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Hee, I'm your opposite, Ivy. Just had a chat with my friend and decided to stick to bird's nest. 1 more bottle of concentrated bird's nest should be just good to my AD. It'll be cheaper than tense up and at least with bird's nest, I know it'll work. Never tried Tense up so not sure how good it'll be. The last time I had meiji collagen, don't see any improvements.


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green> huh??? "sexual compatibility is important for marriage life hehe." what does this mean???
for expo fair..they will have furniture de... i seen it for the past many many months... everytime similar stores there... hahaha..

All> hehhe... i ordered my mattresses and bed frame liaoz..
$428 in total..

Maxcoil Athena Mattress is $199 Divan frame is $229..

Mummy paying for it first... hehe.. :p


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rach>congrats! :D hope you like it!

I've got friends who feel you should have sex before marriage becos you never know how compatible you are sexually mah. Wait marry le, then realise cannot get along in bed, will be too late. Think that's what green means.


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YL> errr.... i think that is just excuse.. when u love a person.... you'll enjoy everything in bed ba... that thinking is what i tot when i was younger...heard from people who said that..and i tot that's the way.... later on i realised and learnt that its not that way la....

those who think that way... are probably finding excuse to indulge in pre-marital sex.... hahaa...

at the end of the day.. when things dont work out...its always the woman at the losing end leh.... nah.....

I dun believe in not getting along in bed... at least.. i think so.... i dunno... after my AD i'll know.. hahahhaha...


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Hi Polarwhite,

I saw yr email... cool we are in the same company, just drop u an email.... let's meet up one day... the world is so small.


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kenna tan lines which is a headache cos almost all gowns are bustier types...so overy obvious and emphasizes the large arms. :p

and gained 3kg which is horrible!!!
but had a really good time and finally got my proposal. :)
muahahah....oh yeah, must go upload photos.
when done, i'll let you gals know...got like 2500 plus pics....need to sort n edit n.... *faint*

so how's everyone?
anyone did her PS in the last 2 weeks?


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spoiltbabe, yah.. i very long never come into this forum leh.. i went to see my layout already but haven collect my album.. wat abt you? collected yours already?

dor, yah.. very busy with work and my new house.. collecting my keys tml.. so happy.. hee.. so alot of things to buy as well as to arrange for reno.. haiz.. seems like time not enough.. haha.. so have you taken your photoshoot?


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hmm.. when is the best time to visit europe? any ideas?

how much should i budget for a decent europe 2 weeks trip?

i'm still lost in space.. haha..


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2500 pics? nec.. that's a lot.. :D do share with me ur pretty photos okie.. :D

i still finished photo selection last week.. going to do some research on honeymoon trip.. :D
Sexual compatibility means that both partners have about the same amount of sex drives. From "Matters of the Heart" threads, you can see that some marriages go into divorce or affairs because one party wants sex often but the other party can't offer it lor. Other cases are the guy suffers from Erectile Dysfunction (penis can't get hard) or gal suffers from Vaginismus (vagina is too tight for penis to enter). I learned a lot from the forum and I clarified my doubts with my friend haha.

"Green < keep thinking abt brad pitt when pregnant? then come out ang mo bb how? whahahahaha... "
Luckily u warned me about it leh, else my bf would faint at the operation room. Okie, I shall think about Wang Li Hong during making love and pregnancy!

There's no best solution. Just choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.
6 months can fly very fast, dun worry. U cannot be so stressed when making baby next time leh.

Me opposite. I'm allergic to pill. Condom actually will reduce the pleasure of the man, as it reduces the penis's sensivity hehe.
Whether to have sex before marriage, this is up to individual's preference and freedom. I have a good friend who is very particular about the capability of the man on bed, so she will definitely test the man out before marriage.


