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At TheVisualChaps, we believe in the power of storytelling through visuals. Founded by a dynamic husband and wife duo, Derrick and Rachel, our passion lies in immortalizing the most cherished moments of your special day.

Our Style
We create videos that are mainly bright and vibrant, which makes it timeless. By
focusing on the genuine interactions and emotions shared with family and friends, we enhance the memoric value of each frame. Our approach is to blend seamlessly into the background, allowing for the most candid and natural moments to unfold.

Why Choose Us?
• Emphasis on loved ones: We understand the significance of the people who
surround you on your big day. From our past videos, you can see that we focus
quite a bit on loved ones
• Guided Experience: We believe in striking the perfect balance between capturing
the day's essence and letting you revel in every moment. With a subtle guidance,
we ensure that you're at ease, allowing for genuine emotions to flow.
• Keepsakes: We strive to create a timeless momento that will be cherished for
generations to come.

We would be honored to be a part of your special day.
Thank you for considering TheVisualChaps to be a part of your journey.
Drop us a DM on Instagram, we would love to chat with you and even arrange for a
call/virtual meet up!

We look forward to capturing your beautiful moments.


Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 12.48.35 pm

Q&A Pre-wedding Video Singapore

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 12.46.20 pm

Gary & Min Er | Highlight Video 💍 Actual Wedding Day Singapore

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 12.44.13 pm

KJ + Michelle | Highlight Video 💍 Actual Wedding Day Singapore

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 12.42.38 pm

Jerald + Kimberly | Highlight video 💍 Actual Wedding Day Church Ceremony + Dinner Banquet Singapore

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 12.40.34 pm

Christian + Crisleen | Wedding Highlight 💍 Actual Wedding Day Singapore

My wife and I were searching for an affordable photographer and videographer for our ROM and AD and chanced upon The Visual Chaps on their Facebook page. After looking through their portfolio from their website, we decided to meet them at their office as their price was within our budget and we were liked the quality of their work. Despite their young age, Derrick and Rachel were very friendly and professional during the meet up. They shared with us the recent works that have worked on , asked about the style we prefer and also briefly discussed about the schedule. We did not confirm on their services at the point of the meet up as we wanted to checkout the other options and they were totally fine with it. Eventually, we decided to engage them as they were really engaging during our discussion and the price they charge were within our budget.

On our ROM day, Rachel and Derrick were full of energy and we were able to warm up with them very quickly (though I can be quite awkward with people). Derrick was attentive to details during the course of his work. He even reminded me to call my parents before I go up to my place as my parents have to hide in their room when we enter the house. Even though we had a very simple ROM ceremony, the Visual Chaps managed to create a warm and touching highlights video for us which both me and my wife like so much that we decided to play it during our actual day banquet.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, my wife and I had to postpone our original actual day banquet in Jun 2021. Rachel was patient with us and tried her best to confirm on their availability as early as possible while we were choosing on our wedding date.

On our actual day, Derrick and Rachel were actively guiding us on what to do and where to stand to capture the best image and videos during our photoshoot session. Even during lunch and dinner breaks, the two of were taking turns to have their lunch & dinner in order to develop the same day edit video during our dinner banquet. Our guests were really impressed with the same day edit video as it was funny and touching at the same time.

We received our actual day photos and videos 3 weeks after our wedding banquet and we were really impressed by the quality of work delivered by The Visual Chaps. The photos taken by Rachel were really sharp and she was able to capture emotions of our guests really well even though they have to be masked up most of the time. We love the actual day highlight video as well. The Visual Chaps included photos of special moments in the highlight video which made the video more unique than most that we have seen. We were really impressed by the actual day highlight video as we find that it was even better than the ROM highlight video (which we really like) though only a few months have passed. We can tell that The Visual Chaps are really passionate about their work and are constantly working to improve the quality of their work as they gain experiences working with the different couples.

Highly recommend to have a chat with the Visual Chaps if you are looking for a young and energetic team who can make you feel comfortable to shoot for your actual day.


