(2003) Brides of year 2003


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HF.. no lah... jus trying to see how much i can improve on my flabby tummy... so see how lor...
i know some gals who are really skinny and still think they are fat.. hee.. dont worry, im not one of those. Jus trying to tone up my tummy and my arms... so that when i wave, my fats dont wave as well.... kekeke...


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Hi, Pris,

Really no 'yuan' to see you. I went down on Saturday. Didn't see your posting last night. So keeping lookout for you cos I went about 3pm. Just finalise my package. Susan leaving on the 16th. Have not been assigned a new coorinator yet. Who is your make up artist? Remember to show me your trial make up photos, ok? I heard Changi or sentosa can see nice sunset.

Who you taking for your actual day photographing?


HI all,

Realli sorri for not being able to catch up wf you for the past week. I was really busy with my reno loan applications... The banks need so many documents... Sigh..

Finally got me reno loan from citibank.. phew.. but the loan amt not enuf to cover my reno so have to cut down on the carpentry.

Need an advice from you gals... Is it necessary to have solid hard top for my kitchen worktop? My intention is to have non-drip thats why have to use solid surface... How abt vanity top?

Talking abt SARS.. it's really very scary. Many people are taking precautions.. but sometimes you never know... cos anyone who walked past you might be infected but there are no symptons yet??

Some of my colleagues even made their children wear masks when they bring their children out.. I have seen some people wearing masks taking public transport and once they start coughing... everyone would stare at them with fear... not sure whether this person got SARS or not??

My mum keep on reminding me to take herbal tea every day... Duuno when this SARS thingy will be over....


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Hihi Jan
There r ppl out there who seems to njoy putting ppl dwn. Taking public transport, marketing oso reaching out to the crowd wat. Wat is the diff? May b your colleague wanna siam n save on ang pow. Juz tell this kinda ppl if u feel uncomfortable, I will not give u my invitation card. Full stop n strike the name off your list. Life still goes on.
I had a colleague which I dun wanna invite him. To do it diplomatically I asked him if he is availabe to attend my wedding as it falls on Mother's day. I told him if he can't make it I won't give him invitation card so that he doesn't need to give me ang pow. Know wat, he said nowadays modern young couples juz go honeymoon where got ppl hold wedding dinner. I told him many friends asked me to invite them n quoted the names of a few colleagues fm his dept who asked me to invite them. He knew lao kui liao n said will check wif his family n reply me by email. I asked him end Mar till now he din reply.
Chey, I happily strike his name off liao.

Hihi Sue
Never mind. Thx for your help anyway.
Like to check wif u if u serving red wine n white wine or red wine only?

Hihi May Day
Ya boy, I oso wish those who rsvp coming won't back out last minute

I gathered fm the forum the following info on wine
Cabernet Merlot fm Cold Storage $15.95
Penfolds Merlot fm Carrefour $18.00
Lindermans Merlot & Lindermans Chardonnay fm NTUC $16.05
Prices r quoted by ppl who made the postings. Dunno if still applicable. Anyone tried them? Any comment?


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Hi gals...

I think esplanade and sentosa is the "hottest spot" for dec brides

Btw who will be the 1st one to go there (sentosa) for PS? mine is in July.

serene sng

Hi guys!

Pai seh.. been busy nowadays, cannot catch my breath. So how's everyone!!???

manage to find the folate milk??? U must be careful of wht u eat hor.. cos the 1-13th week is the forming of the brrain & organ so must take care hor... (Take note: cannot hanky panky with your hubby these 13 weeks cos can hurt baby..)

Hi Okeanosmao,
Know that u having your wedding venue same with me... Need to check with u do u have your own MC or u using theirs??? Do u have any montage for yourself???

U ok??? Please take care hor... For your nails, take more vitamin A & C... Your nails will grow back but u must be extremely careful when they are growing.

Did anyone thought of cancelling the banquet if the SARS prob keeping getting worse...??? Also,wht i saw u guys doing let me feel that im not doing anything leh.... aiyoh headache. Can tell me wht else to take note??


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Hi Shook: Very pai seh.... can't help you & May to get the wine. I'm serving purely red wine. Actually, FH & me dun really drink wine or know much abt wine. We ordered the wine based on the friend's recommendation. Yah, I think you can forget abt inviting that colleague of yours. I spoke to a friend today & asked if she is ok to attend my wedding. She said "Why not?". So I told her becos of SARS, lots of pple are staying home, she assured me that she'll be attending my wedding. So I'm pretty sure that if close friends, they will definitely be there.


