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May 2024

Silhouette The Atelier

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Exclusively for SingaporeBrides readers, quote "SingaporeBrides" to enjoy promotional packages from $3,380, inclusive of 1 off-the-rack bridal gown rental, 1 off-the-rack cheongsam/evening gown rental, and 1 made-to-measure two-piece business suit to keep!

Minimony Package: 1 minimalist off-the-rack wedding dress rental and 1 made-to-measure business suit to keep from $2,580

Services: Bespoke/made-to-measure wedding dress // Off-the-rack wedding dress // Bespoke suit // Cheongsam // Evening gown // Mother’s dress // Father’s suit
Off-the-rack wedding dress rental from $2,500
A la carte bespoke/made-to-measure wedding dress rental from $3,500
Off-the-rack cheongsam/evening gown rental from $1,500

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