(2007) Brides of year 2007


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nic>> yep, thinking of, hehee.

since my HB won't sing or surprise me with a song, i tot of getting a soloist to sing.

but that's not a compulsory item though good to have.


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moon & everafter: me interested to take a look at loeandbehold shoes. Let me know when u gals are going k.

macjoe: whats the brand, size and model of the lcd u r selling?


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ya is cute maybe i taking this... thinking of getting chocolate but i think chocolate not very good cos some ppl will not take and some eat liao goes inside stomach like vert waste...
belsi: ya the song very common... always at wedding u confirm can hear ppl play...
songs havent really go n find but prefer duet...


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Hi jazol!

Me too... got to alter a bit... Was quite worried that FH's pants need to be enlarged, again. But heng, ok...


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*faint* Junie ah, simple thing dunno how to let me do...purposely must get me to do tough things =P If i could, I would but dun think I'm of that level yet =)


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nicole, sorry you already told me about your luncheon in earlier posts...

aiyah what's wrong with me today?


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Hi macjoe,

Thank you. but I have went there.. all are old song.. and common...

By the way, I have a printer to sell.. brand new one.. selling at $70.INTERESTED ..let me know ..


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macjoe, emily.. i m thinkin of small cup cakes. scared the dinner might start late, so my guest can eat the cup cakes first.

march in song - tell me its real - by kacy n jojo

my hb chose the songs... he knows more eng song.
if i chose.. it will ended up like a jay chou concert...


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yoz cactus..
i didnt check tong shu..
the Shi fu calculate for us..
then just tell us which animal will clash with who..

hey ecym
i m non of the 2 animals u mention lei..
har..means no good for me ah..oh no!


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haha..cutecat, think u too "gan-cheong" oredi.

drea>> singing is no biggie for u one lah. Am serious leh...maybe u can send me your demo tape for audition? *LOL*


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everafter, I think I've got the orginal of the 'From this moment'. Let me know if u're interested..

pk, can share with me ur song?


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Well...maybe the brides are not dragon/snake, but the husbands are dragon/snake? That's why 29th Sept is good for marriages?

Can it be that good dates shoudl be calculated with the guy's interests as first priority, then the gal's?


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junie: hahaa..i think so..got ppl tell me that too..i gotta relax man.

nicole: i have been reading on different areas (be it venue/photography, etc), also read up on BS and shortlist so that will go there next time ..n sending emails to photographers/hotels to get some quotations. that's all.


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hmm ic..maybe yr most important thing is to decide the wedding date. then you can arrange for booking of the venue and BS..PG..VG


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Yup, whatever needs to be tried... Go and tried it b4 too late to alter!

Really, like Jazol i cant sleep well & lack of sleep...

My Mama told us yesterday to keep our temper in check on the actual day no matter what even though everyone has a lack of sleep or what...


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hi sukiya,

thanks for your reply.

i'm a cantonese bride too and read abt all the headache abt tea ceremony. when both my elder sisters got married, they served tea at my place before leaving for the groom's place. due to time constraints, they did not do the 'return trip' with roast pig. all the stuff were brought along when groom came to pick the bride.

i see it more as a practical issue rather than respect etc.. coz it wld be more efficient if the whole gang need not make a return trip to the bride's house. however, i believe all these can be discussed.

i'm ok either way to serve tea to which ever family first. but my HTB seems more traditional and wanna serve his side first. we havent gone down to that planning details yet. so will have to see how it turns out. think i will then have some problems of my own as well


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hehe yup i know but it burned a rather big hole in our pockets... gotta relocate budget. would onli be getting back e soft copies when i get my album back in april leh so i dun have any pics now.


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u mean e song"frm this moment" got vows nicer or no vows nicer?
tink mine is no vows leh,e song seems to start straight.

me also like e only time by enya,still considering which 1 to choose.

wow everafter,u looked so different,heee...so pretty and sweet!!!!
ur ROM dress is MTM right?u get to keep it?


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Thks all,

My FH suggest go dragon gate at harbourFront.. Anyone being there before... any advice or comment for me?? He call up to check.. They ask us to go down to talk.. Wat do i need to know n i sld discuss with then.. wan sld i expect ah??


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my cousin had his wedding there... the food is good... but will u be taking the bigger or smaller ballroom? cos on the same day, there was another wedding in the smaller ballroom and the couple had to walk thru our ballroom to the smaller ballroom, abit awkward...


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hihi... this thread moves fast. There are 100 msgs posted since my last log in.

Babystarlet : thanks for the wine contact. Will try to go this weekend to take a look with hubby.

Anqi : U lucky gal. Wished I had colleagues in the IT line too. Let me know abt the software okie?

On the high heels bit... think i will stick with maybe 3 at the most becos hubby is not exactly much taller than me plus the fact that I am CLUSMY. maybe will get a pair and start practising walking at home

anqi and cpi : I have added u gals in my mutiply as well.


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i'm also getting the usual height that i'm comfortable with for my heels. i will be walking down the stairs for the march in, wouldn't want to fall flat. hehheh.....

what do you all think, should i get a flower girl and page boy to walk in front of us?


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cpigl, i am thinking of getting my niece to be the flower girl, but she will only be 1 1/2 yrs old by then... abit small right? worried that she will be scared and cry.. hahaha
but if u have older cousins.. i think it will be very nice.. =)

for shoes, mine are all abt 3 to 3.5 inches cos i want to look talker.. maybe can look slimmer also.. hahah create false illusion.. just hope that the shoes are comfortable to wear for the whole day...


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clueless, i think 1 1/2 years is too small. i just went to a wedding, there is a flower girl that looks only like 3years old. she just walk where ever she likes, lucky there is another older one to hold and guide her. but its quite nice and cute. kids simply just melt your hearts.