1. G

    WTS: White bridal dress & wine red tea dress cheongsam (BRAND NEW WITH TAGS)

    Hello brides! I have two brand new dresses up for grabs! Selling as both do not fit me, and I've since signed for bridal studio that covers gowns too. PM me if you're interested? 1. White lace embroidery dress ($68) PTP: 31", Waist: 26", Sleeve: 11", Length: 57.5" PTP: 79cm, Waist: 66cm...
  2. pokiepokie

    Bali Pre wedding photoshoot

    Hi all, My fiance and I are looking to have our pre wedding photoshoot in Bali. The scenery looks really gorgeous. Has anyone been there for their photoshoot recently? I have a couple of questions to ask: 1) Does any one have any recommendations or tips on whether we should hire a local...
  3. L

    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Hi , I am letting go the below items, feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of them: 1. Dinner banquet at Vineyard on 7 Oct 2017 for 100 pax (can be increase to 135 pax) - $9,000 Exclusive use of the above stated venues and stipulated timings respectively 01 Reception table with...
  4. M

    Letting go of The Aisle Bridal Package

    Pre wedding photoshoot: 5 Gown Indoor studio Outdoor (2 – 3 location) GROOM: 2 suits and 2 pants Trial make up + hairdo Actual day: 2 white gown, 1 evening gown, 1 KUA Make up artist 1 Bouquet of flowers Main Car Deco Fathers blazers Rental of 8pcs of bridemaid dress + 2 pcs 8pcs fresh corsages...
  5. S

    Letting go seletar broadway wedding package (prewedding + actual day)

    Hi, Due to changes in plans, I am letting go of said wedding package (local). Details as follows: Pre-wedding shoot Package Includes: 36 poses,12 pages; 12"x30" cross page PVC + CD selected 5R full page duplicate pose (30 out of 36) Guest book 20"x24" 1pc or 3in1 Canvas with frame 10"x12" table...
  6. K

    Hong Kong Photoshoot@My Dream Wedding (HK) Studio

    Good day all I do have a wedding package to offer due to cancellation of marriage as we both parted ways. Full details as below and the package is able to be transferred. However, pls take note the photo albums selection and gown selection for ACTUAL DAY need to be done and liaise with...
  7. J

    Letting Go: FranceParis Package for Pre-Wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography

    Hi, I have a France Paris法國巴黎 package hope to let go in this year. This only pre-wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography. The packages i signed on April 2017, valid for 5 years. PM me if you are interested. After you get this from me, I will update France Paris staff my...
  8. Huda Tan

    Letting go : Universal Bridal Package $3888 (Including Taiwan Photoshoot)

    Hello, There has been changes to our wedding plans and will have to let go our current bridal package with Universal Bridal. We have already paid $2000 as a deposit. Hence, the deal is to pay us $2000 and the remaining amount ($1888) to the bridal itself. Package is valid for 5years as of...
  9. eang18

    WTS New Bridal Jacket for Winter/ Snowy Outdoor - Great for prewed shoot

    Hi All, We have 2 X Brand New Winter Jacket Great for prewedding shoot in cold and/ or snowy countries :) Keeps the bride warm while looking elegant, and allowing you to have a different look/ poses for photoshoot. Unfortunately, we bought too many of different design and only used a couple...
  10. W

    Letting go Taiwan bridal photoshoot package

    Due to a change of plan, we have decided to take our photos in Singapore instead. Sad to put such an amazing package to waste but I hope I can find a willing couple to take over this once in a life time opportunity! Comment with your email for details!
  11. C

    WTS: France Paris Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photography

    Pre Wedding Bridal Package (France Paris - Taipei) to let go due to change of wedding plans. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: My package cost $25XX consists of: 18" x 26 photos 60" Poster x 1 CD-rom for all selected photos x 1 Gown for bride ( selection from normal to VIP range...
  12. G

    Bluebay Pre-Wedding - Additional 6 Photos and $200 cash

    Hi all, I signed up with Bluebay Wedding for a pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan. If you are interested, I can share my package details and price with you. I've got referral vouchers where you will get additional photos. Upon successful referral, I am giving you $200 cash to offset your package,in...
  13. J

    Bridal gown + photo shoot ?

    Hi All, any recommendations?
  14. H

    WTS: Prenup photoshoot package

    Hi! I have a France Paris package to let go. Please email me at [email protected] or Whatsapp me if you're interested. +65 98774829 or +65 91174963. Thanks Details of the pre-wedding package: 1. 24" x 40 poses pvc photo album 2. Canvas photograph, carved frame in 20" x 30" 3. 400...
  15. G

    WTS: France Paris wedding Photoshoot package

    Hi! I have a France Paris package to let go. Please email [email protected] or Whatsapp if you're interested. +65 98774829 or +65 91174963. Thanks Details of the pre-wedding package: 1. 24" x 40 poses pvc photo album 2. Canvas photograph, carved frame in 20" x 30" 3. 400 exquisite Thank...
  16. M

    WTS: La Fatte Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Taiwan

    Letting go of a La Fatte Pre-wedding Photoshoot package that includes: 3 wedding gowns (2 from their normal range, 1 from VIP) 3 groom's suits 100 UV-coated glossy photos Unibody album upgrade 10 inches photo frame and etc Please PM me for more details
  17. G


    PRE- WEDDING & ACTUAL DAY PACKAGE Worth $5,000, letting go at REALLY GOOD PRICE (Technically I paid $5,000. But they threw in a lot of free upgrade stuffs, so it's actually worth >$,5000) This package is a STEAL! But I'm letting go because the wedding planner we're getting married in overseas...
  18. I

    HELP! customise date or name?

    should i customise a date or name prop? or both? finally found made in singapore props (beside typo)
  19. Z

    Letting go Queena Actual Day Package + Photoshoot

    Hi all, due to unforeseen circumstances, i have to let go this bridal package i've signed at the latest BOWS wedding fair: Queena is a prestige Taiwanese bridal studio and photography crews from their Taiwan branch will be attaching with the newly weds during their local outdoor photoshoot...
  20. Heyyou


    Hi all, i signed up with cannes wedding on 29/9/16 @ jurong poing road show. Letting go due to personal reasons we are unable to go.. Price is reasonable as we bargain and bargain. 1) 24" Big Album (36 poses) 2) 30" Enlarge Photo with frame 3) Indoor & Outdoor Shooting 4) CD-Rom for all...