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heheheh...i always pop in to destress when i finish my wk to reward myself....but i guz will b busy frm aug onwards le

no lah, im juz a small fry....as compared to d professionals outside :p


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ehehehhe....yah must tell him dat xiaolongnu pleaded on his behalf so dat he can have 20 more brownie pts :p oh, how i wish i can visit all d places during my honeymoon but den limited cash n limited time so cannot....but now japan got earthquake leh....better kiv 1st :p

u r finally back!!!! *hugs* hope dat u had a wonderful time in greece, oh do share wif us ur pics ok? must b v nice de....hmmm, do tell us every juicy bits of ur proposal too, sorry....tis is d typical kaypo meiling at wk :p
msclaire will b having her PS soon....den follow up by sotonglet....surely have lotsa things to look out for cos i wana see all their beautiful pics, u sure have lotsa to catch up on after so long :p


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yeah namipandora, I so love Spain and it's my ideal honeymoon destination but juz too bad, I have only a week or so to spare, so got to leave Spain aside and see whether we'll have another chance to visit Spain


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I still have not found a JP..
next week need to start calling..

honeymoon ah.. me and FH want to go US(west side) inclu hawaii(cos already travel so far le mah)... anyone also wanna go US?


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F&amp;E, need time to plan.. but can be more flexible.. own time own target..
chan bro got F&amp;E package that i seen on their website, air ticket and accomodation provide.. just that no meals... not much of tour guided also i heard..

for us, Fh feels that better to go with tour package, everything planned.. jus choose the itinery we like and go with the flow..

Brenda:how about you? pkg or F&amp;E?


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nec>> Wowow... Share with us more about your proposal! ;).. Look forward to seeing your photos.. Greece neh.. *envy*...


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Green < u funny lei... think abt wang li hong... but also not bad hor... bb come out as talented as him good lei... idea!!! hahahaha
I also got a frd, married liao then realise her husband got ED (ercectile dysfunction)... now marraige on rocks... I agree with Green that actually bedroom activities plays a big part in a happy marraige...

Rach < no worries la, abt when to have sex... u will do it when both of u are comfortable with each other...

Gals < dun be too worried abt pregnancy and babies now la... focus... take a deep breathe... focus on AD 1st....


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for the 2 of us, we took abt euros 1.6k for abt 2 weeks, just nice.
we didnt shop a lot, stayed in villages and didnt eat at up-market or too touristy places if we can help it.
we paid for some stuff with credit cards, like hotel rooms (when not in the villages) and some touristy restaurants (whole of santorini is touristy!!)
so maybe closer to 2k euros would be safer if you dont manage to find credit card accepting places.
that's greece.
in poland, 2k euros can last nearly a month! (with shopping!)
depends on the part of europe you're visiting.
i've not been to italy, france etc...so other btbs must help out there...

late spring-beginning summer is a good time to go europe.
not too cold, not too hot, wild flowers blooming every where, long daylight hours means more sightseeing and safer.
or late summer-early autumn.
same reasons, but the day gets shorter and dusk comes earlier later into autumn.


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Yes yes yes, tense up works better for me than bird nest too!! But hor, if I take both tense up and bird nest simultaneously, the result is even better!!! But if eating both at the same time, super expensive lor. Haha. Anyway great that they are having discount now. How long is the promotion?

Haha rach, I also planning to buy maxcoil in the end. Now waiting for my fren’s fren to get back to me. Cos he’s the distributor, will get more discount from him than from outside. Is ur maxcoil Athena mattress soft or hard one? Latex or memory foam? Pocketed spring?

Haha….. must test test “merchandise†first mah. Wat if not compatible den how? Cannot refund right? And den must stick to something you not comfortable with. Haha. Ah hem. Hee. But den again, rach is right lor, at the end of the day, whatever happens, girls are always on the losing end. Sad hor. So unfair one. But hor, testing merchandise when planning for marriage might not be such a bad idea afterall.

Congrats, gina, on getting ur own house. Where is it? So shiok to have ur own house. Envy envy.

Hmm, I’ve never read the ‘matters of the heart’ thread. Mayb I should go in and read read. Haha green, u like wang li hon ar? Hee. I agree wif wat Green says: “Condom actually will reduce the pleasure of the man, as it reduces the penis's sensivityâ€. I’ve got a guy fren having this problem now…. He even says sometimes he cant even ‘stand’ properly. And yes, I also agree that actually bedroom activities plays a big part in a happy marriage. Bad sex can also lead to divorce if both parties cant take it.