J + J

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Thank you, The Visual Chaps team! We're so glad to have made the right choice in engaging you guys for our AD photography and videography. Words can't express how much appreciation we have for both WHi and Derrick for being so spontaneous and easygoing! All thanks to them, we are able to look back and have a clearer view of our wedding. Most importantly, great memories captured that last forever! All the photos and videos are very candid and natural. WE LOVEEEE IT!!! Apologies we didn't get a chance to say goodbye 🥲 as it was quite overwhelming towards the end. BUT WE ARE REALLY REALLY THANKFUL YOU GUYS WERE THERE ❤️❤️ Once again, sending love and thanks for all your efforts and especially to Wen hui and Derrick, 辛苦你们了!Hope to work with you guys again 🥰



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A BIG thank you to Rachel and VisualChaps team!

We have already received SO MANY compliments for our photos from friends and family!

The quality is stunning and the angles and lighting captured the day perfectly!

Rachel and team captured absolutlety EVERYTHING! Out of the 10 hours, there is not one moment missing!

All the hugs, the smiles, walk on the beach, the dance, cake, toast.. absolutely everything is captured in detail!

Thank you so much! We were not expecting such a perfect picture gallery!

It was a dream come true !! Diane, and John ❤️

John - Thank you for immortalising our very special day! It is absolutely Perfect!



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TheVisualChaps team is a well-prepared photography/videography crew with little to no briefing required (& I meant that genuinely and exhaustively, from prep work to end product produced). Their work for our pre-wedding video, actual day highlights video and photos are very well thought through.

This crew focuses on capturing personal emotions as much as their hands (without impeding actual venue's human traffic) can handle whilst paying keen attention to the entire sequence of the event (again, with little to no briefing).

They are also very flexible in terms of customers' needs and are undoubtedly proficient in both their equipment as well as reasonably managing customers' expectations. We can safely say we were extremely satisfied with their output and final product, never regretted approaching them in the first place.

On a personal note, when meeting TheVisualChaps team face-to-face, they were extremely jovial and polite without compromising professionalism. My wife and I really had zero hard time communicating with them and appreciate every bit of their effort throughout their service. A 10/10 ratings for them, if not 20.



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Made the best decision EVER to have VisualChaps for our Pre-Wedding video. We wanted to capture the memories of how we first met to what we are today, and we wanted it to be uniquely us. Not only did the VisualChaps team did a great job filming, they did an AWESOME job editing and there wasn’t even anything much to amend! It was so heartwarming for us to watch it and hilarious for our family and friends. We look forward to sharing this with our kids in the future! Thank you so so much for creating something so precious to us both! ❤️


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We met Rachel and Derrick during the Hitch Wedding Fair 2022. Rachel showed us some of the portfolio they had done and we felt that their production was to our style and liking. However, we did not really explore wedding videography and we were hesitant on engaging videographers. After a round of walking, we decided to return and check on the rates. It was very reasonable and attractive. Furthermore, we really liked how they manage to get all the small details, highlights of those important moments. We decided to seal the deal with Derrick.

During the actual day, Derrick and Rachel was absolutely providing top-notch service. We felt like we had engaged Videographers + Whole day Coordinator all at one cost. They helped to coordinate the timeline and guided us along the way on what is supposed to be next and we felt very re-assured. Everything went smoothly and from the Same Day Edit, we totally fall in love with the video. They managed to catch all our expressions and even put in animation with a good mix of funny and touching moments which really portrayed both of our characters well. Even our guests enjoyed every single bit of the video.

We are so looking forward to the other videos from the package. We will definitely recommend The Visual Chaps to all our friends and families as well as others. Never regret engaging their services and once again, Thank you to Rachel and Derrick for being such a great bunch and we are so glad that we made the right decision and have the Visual Chaps for our wedding.



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We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the amazing job that VisualChaps did on our actual wedding day. The teams’ talent, professionalism and guidance provided were truly exceptional and we couldn't be happier with how well the photos and videos have turned out. We especially love the same day edit video and the overall bright and vibrant style of our photos! We would also highly recommend to have a second videographer on that day to capture more angles for lifetime memories keepsake.

Thanks Rachel, Derrick and the whole team for being so friendly and patient. Your passion and creativity truly shone through in your work. We are so grateful for the time and effort you put into making our memories so special. Besides, the team is also very punctual and has been a great pleasure to work with. They made us feel comfortable and the whole process enjoyable. We will definitely recommend The Visual Chaps to our relatives and friends!