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Hi Serrich,
Some of my friends opt for postform top to save cost. For couples who dont cook very often, I guess no need to spend so much. For me, also thought must have solid surface so spend quite a bit on kitchen. But after moving it, seldom cook. What a waste! Btw, what is vanity top?


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Hi Serene,
Don't worry! Still got 6 more months to our dinners. Things should get better by then. As long as schools start, people will not be that fearful anymore.


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Hi Meow,
Try to put some nail strengthener from Sally Hansen, should help to make your nail stronger. Of course, must also be careful, don't break again.


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Hi Shook-Cool man, yah just strike his name off. Anyway don't waste a sit for him. Hate this type of people!!

Just to share some wine information with you gals. You can try Star Cellars (At Stamford Court). I just ordered from them 6 crate of red (Cabernet Merlot 2002)at $17 each. The good thing is they do on consignment basis. They also do consignment for beer and Brandy (Brandy is not on consignment).

Let me know if you gals are interested. Can give you the contact.


Hi All,

If I'm considering of postphoning the dinner to a later due to sars, will I pay a penalty? In the contract, it is stated that any postphonement within 1-3 mths requires me to fork out 20% of the guaranteed revenue. Is it really practiced?

- Troubled


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I dun dare to appy any strengthener. Scare the liquid come in contact with my flesh.

Jus went shoppin at PS this evening. Bought 2 chains, one choker and necklace. One to wear for the actual day and the other will be causual wear. Price quite reasonable since i dun know how to make one. Was there with my friend and he bought it for me. Soo happy, too bad not my hubby. He won't spent all these on me.
Well i had a fight with him anyway.

I can't think of anything else that has the non-drip kind beside solid surface. Even if its granite, think its more ex then solid surface. Vanity top? The one in the toilet? I got install one.


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Hi gals

It's Mon again.. *sulk... am oledy feeling the blues...


Aiyo.. muz stay home more.. but ya lar, diff cos you preparing for the wedding, but do get your hubby to do more of the running around since you are in your 1st trimester... k?

Hmmm.. sunsets... can try labrador park (near WTC), sentosa, or maybe.. west coast park.. (errms nt sure if you can find nice spots in west coast park since i long time never been there liaoz)..


Fret not, our wedding is still 6 months away (GASP!! 6 months!!??) .. hope by then the SARS thingy would have cleared away..


Hmm.. take good care of the finger k? don exert itr *cheeky wink*

Aww.. you patch up with hubby liaoz?? ok lar, fighting adds spice to the r.ship.. as long as you don let the bad blood lingers for too long k?!


Anyone can advise on wedding bands?! where's good place to buy? Shopped at Lee Hwa and was recommended their "in-house" designs.. platinum, but not cheap leh.. cost abt $1388 for the guy's ring only.. no diamond smore.. hmm... any comments? other good recommendations??

What will you all inscribe in the band? any nice interesting quirky ideas other than name and date??

btw, for those not ROMed before PS, will you all suggest wearing the wedding bands for the PS??


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why don't you try Tianpo, I got my plantinum wedding band over there and its form Japan and still got discount if you flash your POSB card and total for both cost me around $600.
I engraved in my ring Lyon's and my ROM date and my hubby have his engraved Priscilla's lor....heee hee
Just a suggestion to you lor.

Hi Serene,
I can't find the milk you are talking about lei, went to afew supermarket still cannot find it.
Maybe you see it can let me know which supermarket have it.

Hi Min,
My make-up artist is Dexx and he is also my designer.
But I scare I not feeling so well to travel to Sentosa to take my outdoor shooting.
When are you going down again to J&M, let me know lor, maybe have another chance to meet again...!

Hi Meow,
What happen?
Y quarrel with hubby?
are you alright? Must take care huh..!


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Beside Lee Hwa inhouse design, you can try those import from Japan. Those ranges are lower. Its good to get platinium that white gold. You'll regret later later cos they'll turn slight yellowish since their base colour is light yellow. Didn't the staff tell you that? Any q can ask me. Cos i used to work there 2+yrs back

Thanks Pris and besse,
i'm still surviving.