My fh’s good fren been trying to conceive, still cannot. Tried all ways and methods still cannot.
Btw, from wat I’ve seen and heard, it seems tat guys with sweaty palms and sweaty feet tend to unable to make the wife pregnant. So far, I’ve already seen 3 cases le. And the husbands nw seeing Chinese physicians to cure the inner “heat†or “coldâ€.

For those who watched TXFB, today’s last episode quite nice hor… finally the ah qin realized she’s in the wrong. If not, dunno that horrible man will cheat her until when.

Yah lor, got NATAS, bedlinen and watsons. BEST!! Can stay there the whole day liao. Oh green, sorry ar, I tot expo also got furniture… so I guess only bedlinen. Never lor, go there and see see lor.


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Rach>Actually, I was thinking about what Green said. But couldn't explain it as well as her.
Pre-marital sex is up to the couple.

Green>har? thinking of Wang Lihom when you're making love? Better don't let your FH know. :p Hee. But he is quite cute and v talented.

Sex before marriage is strictly up to the couple bah. I've friends who are particular like yours so they want to make sure both parties will enjoy. I also have friends who prefer to wait. All depends on them. Not for us to judge.


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Nec>oh no. Hope you can lessen the tan lines. The tan lines I got the last time I went Greece took a v long time to go. Did you try moussaka? You must have liked the food. Congrats on getting your proposal. Must have been romantic!


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I also got the Maxcoil Mattress, mine is the latex with pocketted spring wan... We paid abt $1500 for it... damn ex... but hubby like it... but dun ask me how is it hor... cos have not slept on it... delivery is sept b4 an chuan...


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As for me, I cant even decided if I want F&amp;E or package tour.

Would want a more relaxing trip but without destinated shopping trips and so on.


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<font color="ff0000">hohoohoo</font>

<font color="119911">i guess in every r/s ....patience and understanding, mutual trust, communication are vital to have a sucessful r/s, sex???hmm....sum time i guess foreplay can be very exciting and fun n ....haa, tts wat i think la...hoho....</font>

<font color="ff6000">i recalled sb have posted sth on wats happening, like wat kind of events b happening at EXPO next week..??or Suntec, i cant recall, can re-post again please???</font>



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Gina> congrats!! finally gettin ur keys....
hehehe.today is my 过大礼... Mum prepared most of the stuffs liaoz...
and alot of 喜饼 at my place now..those that my parents bought on our own...

Tmr HB will come over... hehe... quite excited for the time being...

green> wah... so chim... heeheee... i wonder if i have any of those symtoms.. i hope not... and hope we'll have a good marriage...
but very sad to divorce coz of sex leh.. Hmmm.... why one party wants..the other party cant offer ah???

Wah!!?? test out the man? hahahaa... sounds sooo... Hhmmm...she very good ah???

Arent this supposed to get better with practice?? Hmmm......
Wont change de ah?? cant get any better or improve de???

Happiness> MMmm...ED should seek counselling rite?? Mmm.... is that really so impt in a marriage....???
hahaha... yes..that is after my AD!

Ah Net> check out www.beds.sg urself.. and look for the particular model u want... i shared the site with green..and she told me her fren saw the same model at 30% cheaper...
So... before u buy from ur fren's fren.. go check and see if the site is cheaper or not first..

I'm just getting the super basic one.. $199 only.. we likely gonna just sleep on it for 6 months thereabouts..and by the time we move over to our new home..
hopefully.. we'll get a better mattress.. but i quite like the brand maxcoil.. haha..
so we might just get a better maxcoil..

