(2007) Brides of year 2007


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wp, after i got it fm my fren den i let u koe

nix77, there are pros n cons abt having food tasting early n late. my hubby said if haf food tasting too early, by AD's time, we'll forget the taste liao, dun even remember if it's the same standard anot. lol


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Hi Ariel,

Why don't you try talking to your BS to get copies of your selected individual photos? What I heard was mostly getting softcopies of photos n not artwork wor....ur BS from where? did you check with those from the same BS?


wp>> i pm u liao. ya agree with your hb. do the food tasting later as our AD is in dec. do too early sakli the hotel forgot our comments or we forgot the taste liao.

nix77 >> ya we also do food tasting in oct.

aGNes >> can let us know your fren's contact? its really cheap if it $60 onli...


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Divasan, here's the printer my fren told me. i juz called the price increase liao. now is $70 for printing of inserts 250-300pcs, but u muz provide ur own inserts, if nt they charge according to the insert paper material u choose. hotstamping on card is $0.65-$0.75 per piece.

Everright Printing Pte Ltd
Blk 37, #03-71 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539214
Ph : 6382 4570 , 6382 4575 ; Fax : 6382 4595
Email : [email protected]


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hi-tech is printing 280+50foc for $80? does it includes the paper for inserts? u got the price for hot-stamp printing?


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smilez, happy belated birthday to you!!

jhoo, happy birthday in advance!!


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aGnes>> so your printer contact is mainly just do printing only ah.

i think most likely I check out T-Dragon. Heard their rates & service not bad.


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junie, i'm nt sure.. is from my classmate but nw she said she going direct to t-dragon as HIPV told her to collect the invites fm there. here's the cost fm t-dragon, got it fm their website.

With Chinese and English Invitation Wording:

For Banquet Package Customers

Gold/Silver foil hot stamping on standard insert paper:
1st 100 pcs (cost inclusive of artwork and hot stamping block) - S$120.00
thereafter per pcs - S$0.40
Economic printing in gold/silver ink on standard insert paper :
1st 200 pcs Nett price - S$100.00
thereafter per pcs - S$0.20

For Non Banquet Package Customers:

Gold/Silver foil hot stamping on standard insert paper:
1st 100 pcs (cost inclusive of artwork and hot stamping block) - S$130.00
thereafter per pcs - S$0.50
Economic printing in gold/silver ink on standard insert paper :
1st 200 pcs Nett price - S$110.00
thereafter per pcs - S$0.25

Optional: Charges vary on different items
1. Church Wedding Cards/personalized cards or special printing color
2. Printing of photograph/ names/ wedding date / quotation on cover
3. Supplying and tying of ribbons, silver/ gold string or other accessories on cards
4. Insert paper of various quality and colors

Lead time:
10 days after confirmation of artwork/draft.
Fast delivery can be arranged at extra charges.
To ensure highest quality and customer satisfaction, all our products are subject to stringent quality control before delivery.


aGNes >> its for 230+50(foc). we are only have 230 invitation cards i think it includes the paper for inserts...we will meetup with them tomorrow and get back to u on this.

Junie>> yup for printing only. becoz the hotels only provide free cards. not the printing portion...

we wanted to use T-dragon too but its more ex.


aGNes>> i checked the email..yup its with inserts. pink or cream color 80 gsm paper. our wedding invite comes in purple with roses printed on them. dunno if pink nicer or cream one better.

no prob. we will also ask the hot stamping portion for ya..:D


junie>> the hotelprovides the free cards with envelope. ours free envelopes lei...

aGNes >> i agree by far they seem to be the cheapest. no prob
Thanks diva, received your pm

think normally hotels or restaurants provide the envelopes as well

hee, actually diva, my hubby dun want so early food tasting cos he scared the chef leave the hotel, do it later means higher chance that it will be the same chef :p


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hahaa....but i think whether food tasting is done early or later doesn't really matters, cuz chef may change overnight, food tastes may change and service also too.

think most important is the hotel/restaurant must ACT on & deliver the promise.
Haha... They may.. But as to my hubby, he wanna minimise changes cos we already have a change in coordinator and somehow the rapport btw us and her is diff as compared to the previous. Every cook will have their own style so if we tell the chef our preference based on his style, it will be translated differently by another.


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hi nov brides, seems like we are all left with 3 more months...haha... anyone having banquet in hotel? will they call you or must we call them? mine AD is on the 18th but they have yet to call me...


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Hi Yen,
Hope u wont mind that i went & kaypoh over at your pics ...& gosh, why are u hiding behind your glasses??...Yr glasses are not being nice...you are simply too pretty to be wearing that lah ;o) ... Cant wait to see your complete album...bet it must be mei mei one lor *drooling liao* Congrats to both of you & am really happy for you =)


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hi JY, im having my AD in a hotel. wat have u done? invitation cards printed? selected your gifts for the guests? food tasting?

which hotel is yours? sometimes it depends on your coordinator, some are not as responsive.


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hey all, i'm also a Nov 07 bride... AD is on 21st Nov. PS over, but all the rest not done yet... quite clueless abt wat to do actually...

u gals have idea on wat gift to buy for jiemeis? scratching my head now, as i'm organising a jiemeis meet xiongdis session next month... thot of giving it to them then...


