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AnchorBlanc is your One Stop Solution for Emceeing and Live Music


AnchorBlanc is your One Stop Solution for Emceeing and Live Music.

Performing together since 2017, guests have commended AnchorBlanc for their on-stage chemistry. They bring a warm, friendly, and fun vibe to your to your valued audience!

They are an energetic band that fuses melodic vocals with upbeat beatboxing to bring all your favourite multi-lingual songs to your Wedding or Event.

The reviews don’t lie, and AnchorBlanc has more than a hundred 5 star reviews on Google from their clients. Be it enjoying their responsiveness, repertoire, emceeing prowess or musicality, AnchorBlanc brings everything they have to the table to leave every client satisfied.

AnchorBlanc believes in bringing the people’s favourite songs to them, and they take song requests so that you will be able to hear YOUR favourite tunes at your wedding, birthday, or event. Everyone in your audience is important. They have 爱拼才会赢 for the older generation, Backstreet Boys for the 80s-90s kids, Its My Life for those who love to rock it out, and even Baby Shark for your little darlings, just to name a few.

Enjoy the AnchorBlanc experience, and engage them today!


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T: +65 9278 2664
E: [email protected]