There're many kind and model ah.... mine is super firm. Considered hard.. not pocketed spring.. just normal spring...
I dunno how good la.. but dun care.. now got bed to lie on can liaoz.... we didnt even want to get it...wanted to sleep on 2 single bed (my current house is single and pull out)
but dad last min then voice out say cannot.. must buy queen bed to sleep...
sigh..soo.. ok lo...
its not latex and not memory form.. hahha... super basic one.. but there's super good maxcoil on the web also..
u go find urself which one u one okay?

huh...??? dunno leh... i believe sex is impt... but... issit really that impt and play such a major role that without it...
marriage cant work? Mmmm.. i really dunno.....
but i believe when 2 persons truly love one another... things can be worked out..
compromise ba... hhhmmm....

got la.... got furniture de....
So far i always see furniture... not many... but will have de.... Mmmm... i likely going on 1st...coz 2nd &amp; 3rd will be at SIS...
Got Festival of Praise... an annual event for Christians to gather to pray for Singapore....
Mmm.. but i may be able to go on Sunday as well..see how la... hehehe....
HB will be at expo all 3 days though.. Mmm....

Happiness> wah... u bought maxcoil too?? hehehe..which model??? share share leh.. i go see the site got cheaper or not.. hehehe...
u paid 100% for it liaoz??


Serene - Can't find anything of their website. Do we have to go down personally? I will like to find out more about the no. of days that the course will be conducted, timing &amp; charges? Do you have any rough idea or should I just call them? Hee..

Hi all - I had just finished my PS. Been blessed with extremely good weather. Hope the photos will turn out well. The only thing that bugs me now is that the indoor zhao xing is a bit mature for me.. Other than that, I think I have a really good photographer. Very happy with him.
If anyone likes to view my photo, please let me know. I will need to add u..


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Rach < sleeping on 2 single bed after marraige is a big NO NO... not even if 2 single bed put side by side... old grandmother's myth la, say like that hor, the couple's r/s will also have a "line" (crack)like the bed...thats y parents will always tell u cannot sleep 2 single bed... better listen lor... dun knw true or not but just follow better....
ED must seek specialist opinion...but most men cos of ego will not seek lor... just like my frd's husband...
Ya the mattress we bought paid 100% already... alamak i can't remember which model, the receipt with my hubby... tmr i go my MIL's house i go see see then tell u.... I only remember its latex wan , then got the individual pocket spring thingy... But maxcoil really good har? I hear u say good i abit more "fang xin".... when my hubby choose maxcoil i was a bit skeptical ley...until now also dun knw gd or not but must pay so much... now hear u say good at least fang xin abit...kekekeke


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<font color="ff0000">my bed my man bought this...</font>


<font color="aa00aa">from CELLINI...he will get the dressing table (tt seems very small for me...i have tons of skincare,makeup, etcetc..)will have his Room revamp lo...nw awaiting for the Bed, curtains, blah blah....but i doubt i wana move to his place after AD, haaa...Duno...majority of u will b moving over???if homes nt ready yet?? our BTO CORAL spring@Fernvale tentatively ready in 2-3 yrs' time..any neighbours here?? haaa</font>



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<font color="ff0000">ladies...anyone b really going to do the AN CHUAN thingy??? OR can be omiited??</font>

<font color="0000ff">it's abt choosing an auspicious date again, get a sb special to have the red/any Dragon Phoenix design covers to put over the nEW bedroom, then sprinkle "Liang Zi", "red dates" etc ..blah...Sth lik tt, my man n i wanna omit tt, sld b ok la huh, very "lay chay"</font>


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Hi thias, i still hav nt booked my HM pkg. Haiz....can't make up my mind whether to include paris in it or not
I guess u are right. Gp pkg usually more tiring...


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Happiness> hahaa.. its a local brand.. like King Coil is foreign brand.. Max Coil is like another brand loh.. i would say its a normal brand.. just like NTUC.. hahha.. get it? :p

Mmm.. yah... so buy loh... it'll be delivered on Wed..or latest Thur.. which have to be in.. coz Fri is 7th Month liaoz.... Mmmm....

viv> hehehe.. he'll be moving over to my place..

Originally we not doing it.. but just heard... my mum asking my godma... since we buying bed.. looks like we have to 安床.. Hmmm.. i wonder when... keke.. :p
haha.. up to individual..


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Hey keer, I want to seeeee.... add me!

