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HI Berry,
oh my MUA will be Nancy.. i going to final fit o 21 JUL Mon as i wanted to see if they had added the stuff i wanted more on the gown. Not sure if there will be another fitting, as my FH can't make it on that day, he has MTM pants to fit. BS also said 21st was like too early, but i wanted to play safe.

Ya i just prepared the Emcee script, but problem is, haven't even confirmed the 2 Emcees yet! Hai cos that's FH's duty of getting, and as usual guys are very last min...so that's why i very stress.

I haven't really assigned duties to some jie mei too.
i have selected theme for banquet with hotel already. Now trying to confirm march in songs and prepare "church" ceremony (which i have at the hotel basement 1 prior to dinner).

montage collecting from my fren next week..
doing up the invitation list soon.

Hey u haven't shared u gowns and photos in multiply have u??? what's the link leh, i interested to see.. your designer is Jeslin or Casey?


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Fionachua>wah, your gown sounds sexy. And your FH help design it? Good for him!

Meiling>Does Choz have a stall somewhere? Curious to try their cakes. :p


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msclaire, the seamstress say in front got designs liao so back dun need to be low back too many design then dun look so gd. she actually suggest cover the whole back one but i dun like so i suggest reveal half bareback.


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you have msn, jrgal? maybe can chit chat with you too. At least help you relax a bit.
But most impt, share your concerns with your FH so he can better support you!
The highest votes are 1, 4, 7 August.

31 July (Thurs)- spolitbabe, waxie, lsntyl , fanny, ahnetsan
1 Aug (Friday) - waxie, crown, lsntyl, neko, spoiltbabe , fanny
4 Aug (Mon)- green, xiaomei, waxie, spoiltbabe, lsntyl, straylamb, ahnetsan
7 Aug (Thurs) - green, xiaomei, waxie, lsntyl, spoiltbabe, straylamb
8th Aug (Friday) - neko , waxie, green
15th Aug (Friday) - neko, spoiltbabe, waxie, green


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wow meiling,
are you sure from 30+ to 42 box what happen if there are way too many extra? Try that that into consideration.. unless ur is voucher den it still ok.. sotonglet ur EG ready?? Got foto??


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hehehe....ur MTM EG sounds a bit like mine (v neck halter wif high collar :p) wor but different for d lace n bottom part....but it sounds really sexy in chilli red....hot sia :p

nope....i dun think choz has a store smwhere :p

hehehe...if extra den i end up eating on my own n bringing to sch to share wif my colleagues lor, all these cakes surely no prob finishing de....:p


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LSnTYL, sure, if they arrive in time for our next outing, then I'll definitely bring one box for you all.
What's EE?

Fiona, ur hubby quite gd, on the spot can design a gown for you. Maybe can consider it as a part time job. Remember to take lots of photos when it's done.

MeiLing dear, don't eat the leftover cakes lah, distribute the fats ard, share the fats!!!!


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providencia>EE=Eastern Europe.

Meiling>I read that brides cannot eat their own xi bing wor. So I think best to give us the extra instead. :p


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hi gals, ya lo he only take a look at the magazine then tot of the design look nice on me. yesterday he ask the manager still need ppl ma haha he wan to work part-time there. i nw cant wait to see the end product of the gown.


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Hey Keer, I heard Chinatown sells, but probably won't be the supernice kinds like these

If you really want them, go ahead and get lah. I also splurged and ordered a circlet and necklace from US for my PS and AD so I can have my LOTR look.


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Hi jojo, thanks for consoling me. I'm feeling quite alright now le. Ya, my HTB will be coming back 2 weeks before AD. Else i'll kill him. Haha.. We paid $168 to the master, but end up we dun really trust him now due to some reasons. So not gg to follow the 7am timing le. Thats absolutely crazy lor..


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what's the contact for chocz?
me also want cakes!!!
(fat free, slimming yummy cakes please!!)

your EG sounds delicious.
when can we see ah??
your FH is the WINNER. can even design gowns for you.


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its true the chinatown really sell nu bra.
i think its pearl's centre if i am not wrong. the link way from OG 2nd floor..


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hey fiona and koyoyo's info not in the list leh.

msclaire, yeah they also make u money-less. ^^

Fiona, man ur guy really a female wish for a guy! Anyway I also excited to see your EG liao!!! You can make ur gown those lace up back with the whole back expose.

My guy only say nice when it is so obvious that is nice and not nice when obvious when not nice, anything else is up to you.

koyoyo, only have it in my hp. The next fitting i will bring my cam and take the pic lah... It would be nicer and more fitting by then. ^^


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hi M,

My hubby sayang me a lot actually. a slight gush of wind at living room and he will run to fetch blanket. just mentioned i am thristy he will go pour water. want to bath he will on the heater. he will tuck me into bed every night if he is not sleeping yet.....

think i should have nothing to complain about him liao. but still we are 2 diff persons so definitely cant avoid fights. :p


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Hey... I've got a question. I've just faxed over my seating plan to Peony-Jade... Do I need to tell them which tables to prepare child seats ah?