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Hihi Sue
Dun feel bad. It is the thoughts dat count.
I called an x-colleague last night, she oso said of coz I will attend. I told her my wedding falls on Mother's day. She said Mother's day happens every yr, can celebrate earlier. My wedding is only once in a life time. How can she missed it. V happy to hear tis kinda positive ans.
Another one is the type which we hate. She said if I m going there, only me will attend (i invited she n her hubby). Err... wanna check wif others how many attending. Chey, straight away I told her if u can't confirm now, get back to me later, I need to make sitting arrangement. Full stop.

Hihi Cat
I dun wish to invite dat colleague. Juz dat it is bad to leave him out while I invite the whole dept. So I happily strike his name off presuming his ans is no. I can't b bothered to confirm wif him.
Will Star Cellars give discount if we order more?


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hi chensing,

i am not too sure if ted's offer those really long veil...
I tot they would only rent us the veil? -- not too sure on this either ; (
dun worry, i think the material used for veil should be fine even without the tiara (as in it should not 'stick' onto the face
maybe you can ask rick on this...

hi cookiecorgi,

wah so long never hear from you...
actually you are right, we can meet up for lunch for those who work at rp ; )

hiyo you are so thin oledi, still want to slim down?


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Hi Besse,

If you have time, you can look around slowly, you will find that a lot of the jewellery shops carry similar design of rings..but the prices differs by a few tens of dollars.

Take your time, you will have to wear this ring for the rest of your life.

Hi Meow,

Hope you have solve your problem with your hubby by now. *Sigh*, me also quarrel with my hubby every now and then. But what to do, since as he is my hubby, we just had to compromise with each other, or else how to spend the whole life together.. Things will seems small once its over. I will keep reminding myself that nothing will make you more upset than to loose him / her. Then my anger will go down.. *wink* read too much e-mail already liao...

Hi Priscilla,

Take care of yourself...Good luck in your wedding planning..


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Hi Meow, Bessy

Ya lor, nowadays busy shopping for house furniture..so tiring...Last Sat just went to Muchas jewellers to rent one set of jewellers for my PS..I like it a lot and was very happy.

Meow, guys are like tat one lah..Everything they seem waste of $$..

So how are both your preparation coming along..


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Hi Micky,
The earliest one shd be wendyl, hers is exactly 1 mth from now! Hope she can tell us which parts of Sentosa is more scenic, and whether any parts are closed...


Not to worry lah. It's still too early to tell. Hope that SARS will go away by then.

Maybe can go to Sentosa? My fren spent her day taking her outdoor there. Heard that very nice... Can take some photos during sunset at the beach if you want.. i have taken a few photos at the beach. Very good effect...

Same same here... I have also been shopping for my furniture for the past week... Really tiring and we are on tight budget so ended up having some disagreements wf hubby. He finds this too ex and that too ex.. so we finally took up the cellini package.

In the end, he is the one who wants to get the bedframe and dining set from other shops so we exchanged the dining set for an extra set of covers lor.. As for the bed, can let my inlaws have it...

Actually setting up ournew lovenest is really costly!! Hahahha.... hHave to pay for reno, furniture, electrical applicances, etc... And what comes next is the monthly utility bills!!
It's really not easy...

so when will be your next meeting?? Hey have you set on a set to make wrist corsages? If so, dun forget to include me okie!!

Will be meeting my contractor later to select my floor tiles... Realli excited...


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Sue: no problem abt the wine. I will get hubby to check out at Le Wine - it is near his office and maybe we will check out Star Cellar too.

May - my wedding is on the 15 May at Amara Hotel.
I have not selected my actual day photographer yet. Hope to do so this week.

Jan: dont get too upset abt pple's reaction. Life still goes on that why majority of us r proceeding w our banquet. How many tables r u looking at reducing? i hope to cut down 5 tables but dont know if hotel will allow. Be prepared that some will say that they come but then later dont appear.

Shook: will share w u abt the wine cost after hubby check out.


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HI Stockholm,


HI Sue,

Just the Singapore dinner photos only.

HI Shook,

Satisfied on Saturday?? Hope you enjoy changing so many gowns.


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Now it's turn the other way round. Our thread is so active on weekend instead of weekday.


Oh…, your PS is earlier then me. I tot mine, Jul 23 was the earliest. Actually no need to be so early but I want to avoid the Lunar Jul.


My mum also brew lots of Liang Cha for us to drink, so far still effective. Whenever we want to go out she will said ‘don’t go out lah, wait kana Sars how’ but we just never listen to her. So bad of us!


