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Korean Artiz Studio

Free from the influence of time & place, our portraits capture a moment that is timeless


Founded In Busan, Korea Since 2008, South Korea Network KBS Central Has Named Artiz As One Of The Leading Bridal Fashion Icon And Wedding Provider For Authentic Korean-Style Photography. Capturing Timeless Portraits For More Than 20 Million Couples Throughout The 45 Situated Studio Locations. Our Unique Background Setting Crafted By SBS Korea Landscape Designers Has Propelled Artiz Within The Ranks Of Luxury Wedding Photography Elites Throughout The World, Delivering World-Leading Standards And Services.

Ushering In Artiz Global Success Was The Expansion To Singapore’s Wedding Scene In 2017 And Has Been Crowned Unanimously As Sole Provider For Authentic Korean-Style Wedding Photography.

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The Great Artist

56 Photos

The Queen Concept

17 Photos

Romantic Concept

54 Photos

Pursuit of Love Concept

17 Photos

Purple Concept

38 Photos

Moon II Concept

16 Photos

Luce II Concept

34 Photos

Living Coral Conept

41 Photos

Ever After Concept

23 Photos

Classic Concept

21 Photos

Christmas Concept

18 Photos

Chinese New Year Concept

21 Photos

Love Song Concept

149 Photos

Moon Concept

43 Photos

New Destiny Concept

84 Photos

Bauhinia Concept

21 Photos

Local influencer photoshoot

77 Photos

Doodles Concept

15 Photos

Benevolence Concept

15 Photos

Big Day Concept

7 Photos

White Love Concept

13 Photos

Dream House Concept

10 Photos

Artiz Home Concept

18 Photos

Grace Kelly Gowns

9 Photos

Top Zio Men Suits

26 Photos

International Celebrity Photoshoot

11 Photos


Artiz Singapore Stars 2020

Singapore Pre-Wedding Photo

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T: +65 6250 7252
E: [email protected]
W: artizstudio.sg
A: 76 Bras Basah Road Carlton Hotel #01-02 Singapore 189558