It's 9pm and I'm still in the office, trying to clear off all my work before I go on leave next week. Actually... I shd already be on leave as of 5.30pm just now


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providencia n lsntyl,
heheheh....yah no prob, i think we shd all share our fats among d brides here....starting frm ur delicious xi bing frm HK....yummy :p

wah ur gown will b a real eye-opener, do remember to post up ur mtm gown during d different stages ok?

i wana see ur gorgeous gown oso....

hey gals,
i managed to find my jc fren thru sg bride forum, dat's a gd way to search for long-lost frens too
im so happy....btw, he's ryu's AD PG wor :p


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Hi all,

Seems like I'm always one step behind in the preparations =P

Nxt week will be damn busy man...
Hv to collect invitation cards, go for food tasting, buy furnitures, photoshoot...

haha... our grumbles about FH are never ending. What to do... we chose to marry them, so have to compromise lor.

My BF is seldom in singapore. When we msn every night, I'll tell him how busy I am and how stressed out I am... So I delegate some tasks to him and tell him to be in charge of those tasks. And luckily he's more helpful n pro active now.

Who's going hokkaido for HM? I thought of going, but dunno whether they have departures on 15 Sept, and how many days is the trip. My bf only took 1 wk's leave.


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hihi ladies,

M, i not sure abt scented wallpaper...for pregnant ladies...e wall paper for naughty/ pitiful animals has no scent @ all. So don worry abt e fact tat it will affect ur health or even baby.

Colt, so sweet to hear u gushing over e pampering ur hubby does 4 u...enjoy ur marriage n stay blissful whenever u can...Same 4 all of us. Had been having a lot of discussion w my hubby on communication issues esp. w new family members of his.
Mayb i an introvert, or mayb im selective in who to get along w...complicated huh...

Glad 2 see dorisq n ann joining back in e gp...how hav u 2 been?
Wonder if ur frienz ard u commented tat u look more beautiful than ever after e wedding?

My frienz notice a radiant glow on my face...hmmm something like busking in marital bliss...i well...looks more like oily glow leh...one galfrienz baby gal so struck by my hairdo w tiara tat she jus kept on shouting CINDERELLA?! Hmmm....children r weird, esp young gals...they too seem fascinated w tiara n lovely gowns...n we bring these fantasies alive when we grow up...

Wat abt u? Any memorable moments in ur wedding? Share share k. Cheers!


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hey Colt,
U very lucky!! He sounds very sweet! just remember, must 'reward' him to show your appreciation... Sometimes i take pple for granted. Now that i'm married, have to give and take more. My hubby & I like different food, movie genres etc.. So we try to compromise lor. Yah, agree totally with you.. we're now Mrs. Cannot be so pampered liao!

hi Ann, hi Dorisq
welcome back!


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spoiltbabe,ah net n YL,
tks gals...u all are all so nice..i m glad i can share my happiness n woes wif a grp of gals who are getting married like me in sept..=) wedding things are nt so bad,juz tat alot of ppl has comments on tis n tat,and things cant get done cos my mom changes her mind time to time..

my work wise,i tink i m getting tired of my job,and i hope to stop for a few months and rest first b4 getting into another job..bt $$ is an issue..

with all of ur help,i believe i can get thru things=p will try my best to attend the gatherings=p


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i have looked thru the brochures i got from People's Park. Currently, what i gather was Dynasty Travel, Hong Thai and CTC got 15 Sep departures.


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jrgal>don't stress urself with attending the gatherings if you r bz. But if can come, of cos good lah. For those who say this or that, heck care them if possible. For moms no choice lor. Like my mom at first say want one caterer for AD lunch for relatives, now say my pa doesn't like the food and need to find another caterer. Just have to accept and move with the new decision. No point stressing over it. I take is as my filial duty to make them happy on that day. So I try not to stress over it. Hope you can too. Work wise, maybe sit down and talk to your FH? See if can work out something? After all, we spend so many hours at work, must be doing something that we at least don't hate.

Dor>good luck with finding your HM spot.


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Meiling and Alwin>congrats on finding each other. :p

wah, got xi bing from HK? where? i saw xi bing from taiwan. So nice and professional. v diff from ours...


