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Looking to let go of the below pre-wedding shoot package with Queena Wedding. Please read on for more details.

Package value: $3888
Paid: $1900 (fully paid)
Letting go: $1200 (further negotiable if you are really keen)

Shoot location: Taichung, Taiwan*/Singapore
*You may choose specific locations you wish to have the photos taken in Taichung. Let them know and they can plan for you.

Shoot period: Any period

Package details:
- Full day shoot which include indoor, outdoor and night scenery shoot (worth $110)
- Choice of 3 gowns + 1 suit
- Make up and hairstyling
- Transportation included
- Choice of 20 photos to be printed into an 18 inches photo album with pvc overlay (pvc overlay is worth $210)
- 30 inches canvas photo with carved frame
- 1 ferris wheel frame
- 400x thank you cards
- CD-rom for selected softcopy photos (20 photos)

Please PM for more details.