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Hello there everyone!

Our wedding was held on 7 January 2017 and it was amazing! With the patience and professionalism of Wayne Studio, not only did my husband and I have an easy and good time but everyone who came had fun too during photo sessions! June who is in-charge of all arrangements was wonderful, she made sure we remembered what we needed and even gave tips for a better day, that is what we need as bride and groom who are going through tonnes of things to think and decide about. So thank you June!

We got the actual day (AD) services for both photography and videography. Photographer, Chris and videographer, Jun were a great team! They helped create a light and happy mood throughout and were very ensuring and encouraging. That is what I call, excellent service. They even made sure to remind us what we might have missed out, etc.

Received our pictures and videos a month-ish later and no regrets, they got all our moments down, love them all. ;)

I highly recommend their services, so do give them a little ring. Pretty sure you won't be disappointed.


All the best Wayne Studio and to all the future couples getting hitched!


With love,