Rekord Haus

At Rekord Haus, we build friendships and create memories.


Sit back and recall that one best event of your life.

Your smile remembering how happy you are...
How everyone is smiling with you in those memories...

And maybe -- just maybe -- you shed a tear or two knowing that those precious little moments happen just once in your lifetime and will never happen again.

Your wedding will be one of the the single greatest moment in your life. But between the handshakes, hugs and well-wishes -- you will be too exhausted to remember those precious little moments you experienced on your wedding day.

It is not the big events but the little moments that you will want to remember:

The beads of tears welling in your partner's eyes as you read your vows...

The approving look your dad shoots at you as you walk down the aisle...

And your grandmother's frail arms as she wraps her arms around you...

Our strength is capturing the little moments on your wedding day that you will want to relive over and over again.

At Rekord Haus, we build friendships and create memories.


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Naga + Samantha [Split Day Edit]

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Yi Jin + Ginny [Same Day Edit]

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Alvin + Melissa [A Prewed Moment // The Story of Them]

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Shawn + Gianina [Same Day Edit]

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Jay + Angeline [Proposal Video // The Joker’s Decoy]

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Jason + Yumi [Edited Highlights]

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It's been a joy having Rekord Haus document and be a part of our wedding. They were professional and open to our ideas. We felt really secure having them as our videographers. Joseph and I are so pleased with how the SDE turned out! There is no need to think twice about engaging them - they are great at what they do and are such a delight to have around!

Yuqin Liew

Tonight I found myself watching my church wedding video -about a month and a half after my wedding- and I felt the same exhilaration, unbridled joy and pangs of nostalgia as I did on the day of my wedding. Meticulously timed with the beats of the song, the video captures both the small and big moments, from a contained sniffle to the recital of our vows. Thank you Jude for your beautiful craft.

Yeo Zhi Qi Jayne

Jude and Edwina are the friendliest and most patient people that we have worked with during our wedding. They go the extra mile to ensure great shots yet not disrupting any flow of the day. Even after a long and exhausting day, they still maintain the smiles which made the whole experience very lively and professional. We never had to worry about getting the small details because they had thought ahead of us and caught everything that we had expected and asked for. Their style is very natural and our videos that came out were even better than the examples that we showed them!

Definitely will highly recommend to any friends getting married. Thank you Jude and Edwina you guys rock big time!

Andy Tan Li Ming






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