Don’t worry, still have 6 more mths to go. Guess by then should be under control liao. I don’t think I will postpone my wedding since so many things already confirmed liao.


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Ya, buy platinium better. Mine is white gold and it’s turn yellowish. Need to polish it, very troublesome. Last time I also looking for Platinium ring but becos I want diamond so have to give it up. They said Platinium is so hard that it can’t be cut to insert diamond. Meow, true?

Mine is from Goldheart.

Meow and Shirlynn,

Just bear with it for the time being. I believe the quarrel more or less concern Reno and wedding stuff, right? I would said it’s not easy for a couple to have a lovenest done up easily. It’s a Kao Yan. We come from different families with different up bringing that why we have different ideas. We need time to get use to each other. Believe me, there will be more for us to compromise when we stay together. Even me and my hubby have been together for more then 11 years, we still have many different views on things.


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Hi gals,
It had been a long time since I logged in. Everyone is busy and yet me is resting the whole weekend at home.

Hi Meow and Leo29,
Really envy you all. Both your PS dates is earlier than mine. Mine will be on 15 Sep 03 which is so close to my wedding date which is on the 1st Nov 03. Worried that it will not be ready on my wedding date.


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Hi Leo29,


Wow, you have been together with your hubby for more than 11 years... so long then you both started with the marriage, you must have know each other in and out..Happy that both of you stick with each other till end, whenever I see two person together for long long time and getting married, then staying happily, I will have this sweet kind of feeling.. Really hope that me and my hubby will be like the couple. Do not like those quarrelling and cold wars.

Me and my hubby have passed the stage of renovation.. really..as different people have different views and thinkings, its better to let the party who will be using the things more to decide on what he / she needs. After all, you are building a love nest, should build it with love, talk with each other, listen to each other's views on why you want??

Initially I hope to have a home all white, but I give in to my hubby as know that his idea is more practical than mine.

So hope everyone here will enjoy their renovation process, its not a everyday thing.


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LEo, Shirlynn

Wish me luck then, we just starting on our reno.. :p

Wat color theme are your houses then?? now headache, cos looing for ID

Leo.. hehe.. so you PS so near your bday ar? mine on 18th July.. oso KS wanna do it before the 7th mth

Hmm.. yeah lor, most likely look for a platinum ring.. but bf said he doesn't feel comfy wearing a ring so i said buy cheap one so next time he don wear not so sai yang.. hehe.. and if he doesn't wear, i oso wont wear! ;)


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Shook, Jan, agree with you fully. There're just these inconsiderate and insentitive people out there. If people you invite don't want to come, then don't come. Dun say one minute that they're coming, then dun turn up the next minute. I'd hate it too.

Cat, Maya, my wedding will still be going on 18th, so it's kind of strange if I postphone the banquet. With the ongoing SARS thingy, my banquet could drag for a year, and I do not wish to be waiting for a year later to get married as I have to do everything all over again, and then if SARS is not contained by then, to wait again. So I'll just do without the banquet. Both my hubby and I are ok with it.

Sue, for NZ, you wanna check out any news of SARS in NZ. My colleague was telling me that there're a few cases of SARS in NZ. I thought there isn't much, but his brother-in-law is studying there, heard of cases there.

Hosanna, actually, different hotels have different regulations. I can't really help you much on this. I have to pay full banquet cost if I decided to cancel within 3 mths of my banquet. But for my situation, I have to cancel and I do have a reason for doing that. Thus you'll need to talk to your respective hotel coordinator and discuss with them on the possibilities.


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Hi Elaine,

okie. enjoy yourself ya!!

Hi Yi, kk,
thanks for your wishes!!!
i will study hard. will go into my "mountain hole" in two weeks to "bi guan xiu lian". hee hee. plus think have to pack up for my house. so much distraction.


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Hihi May

Hihi Vin
Yep, this is the most satisfactory fitting I ever had at White Link. Got a few gowns which I love. U r really a great help. Thx a zillion

Your hubby v patient. Tis type of guy is almost extinct liao. U made a brillant choice. U oso v patine wif me. Sammi oso said dat. I feel so pai sey dat u come all the way fm the West to North East juz to accompany me; made u carried the albums n din even c them n din even buy u dinner.
Let's come out another time wif your hubby. Have to give both of u a treat.


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That is late! Why they arrange for you so late? What I know they need at least 3 mths to prepare the photos. Don't forget we still need to choose the photos we like.


