1. M

    Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem engagement rings

    Hi ladies, my HTB and I have been to a couple of jewelers recently and trying to look through some online reviews but I wanted to check with all you lovelies if you had your engagement ring made by any of these: Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem? If so would you mind sharing a...
  2. M

    France Paris 法国巴黎

    Hi all, Anyone sign up with Paris France before? How is the service? Can't find much info on this bridal. No shop in sg :( HTB bought their package without checking online :(
  3. P

    Park Royal @ Beach Road (Feedback)

    Had our wedding at Park Royal @ Beach Road, would like to highlight some of the issues we faced with them as a warning to others who may be thinking of signing the banquet with them. In summary, these were the issues we faced with them: 1. Hiccups in payments (e.g. charged and billed to our...
  4. itsatsc

    Wayne Studio - Review

    Hello there everyone! Our wedding was held on 7 January 2017 and it was amazing! With the patience and professionalism of Wayne Studio, not only did my husband and I have an easy and good time but everyone who came had fun too during photo sessions! June who is in-charge of all arrangements...
  5. X

    Anybody tried facials at SG Face?

    Hello, has anybody went to SG Face for their facials? Its located at Holland V and is run by Michelle Foong. Its quite affordable but i cant find reviews for them online.. not sure if can trust them or not. I'm scared I will experience what bunbun experience last time when she went for facial at...