Recommendations for affordable AD package?


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Hi! I'm a 2019 BTB. I'll be doing my PWS in Korea so I'm looking for an affordable AD package. I'm hoping that through the power of the internet, I could get some good recommendations to visit.

I notice that for a lot of packages they don't include a VD? Do we normally have to top up for that?



I can't really help on advising a bridal boutique because i sourced mine AD package in JB and have a separate PWS one in TW. But i've visited quite a few boutiques in SG and notice that some don't even usually come with PG, let alone VG, mostly you have to pay for more or source for your own.

Hope this helps! :)

Lim Kwee Eng

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Hihi i have a AD package to let go at $4200 with photography (10 hrs) and cinematography (10 hrs) from the knot picture and flim with the actual day essential needs:

- All return in high resolution DVD (photo)
- 1 DVD full & long version (30 mins with edited) same day edit and present during lunch / dinner banquet (video)

1 white gown
1 evening gown
1 Kua/tea dress
2 suits, 2 pants
1 bouquet
Car deco
2 father jackets
Make up artist for bridal (day, night, trial)
Open date 5 years.
If Interested please contact me.
[email protected].

Actual photography $1588 + $300
Actual cinematography $2288 + $300
* just on the photo and video it cost more than the package.