Thank you, Rachel and the whole team once again, we are so grateful for your help and service in capturing all the moments on our actual day which we will cherish it for a lifetime.


D+A (dalton)

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We were looking for wedding videographer to shoot for a couple Q&A style for our wedding guests and we chanced upon visualchaps. Engaging them was a breeze, all you have to do is to fix a date, and show up - they did all the planning and preparations of the questions. Initially, we were both quite nervous for the shoot as we were afraid that we are not able to speak enough content on that day. However, both Rachel and Derrick are good at making us feel very comfortable during the shoot, like as if we are talking to a friend, which then eliminated our fears and nervousness completely. We like that the shooting process is rather spontaneous to capture our real reactions and responses, but we are also adequately guided through on what to expect next so that we are not lost in the whole process. They are also tactful with posting the questions to us - if you are uncomfortable with it they know to move on with the next question, or to cut it out

The turnover time for the video was swift. We we were able to discuss with them what can be or what cannot be added into video. We were a little carried away during the shoot and talked alot, but the team is really skillful with the edits and cuts in such that the content is substantial and flows, yet video is short enough to be still engaging. The best part is the animated edits, elevating the fun and liveliness of the video content.

The final Q&A video was really great! When we showed it during our banquet, many of the guests laughed so hard and some asked to see it again (lol)

Overall it was a great experience liasing and shooting with them and we had an enjoyable afternoon with the team. With that, our guests had an enjoyable time watching our video in the banquet


Xin Ni

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We laughed and cried a lot while watching our wedding videos. The videos reminded us all the fun (and funny) moments that happened during our gatecrash, church wedding and wedding banquet. The same-day edits were full of interesting icons and animations, which gave the video a very fun vibe. Rachel and Derrick also did a great job capturing the emotional moments, whether for us as a couple or for the people we love. We teared up when we heard what our parents had to say about us, and were greatly encouraged by their hopes for our future. While the words came from our parents, we know that it wouldn't have happened without the prompting of The Visual Chaps team. Overall, we felt very relaxed as they were clear in their instructions and prompt in responding to us. Thank you The Visual Chaps, for working with us and capturing these memories for us!


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When we first wanted to look for a videographer for our wedding, we were unsure about what we would want in terms of the style of the videography, and the 'feel' of the video. We've searched online for various vendors, and headed to wedding exhibitions to speak to some of them, and only 1 vendor managed to win us over; The Visual Chaps (TVC).

When we first spoke to Derrick on-site, he was patient with our inquiry, and what had us leaned towards TVC was the pre-wedding videoshoot (Q&A segment). We thought that it was really unique and we don't see that with other vendors that we had approached. This would be a great way to hype up the atmosphere and also to allow guests to know more about us.

On the messaging platform, Rachel was equally patient with us, and she never failed to get back to us ASAP due to her busy work schedule. She's ever-friendly and would answer our questions.

Derrick was our VG on our actual day (AD), and he was really experienced. He was able to guide us on where to stand and also what he thinks it was best to be captured on video; from our favorite items, to items that describe us as a couple, and also backgrounds of the venue that were worth the shot. He would also check in with us on how much time we can afford to spare so he can manage both his and our expectations, and then come up with plans on what and where to shoot next.

We think that this is really great because couples would definitely be busy and would lose track of time, hence having him to actually ask us this allowed us to be mindful of the time and it also gave both of us the due respect of balance between time management and the necessity to videoshoot certain shots. We were always given a chance to say no if we do not have the time to spare, so there's no pressure to reject his suggestions at all. But in fact, we accepted all of his suggestions because we thought that those were great ideas!

The end products by them were fantastic; we love how the videos were able to capture precious moments and the music and tone of colours matches the 'feel' of the wedding. This is really unique to us and it stays true to their belief of having to adjust and edit according to how the 'feel' of the wedding that each couple were experiencing that day. It was a very professional and well-thought process.

I mentioned before that we were not able to decide and unsure of what was the 'feel' and style of the video that we wanted to be captured. After engaging TVC, we have already found what we wanted. TVC maintains friendliness, patience, and professionalism; the epitome of what videographers should be, and we really enjoyed the process, from pre-wedding videoshoot (Q&A) to AD. The Visuals Chaps, we are thankful that you were with us and we are lucky to have you as our vendor.



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