Anybody tried facials at SG Face?


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Hello, has anybody went to SG Face for their facials? Its located at Holland V and is run by Michelle Foong. Its quite affordable but i cant find reviews for them online.. not sure if can trust them or not. I'm scared I will experience what bunbun experience last time when she went for facial at some place..


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Hey I went there once and I didn't really liked it I had small pimples afterward. If you are looking for a facial I loved my facial at thumbelina, it is normally a bit more pricey but you can always book online on vaniday and use the code V15OLAW to get 20% off your bill

Lo Min Min

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^ Do u work for thumbelina, got promo code somemore HAHAHA

Anyways! Me and my husband I visited Sgface for our facials right before our wedding in 2018. Great place and value for money I would say. Have signed a package with them since then and kept on continuing with them. For a shop in Holland V (considerably Atas area) i would say its a good place. The products they use are also pretty luxurious :cool::cool: