Letting go: ZTAGEWedding Bridal Package


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Hi BTB, I have a korea (seoul) bridal package with ZtageWedding to let go.

Prewedding Photoshoot (Seoul)

1) Basic Package

- 30-page Photo Album made in Korea
- 20R Korean with Frame
- All Original Copies and retouched photos
- 4 Dresses: 2 Korean Long Wedding Gowns, 1 Korean Evening Gown, 1 Mini Dress
- 1 Tuxedo or Groom Suit, 1 Jacket
- Professional Korean Hair & Make-up Styling for Bride and Groom
- Translation Service on photoshoot day (English/Mandarin)

2) Additional Gifts

- 3 nights of accommodation at Ztage partnering service apartment
- Additional 10 images to studio album
- Dresser & assistant
- Local Transportation on Photoshoot Day

Actual Day (Singapore)

1) Basic Package

- Photographer (half day)
- Make-up (half day)
- 1 Wedding Gown
- 1 Groom Suit

2) Additional Gifts

- 1 Evening Gown
- 1 Bouquet of flowers
- Main Car Deco
- 4 Sister band and 4 Corsages or 2 Father's Jacket
- ZtageWedding Vouchers

Please pm for more details.
Thank you.


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How much are you letting go ?

Hi there,

I paid a deposit of $$500 with ztagewedding, letting go at $300.

Just for your information, you do not need to take up the AD with the pre-wedding photoshoot.
But they offer me the price which is slightly cheaper if you take it up with the pre-wedding shoot.

The following are the price they offer me. Do let me know if you are interested, thanks.


Pre-wedding Phootshoot in Korea
Studio KS113 - $3000
Studio KS216A - $3400
Studio KS507 - $3400
Studio KS211 - $3600
Studio KS408 - $4100
Studio KS216B - $4500

Actual Day