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hi gals, jrgal, im also very sick of work... today jus realised i kenna backstabbed... sianz... haiz.
feel like quitting too... i also wan to rest... but money issues lor... damn sianz. everyday go work , jus wait for lunch time and wait for 6pm to go off.

yeah, i also cannot tahan ppl comment here and there.. plus my mum keep changing her mind too. she's gg to give me a major breakdown one fine day lor. my fh was telling me dun bother abt my mum, if she still insists of nt inviting my aunts they all... those ppl who are not impt to me one, whether they come or nt or whether my mum wan invite or nt, jus dun bother... i shd only feel sad or KNN abt the ppl who are impt to me, yet they dun turn up. well, my fh makes sense lah, but who wont be pissed off? anyway, forget it. sianz. keep complaining, u all will also read until frustrated.

today i went to collect my thyroid report. it's negative. but doctor says i have mild depression. cos he was asking me y i feel stressed and upset and sad etc... he concluded the main issue is the wedding prep dat's making me so upset and emotionally very tensed up, hence the tiredness etc. now im supposed to monitor myself, should i have any suicidal thoughts, i must go back to the doctor.

oh ya, my doctor also says that it's normal for us to feel stressed, frustrated, upset, etc during our wedding prep, he even says it's gg to be worse if we are pregnant. THE SOLUTION? EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE!! but the more stressed i feel, the more i will eat. haha

btw, is it true dat we must buy new mattress for the an chuan thingy? i tot jus buy new bedsheet can liao. apparently my married gf says cannot leh, must buy new mattress, den when i get my own house, i must move the mattress over too, cannot throw away one.. must use til it's spoilt, cos it has got the "blessing" of the virgin boy. haha. weird hor... and hor, my fren also recomm simmons mattress... says it's good, and it comes with mattress protector and 2 pillows.

i met one of my jiemeis today at PS. we went to spotlight to source for materials for wrist corsages and ang pow box. she's such a good handicraft person so she's doing my ang pow box and corsages for me. cant wait to see the end results. btw, do you know of this shop called Daiso?? it's my first time in Daiso, i was like WOW lor, everything is only $2!!! and everything is like so niiiiiiicccccceeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahahhaha.... bought the ang pow box there hahaha.... cheap cheap cheap. den with laces, decor, wrapping from spotlight, my ang pow box is gg to be the cheapest in town!!! haha.


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ready make curtains are available in alot of place, esp neighbourhood store that sell bedsheet etc? AMK central have a few, TPY central, bedok central also have few I seen before, I believe alot of place have.. and you can also go place like metro, they also have ready curtain just need to check the size
However, if you ask me how much or is it worth that I am not too sure... did not do compare before


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hi PSH,

looks like i am quite similar to you. I am pretty quiet when i go to his house and he will wonder how come i dont speak to his family. I am not good at talking and perhaps i am selective in who to get along. nothing to talk so i keep quiet lor. thats me. me not those sweet talker daughter in law. i told hubby i just want to be myself.

sometimes find it hard to reach his expectation. cos he is very easy going and can talk to anyone about anything. that doesnt mean i must be like him man. had several arguments over this issue also. haiz!

other than that, i am pretty much enjoying the pampering he is showering me.

What M said is right. must reward him at times. never let hubby feel that we are taking them for granted.if not, we might lose this kind of treatment lor. Key word is COMPROMISE & APPRECIATE. Easy to say but may be hard to do. But must try.


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i remb someone asking the fancl tense up ex. it's actually not acidic i think. i think ar... cos i have gastric problem, but i dun have any problem or discomfort after drinking it. btw, it tastes nice when it's not chilled. but nicer when it's chilled.
I was at PS just now. Dinner at Ichiban and then cakes at the furniture store beside Spotlight. How come never bump onto each other? ;)

I'll prob just use the A4 paper box to wrap up. Or I just loan from u after your banquet LOL? I'm lazy lazy one.
Jrgal, Net,

Like what Lsntyl is doing, we should try to ignore other ppl's comments and not get too overly affected. It's impossible for us to please everyone in the world.


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Hi S'rene,

Yup.. It is beter to tell Peony-Jade which table need child seats, so that on that night they will not arrange last min.. =)

Hi praisey,
OMG!!! your wedding is sooo COOL!!!!

O my.. Still got another 2 more days for me.. Gosh...


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Hi all.. I only paid $38 for my master to choose 3 dates and also date for betrothal and an chuang... hehe got the contact in 1 of the thread...

Jo_vin.. my timing is even earlier.. I have to leave my house by 5.30am.. keke... coz I'm teochew.. could it be due to your dialect as well?? My master told me there is a later time but not so auspicious.. so bo bian lor.. gotta to do it earlier.. =D


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im faithfully waiting for my simmons mattress. hope it be good.. right now i use this max coil mattress.. really lousy. earthquakes can be felt (huge hubby flipping) until i always ask him in the middle of the night - to flip slowly can a not..

snoring part.. i dunno how to handle. y guys snore so loud?? sigh..

si dian jin comprises of what huh? pendant, earrings and the two bracelets?