No High Heels


So why are we called "no high heels"...?

Simply put, we started out as a band of 5 guys, no lady, more than 10 years ago, doing all kinds of gigs, especially weddings... and fast forward, we got married, have kids and the band naturally dissolved.

Are we back again? Yes, but this time more wholesome, we have a lady included. To make it short, we're back to make your wedding a memorable and unique one, with our raw and natural performance; without recording or editing... and assuring you a wedding more than just the usual 8 course dinner and video montage... because we know, you deserve a wonderful wedding event of your lifetime... cheers!


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No High Heels

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If you love what we do, and can't wait to start your wedding journey with us, we will be happy to meet up with you! For enquiries or to book an appointment with us, simply complete the form and we will contact you within 3 working days. Alternatively, you may also contact us at:

T: +65 8200 1802, Hann
T: +65 9159 1155, Joshua