WTS: Luna Bianca Bridal Package (includes almost everything you need!)


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Hi! I am helping my friend to sell her bridal package from Luna Bianca at a discounted price. The date in the contract is 23 Nov 2019, but it can perhaps be changed (gotta liaise with the bridal boutique regarding this)

The package includes rental of:
- 1 wedding gown
- 1 kua
- 1 evening gown
- 2 groom tuxedos
- 1 bridal bouquet
- 6 corsages
- bridal car decoration
- make up and hairstyling (for wedding day and wedding night. Need to top up for the trial make up and hairdo)
- 2 outer blazers for the fathers

Please PM me if you are interested. I will subsequently refer you to my friend. Thank you!