1. E

    WTS: Luna Bianca Bridal Package (includes almost everything you need!)

    Hi! I am helping my friend to sell her bridal package from Luna Bianca at a discounted price. The date in the contract is 23 Nov 2019, but it can perhaps be changed (gotta liaise with the bridal boutique regarding this) The package includes rental of: - 1 wedding gown - 1 kua - 1 evening gown -...
  2. X

    [WTS] TWC Full Bridal Package (price negotiable)

    Am looking to sell off a bridal package that we recently signed from Thomson Wedding Collection due to personal reasons. Have paid a deposit of $2000 (which you can pay me in cash or iBank), remaining $1799 can be paid in instalments as you collect your gown/on the actual wedding day. The...
  3. roastbuds

    Recommendations for affordable AD package?

    Hi! I'm a 2019 BTB. I'll be doing my PWS in Korea so I'm looking for an affordable AD package. I'm hoping that through the power of the internet, I could get some good recommendations to visit. I notice that for a lot of packages they don't include a VD? Do we normally have to top up for that?
  4. Huda Tan

    Letting go : Universal Bridal Package $3888 (Including Taiwan Photoshoot)

    Hello, There has been changes to our wedding plans and will have to let go our current bridal package with Universal Bridal. We have already paid $2000 as a deposit. Hence, the deal is to pay us $2000 and the remaining amount ($1888) to the bridal itself. Package is valid for 5years as of...
  5. E

    France Paris Bridal Singapore

    Hi i have just signed up for France Paris Bridal actual day package. Anyone has reviews on their services and gown selections? Would need accommdentions on their MUA and photographer too! Worried as dint do much research b4 enaging their service...
  6. S

    Letting go: Yvonne Creative Actual Day Photography (10hr) + make up + hairdo session package

    Hi, I would like to let go of Actual day package by Yvonne Creative ( Inclusive of: 1. Actual day photography (10 hours) - all soft copy return 2. Actual day Make up and hairdo, with hair accessories - 2 sessions (Day & night or lunch) + 1 Trial make up (can be...
  7. W

    Letting go Taiwan bridal photoshoot package

    Due to a change of plan, we have decided to take our photos in Singapore instead. Sad to put such an amazing package to waste but I hope I can find a willing couple to take over this once in a life time opportunity! Comment with your email for details!
  8. F

    WTB: Bridal Packages for 07 May 2017

    Hi Everyone, Really looking for a bridal package (preferably on the day wedding set (makeup, gowns, suits), chinese kua (optional, would be used on 25 April), photography and videoes included) for Sunday, 07 May 2017. Please reply to this thread or e-mail me at...
  9. J

    Bridal gown + photo shoot ?

    Hi All, any recommendations?
  10. Chantel Leong

    Let go: Bliss Bridal Creations S$3388

    Hi, We have a gown and photography package to release. The shop is located at Tanjong Pagar. This is a very good deal as this was signed years ago. Total cost: S$3388 (S$1350 to be payable to us, S$1888 to be payable to Bliss Bridal) Kindly pm me at +85295775633 if you are interested...
  11. S

    La belle bridal package to let go

    Hello, I have a $1,350 credit with La Belle bridal package which I want to let go at a discount. Pm me if interested :)
  12. A

    WTS: Beautiful Love Wedding AD Package

    Due to family reason, we are letting go of the below package signed for at $6,288. We have already paid a $3,000 deposit. There is no restriction to the gown selection. You can pick any gown that you see. 1 x White Gown 1 x Evening Gown 1 x Kua 1 x Tea Dress / ROM Dress 1 x Groom Suit (Can...