Pai seh add 1 more year to our relation. Should be 10 not 11 years. We want to build up our carrer first so marriage had to put aside lor. No lah, waiting for our house was part of the reason. Just imagine we apply in 1997 and we got our house in 2001 end. Long wait!

Don't envy others. Have faith in you and your hubby. You will have a blissful marriage.


I think should call Zha Ba Lang theme, hahaha. My hubby will kill me if he saw this becos most of the reno stuff was decide by him. My living room is white with zann theme(I think so only). I used wall paper for my master bedroom. Kitchen cabinet is white and silver.

My hubby also don't like to wear ring. But I insist him to put it on after our ROM. At first he try to find excuss don't wear but I grumble and grumble until he buay da han and now he already get used to it, hahaha. I think the guys, not really doesn't feel comfy but just don't want to wear becos they can fool around outside mah, hahaha....
. The guys are going to kill me, :p


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Hi all,

I have decided to take fabian and Yew Kwang as my actual day videographer and photographer! NO more sourcing around already! Fed up spent so much time on this...finally settled. Hmmm so now what else to do??? Songs and the guest list only right? WHat else have I missed?


Scan finish photos already??? I want to @@!


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Not really true lah. I had mine in platinium but with diamond set in lor. But then, mine is claw setting , not the embeded ones. True enough that platinium is harder and hence design more to those simple ones. Complicated ones need to use white gold cos its softer but need to polish later. If wear on neck still not so bad for white gold, but ring... get yelow even faster loh.

dun worry, think you still can make it. Maybe for the montage can't only


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HI Shook,

My hubby very patient?? Emm... okay laa... if I want to shop and do anyting I like, just need to gv him a book or magazine.. he will very satisfied oledi...:p

See when we free, can go out again...

So this coming saturday your appointment confirm?


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Not true lah all my guy friends say put on ring look more manly so the gals like them better. And they are telling me leh they will put on the wedding ring when go cheong so will attract more gals to approach them leh. keke


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Hi taddess,
how much does fabin charge for the video.

My PC down during the weekend so cant upload to the web yet. Once ready will let u know.


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Hi Pooh,

Thanks not rushing you lar just cant wait to see the end product. I don't know whether he raised his price or not cause the other time when we met up with him, he said he intends to raise his price but because we liased with him earlier he gave us the price quotated earlier that is $788 for actual day videography and we took on an additional service of having express editing of the morning to be played during the night. That costs extra $400.


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Hihi Vin

dat is v patient liao. Juz a book or magazine u can have him 2 wait 4 u any time frame u like.

Coming sat is my final fitting. Gotta confirm my choice of gowns n the staff will take my measurement. Sammi took measurement of my hubby's mtm pants after u left. She said the pants will b ready coming sat during my final fitting. Acutally Sammi wanted us to choose bouquet oso. My hubby wanna go home n rest coz he gotta work on sun. Bsides he is v tired bcoz of the carpentry thing.


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Hi Taddess,

You managed to get fabian?? When is your wedding, sorry i forgot
we actually wanted him also, but he is not available on our day...

Need some info from you girls... can help me with the following questions please:-

1. Based on what you know, what is the market rate for the following?
- ang paos for jie meis
- ang paos for helpers?
- ang paos for children/cousins/kid who opens the car door?
- ang paos for emcee, photographer, videographer, banquet manager
2. When do we give out the ang paos? at the start of the day or after their duties?
3. Do all of the jie meis follow me to the groom side, or only one or two?
4. Also, in the morning, when do i wear my wedding gown and when do i change into my tea dress?



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Hi ..
taddess , can u let us know what is in the package of fabian for the $788 pricing..

sigh..very exp leh

hi Cin,

good questions..
added to urs, how much do we give for the driver as well??



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hi shook

saw your post over the WL thread. have u decided on the WG yet? so sammi is serving her that day. my is on 25 fri purposely take a day off just to give myself ample time to try as weekday not so much people.

have u post any of the photos up yet? will really like to see.

i had got my MTM EGs last sat too from my tailor. very happy with one of it but there one make me look fat....
wonder how to slim down within 3 weeks time.

any good suggestion! panic!


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me also one question:

for invites to relatives shall I be the one addressing them or my parents??We really dun have any idea how to address them using those 'chim chim'chinese words!


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My friends also reported the same 'phenomenon'. There is this thing about the 'ring theory'-- apparently girls will be more attracted to guys who are married (ie with rings) cos only the good ones will be taken....