Post-wedding sale!


Finally got around to clearing wedding stuff! Sharing some photos here for your preview, for more details, please see my carousell page:

Meet up location: Tanglin / Orchard MRT
If you self-collect at my house (Yio Chu Kang area), enjoy 10% off your items!

PM me here or contact me on carousell if you are interested! :)

Item #1: Heart Shape Xi Decor
S$3 for 2

Item #2: Felt Hearts String

Item #6: Flower Bouquet

Used it for a short while during photoshoot and on actual day wedding. It is really light, so it will not be too heavy to carry around during photoshoots!

Item #7 Flower Boutonniere
$2 per piece. 6 pcs in total. Get all 6 for $10.

There are 4 pcs which has the clip, safety pin and stick feature (so you can choose how you want to put it on your clothes). And there are 2 pcs which only has a safety pin.

Matches with Item #6 flower bouquet!

Item #8: Glass vase
$2 for each glass. $8 for all.

3 tall glasses, 1 short glass.

Item #21: Solemnisation Flower

Flowers were cut and tied together by myself. Extra fishline and ribbon so that you can tie it to a chair or any other decorations.

Comes with free ring pillow and solemnisation pen!

Item #18: Silver Jewellery Set

Brand new, did not use it!
Includes necklace, earring, bracelet, mini tiara.

Item #24: Xi Couple
$1 for 2pcs

Item #27: Tiffany Blue Car Decor

Comes with heart shape centrepiece with two side flowers, and 8 flower car handles. Also include the white sash so that you can already easily tie this to your car with ribbons! The length of the white sash is good for an Audi A6 type of length.

Item #28: Blue Car Flowers with back + flower handles

Includes centrepiece and two sides, back piece and two sides, plus 4 car flower handles.

Item #30: Wedding Day Bag
$0.50 for each bag. $20 for all 43 bags.

Item #34: Metal Heart Giftbox
$1 per piece, $25 for all 26 pcs.

I used this for my wedding favours, put some purple shredded paper and a luggage tag (see item #36) into this. And then put it all into the Wedding Bag (see item #30).