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Hi Vanilla , Law & Len,

seems like our worries are all the same. Afraid they might chicken out last min. Just have to pray really hard that things turn out fine on that day itself :)

btw, any songs to share ?

[email protected]



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my photo layout will be ready at the end of this month. Have not gotten the soft copy of my pics yet. Not been chasing them for pics yet.


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Old habits are hard to break :p Anyway, I am now wearing new specs which a colleague politely described as "professional looking" :p
Will put my pics up when I get the soft copy. I am hoping the layout turns out nicely too.


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hee yen, most of the time i wear glasses too, my lazy eyes wanna breathe more oxygen nowadays...spiderbaby and yen from same bridal? which one?

Torhuiz: have emailed u my links

Carol: shiok, your job


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Hallo ladies!

My piglet is a Princess! So happy, i decided to heck care the attitude of my PILs and i double confirmed the gender of my piglet today during my gynae appt!

So happy coz i always wanted a gal as my firstborn! Now, i can buy all those nice dresses for her to wear liao! Hehehe!!!

Smilez, have u know the gender of your baby through the scan?


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morning ladies...

wow.. looks like you all have arrange for food tasting and collect ur invites liao..
I m still lagging behind... oh no...

diva.. can PM me ur printer contact? thanks!


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Opps came in too late.. happy belated birthday to both smilez and jhoo..

kaye congrats.. i like bb gal too.. can dress them up.. hee.. oh ya smilez shld hv known the sex thru the scan..


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Wow, been a long time since i last came in. Was so bz at work. So many posts!!

Mei, sad to hear ur hubby's JC classmate so must treasure the pple ard us

Ur empress horrible lei.. Gas also can't order. Must put up imperial paper first issit *faintz*

Jazol, good to hear the misunderstanding is cleared up.

Diaodu, long time no hear. Welcome back!!

Jhoo, opps.. happie belated bday!!

Gals, my bday is on tis wed. So its early bday wishes

Kaye, congrats on ur princess!! I also wanted to have a princess first but since its a prince also ok lah.
Did u go to the taka bb fair?
I was there yesterday.. spend like a mad woman. My hubby keep rubbing my tummy and telling our boi tat ur mummy gg bonkers liao =P Spend $300 bucks there. Opps.
Hubby was relieve our bb is a boi cos can save abit more lui. If its princess i will be more 'crazy'. ha!
hi all,

my AD is 17/11/07. i heard from my bridal shop that my AD is also a hot day...hehe. today we just went to choose our wedding photos. we took the photos last sat. still quite a few things not done yet...still have only 3 months left. anyone interested to chat can add me to MSN. [email protected]


aGNes>> we went down yesterday and catherine is really great to talk to. for hot stamping she said its def more ex and over $200 plus for 200 over pieces, n need to add the cost for the mould also. but the actual details think u can ask her. we din have the chance to ask about the envelopes but i think they should be able to provide as we saw a lot of envelopes boxes in their office.

Jaslyn>> pm u liao

jack >> hi welcome! to start off...u can get the checklist from the hotel which u signed up with .


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huh? so fast printing inserts liao? Erm..which one is cheapest? can i have the contact?

Btw ladies..heard some of u done ur montage..can share w me what program are u all using? where can i download it? Thks!

Btw...my PS completed last fri!


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Hi jaslyn,
Dun worry, i also have not done the food testing and printing inserts.. and somemore my AD is on 7 Dec.. :p

anyone of u using Focal-Ad, Kentrick Trade, Hi-Tech hotstamping to print ur insert? can share share the pricing??

Calling for Agnes.... R u at compass point food court just now ard dinner time? u wearing bright green n ur hubby wearing white. if yes, i saw u, but dun dare to call u cos scare the wrong person.. :p


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Smilez, i laughed till i almost want to fall off my chair when i see your post!

Congrats on your little prince! I went to the Taka baby fair. I din buy anything, i was browsing thru... but i will buy some stuff later on... coz the queue for payment on Sat for the fair is crazy!

What did u buy for your little prince? Oh, remember to wash the baby clothing now when u re still in your 2nd trimester.... Coz i m now in my 30 weeks... Gets super tired easily!

Piglet, yup... I m very happy to have a princess... My sis is even more excited for me... She will be going to US for a biz trip and thinking of all the dresses to buy for my princess!

Have a good week ahead!


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Things done
1)finish my photoshoot & Big Photos & frames & 1 album collected(indoor)
2)wedding favour done
3)Wedding date set
4)Jie mei ok (with duties & clothing )
5)Photographer & Videography choose
6)Music choosen
7)Groom shoes , suit ok
8)FIL & F's Suit ok
9)MIL dress ok
10)Who to choose
11) food tasting done at Qian xi Civic Service Club
12) Wedding cards select
13) Theme for wedding table is selected
14) small photo for guest packed in envelope for guests

Thing not done
1)Red packet not packed
2)Arrangement of sitting arrangement
3)Wedding card printing in progress
4)Buffet arrangement
5)Guo Da Li
6)One more album to be collected(outdoor)