to see your photos. So any winnings for MJ?

Ergina, I think u need to follow closely till your Ad, not only till you got your photos. Since they are like that.

Girls, I asked you one stupid qns.. I just joined this company about mths ago.. Some of them knew I am holding a wedding dinner and asked me if I will be inviting them..

My department got about 40 person.. if i invite this person, i scared wait other ppl ask y i nv invite them.. then scared wait invite all, wait they said i eye for the hongbao.. sigh..


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lavendar>I was there too. Cos last Fri couldn't decide whether to splurge on silicon or get the superpadded. Kim was actually at a bar drinking with friends. Had to call her to come issue me the superpadded B becos it was locked up inside the cart. The auntie is actually in charge of another cart so understandable that she is blur about the product.


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<font color="aa00aa">as in 1000 units thus
1SGD = 746.268 won</font>
Sorry..forgot to add the converted rates...Haaa



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Hi to all dec brides!

I'll be a Dec 28 BTB too..can add me into ur list?
Venue @ Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall
BS - Di Gio

Having my PS in mid sep..haven decided on the location yet too..n Celest, same worries as you..mum keep asking me wat bout her..haa


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Hi Celest,

i took mine at Ethan Hall. I think most BTB went that place too. Other few places will be Hort Park, Seletar Country Club, Changi Boardwalk.


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slacking in the chalet now... keke.... fh is snoring away beside me :p At last! i can take a break off work and wedding preps and i came to a conclusion.... heck care is the best!

same here, my bank figures is dropping drastically. And when i see the passbook of our joint account more heartpain. At least you got your own house, we are now depending on the coming oct balloting, hopefullly able to get a unit (which i highly doubt so).

wat a coincidence! we are having the same wedding singer
Your idea of omitting the usual BQ thingy is good, keep it simple, no headaches...

gosh, it really doesnt look like you eh... I was looking through the finalists and thought "got you meh... dun have leh" Only when i clicked the details and knew which was you :p Guess is the MU bah, dun worry, during your AD your MUA will doll up for you

wooo.... i love yizhixuan black sesame too! filling is so generous :p Their peanut is good too. Did you try the mochi with dip? We bought but did not eat before the expiry date


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i paid $50 for it.

YL, did u get the washing liquid free? i didnt.

when i went, the auntie had the keys to the cabinet leh. she v v v excitedly keep telling me she got the keys! so, i told her, since u got the keys, give me the stock from inside the cabinet loh. then she happily agreed! haha!

i got both the silicon and superpadded. i got the silicon one last mth. havent try yet. thought of saving it for AD since it promises "miracle". the superpadded one i'll start using b4 AD to learn to use and to get used to the "feeling".

i intend to use it today if i got go out. but raining leh. scared i get drenched. then the superpadded get wet too. then fall off!!


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YL> oooh....so u got another one yeah?? hehehe.. okok.. good good.. so u ended with SUper Padded again.

No need silicon light la.. waste money.. hahahha.. :p

viv> oooh. okie.. 746 is not bad wor.. where to get the rate? as in... where go we go to change for this rate?? the last time i saw was 730...
Mmmm.. but then.. its only a few few cents diff.. hahaha.. :p

spoiltbabe> ahhh.. A Little Dream huh?? i did email him.. but too ex la.. i cant afford another bill...
so we gotta give it a miss.. HB was saying.. nobody really listens to it anyway.. ahhaha.. :p

Lavender> faint.... how wet will u get???
I was in the rain earlier on..and i happened to be wearing the Super Padded today...
but it never occured to me that..... it would drop off.. ahhahahaa.. u soooo funny..
i would suggest u try the silicon light before ur AD.. i think its a different feel from super padded...
SO... u might wanna get used to it...
coz it took me a few times to do it properly..and feel comfortable in it....
the good thing is that i dun have to pull all the time..and no strap to bring up too....
hahahha... convenience!!! :p


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Finally found a pair of shoes for my photoshoot on Monday. And new shoes and shirts for hub.
Nails and Hair done too. Went to Tdragon to print the inserts, now wait for them to email me the draft.