My fitting/trial makeup pics are up too- pretty happy with the results, tonight is my htb's fitting, and then next wed is the PS. Woot, lots of activity! *excited*
I'm moving to bf's place in August, which is lunar 7th mth. I'm thinking of skipping it too LOL. I dun like red Dragon Phoenix bedsheet, so buying it is like wasting $$. My bf likes traditional red things but I dun want our bedroom to become China-looking leh.

My parent's house is at Sengkang Compassvale. My 2 friends stay at Fernvale.

Happiness is right that many men will not seek ED treatment due to their ego. Manhood = Ego
Why one wants sex often and the other can't offer it? Example one wants sex 3 times per week but the other only wants sex 1 time per month. There are real cases happening like that one. Sometimes can improve with sex toys &amp; seduction etc., sometimes cannot. There are many websites on these topics haha.

It's better to buy queen size bed lah. The divan model (queen) costs just $40 more than single bed models
U can also use it in new house. Ok I shall try to look for u at expo. I'll probably go there for Watsons fair next sunday nite hehe. I'll be buying my bedframe from beds.com, as I dun think other furniture shops will offer better deals. Beds.com doesn't have a showroom so they save a lot on showroom rental.
I'm pondering if I should buy the bedroom furniture set (bedframe, dressing table, wardrobe, side table) at $699 or buy an individual bedframe at $299?

I'm going to temporily stay at Bf's Jurong house for about 6 months before moving into our resales house (getting Jurong).

1. Buying bedroom furniture set is cheaper than buying the furnitures separately.

2. I don't know the price difference of hiring lorry to move
__i. the bedframe and bookshelf (Not buying bedroom furniture set)
__ii. bedframe, dressing table, wardrobe, side table
Does i. and ii. cost the same?

I need some advice from you gals. Thanks.


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We would prefer to go on a pkg tour ... cuz at least it'll be stress-free since it's our honeymoon ... Don't hav to worry bout the itinery and transport issues and others ...

But where r ur tinking of going ??

we were tinkin of US or Europe ... Any idea do they snow ??

SATours is having a pre-NATAS fair on Sunday, 27th Jul @ Suntec
ASA Holidays from 26th ~ 31st Jul @ People's park

I guess most of us will be bookin during this NATAS period rite ...

Mayb we can tour pool if we happen to be aiming the same spot ... hehe


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Hi mei,

my AD on 26 Oct banquet at grand corthorpe waterfront hmmmm ..... PG i getting Mr Lam from Lam photographer i din engage any VG leh . actually i dunno 26 oct is my AD or 2 nov cos i will be holding 2 wedding , one at spore n one at malaysia


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I've just sent you an invite

that's lucky! to have good weather...the weather is so very cranky these days. Glad that you enjoyed your PS experience!


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Rach, ok will check out the website first before confirming order with fren’s fren.
Happiness, me and fh planning to buy the maxcoil orthopedic with pocketed spring and with latex one We saw at the mega mattress at taman jurong, selling only $1099 leh. and it comes with 2 free pillows and mattress protector.

Maxcoil is from Sweden or Switzerland. King koil is from USA I think (if I remb correctly) and magic coil is local brand. Initially I also very skeptical abt maxcoil, cos I saw in other threads, bad comments abt the mattress and after sales service. Den when I went to compare, I find it still ok leh. the maxcoil mattress which we wanted to buy, is similar to king koil one particular model, feels abt the same, materials used also latex and pocketed spring, but king koil price was $1699. $600+ more than max coil.

Wah viva, so good, you got the coral spring?? Me and fh applied, cldnt get. Sianz. Wat was ur queue no. at tat time?

As for the an chuan thingy, depends on ur MIL and ur mum lor. If they say can omit, den omit lor. An chuan must choose date one, den after an chuan, cannot sleep on the bed at all until wedding date le.

Rach, tmr ur GDL. Must share share abt the happening on dat day ok.

Green, I think buying the whole set is relatively cheaper than buying separately right? Plus the delivery cost will be one time charge only.

Ive already planned to spend the whole of 2nd aug at expo liao. haha