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Free from the influence of time & place, our portraits capture a moment that is timeless


Artiz Studio was founded in Busan, South Korea in 2008 and has since become the most fashionable and popular Korean style wedding photography brand around the world. Korean Artiz Studio Specialise in High-End Korean Theme Wedding Photo/Videography & Bridal Boutique. Located across 3 continents In 7 countries with 45 branches worldwide, we curate only the most professional of team to deliver the highest results for you.

“Free from the influence of time & place, our portraits capture a moment that is timeless. This is our aim when capturing any photo. As a child, I was deeply moved when I saw a photo of my grandparents together, bathed in a soft red light. I can never forget the impression that photo left on me, it had a large impact on me and my photography. I wish for brides and grooms to have the same feelings that I experienced when they receive their portraits. The most beautiful moments of loving couples should be retained forever,”the Artiz Studio founder Kim Yong Seon said.

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Local influencer photoshoot

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Doodles Concept

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Benevolence Concept

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Big Day Concept

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White Love Concept

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Purple Concept

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Dream House Concept

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Artiz Home Concept

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Grace Kelly Gowns

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Top Zio Men Suits

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International Celebrity Photoshoot

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87 Photos

Love Song

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New Destiny

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Behind The Scenes of JianHao & Debbie's Wedding Photoshoot

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