Seems like i am slower than most of the brides here, but at least things are moving now...

Wah. saw the Paradox shoes, they are expensive, but their swarovski crystal do make a difference. Hub say can buy a pair for AD. But cant bear to part with the money.


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Hi Jo Vin,

I have added my id in the list..

Nov Brides Nick - Multiply ID

jo_vin - marigold81
Jane Lim - lilacbliss07
bubu - le4ever
Mei - soliloquy7
pinky81 - sonice (Juan Juan Siau)
charma97 - doggieparadise
blanqq - blanqq
TanLee - lynnqi
Lost - komiki25
Mary_Poppins - charmainehw
Brenda - jasnbren
rommie - rommie1511
Kristine - kristine goh
jazzy_chimes - jazzywindchimes
baylee - baylee
YukiMegumi(Veria) - orhorh
jojo - joiynn
jfaith - janeho79
Sandy - santhogk


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Hi zen, ya the cost has increased quite a bit. But i still see them holding travel fairs these few wkends. Maybe u can try to look for dates that are near to cfm, to get a better rate?

Eh, actually i hav not discussed the amt to bring there. But hav been checking with pple who hav been there b4. Heard the things there really not cheap. And of cox got optional tours too. Think got to spend quite a sum there...


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<font color="ff0000">hi all Ladies...esp Hokkien Brides....</font>

<font color="0000ff">my mum mention sth in Hokkien to be requested from my man to her.... " SAI LEO Kun" - sth like appreciation to mum (my mum) for wiping my Poop n Backside...it should be like Pig's Leg, if not givin Pig leg then give AngBao....</font>

any idea wats tt??


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i have changed my evening gown le.. hmmm.. hope i din made a wrong choice. just posted in my multiply. give me some opinion lei


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Viv < i remember last time my cousin married, her husband gave 2 angpow to my aunt. 1 is pin jin and another 1 is for nappy money.... but i thought that is for cantonese??? cos my cousin is cantonese... I knw there is an angpow for nappy money but my side is not requesting for it... even pin jin we also "yi shi yi shi" only....


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TanLee (tanlee): Paradox heels are really princessy and they are freaking expensive. I am wondering if I can DIY mine with those crystals.

jo_vin (jo_vin): I have yet to book for my honeymoon yet! =( Hope that there are still tickets for me to book.


hey gals.. i went to the philips sale today.. raining, so less crowded.. lots of stuff on sale.. i think its good buy.. still on tomolo..

my GDL is next sunday.. time flies hor


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Celest> For greenery, I think Botanic Gardens is nice.. I personally find the greenery at Hort Park not fantastic.. The big grass patch behind Hort Park (Ethan Hall) is better, though like Eunice said, it's way too common, almost every other bride took their photos there..

As for sea, I took at Sentosa, not bad I feel.. Changi Boardwalk is another nice place for sea..

Add me on multiply (ID: chrysalids18) if you wish to see my PS photos taken at Hort Park, Ethan Hall and Sentosa..


charma, i gg for honeymoon immediately after customary.. planning a 3-wk F&amp;E to Europe, super lots to read up and i haven even firm up my itinery, only thing booked is air tickets..! been spending all my time on this the past 2 wks..seriously tink im running out of time. hoping to finalize the itinery and book hotels by August.. i also just joined my current company a couple of months ago.. i invite all the pp in the office area, whom i see everyday.. not many ard 30 only.. those sales pp who come back to office once in awhile, i still duno them much so i din invite.. i think just invite those pp u know, have spoken to, work with, etc.. those u onli know their names, never talk at all, i tink can skip..

haha jo_vin i was playing mj on Friday nite too... was actualli gonna give up the session and do honeymoon planning, but gave in coz very stressed with all the reading up liao..

anyone knows whr to go for amending shoes height? i bought a pair of heels from heatwave but it's not as high as i'd like it to be.. feel like adding one-inch by glueing a platform sole in front and using higher heels behind.. any place does such amendments? the shoes is slip-on type, no buckle or string to tie. i notice most wedding shoes need to tie de? actually i quite like the shoes and most likely would use it for wedding, but it's not high enuff lei..