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Till August 2024

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At Iluminen, our photography style is a perfect balance of journalistic storytelling and artistic flair. We capture the day as it naturally unfolds to create timeless photographs that encapsulate your journey and authentic moments.

Our focus lies in capturing your unfiltered, precious moments – the laughter, the joyful tears, and all that holds significance and transforming it into timeless artworks, and preserving their essence that stand the test of time.



Aldo & Ayako (Wedding)

66 Photos

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Artour & Helene (Wedding)

33 Photos


Chester & Rachel (Wedding)

66 Photos


Clive & Evangeline (Wedding)

42 Photos

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Dillion & Huilin (Connection Session)

32 Photos


Eldrid & Xinhui (Connection Session)

23 Photos


Joel & Nico (Wedding)

51 Photos


Sean & Megan (Connection Session)

34 Photos

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Ben & Mega (Wedding)

61 Photos


Bryan & Manuella

25 Photos

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Bryan & Olivia

90 Photos

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Cephas & Yow Wei

81 Photos

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Chester & Rachel

30 Photos


Jedd & Caitlin

50 Photos


Jian Hao & Aileen (Connection Session)

42 Photos


Jimmy & Eunice (Connection Session)

50 Photos


Nicholas & Leena (Wedding)

65 Photos

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Nikka & Grace (Connection Session)

50 Photos

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Yue Ning & Lydia (Connection Session)

41 Photos

Lwin and Cheong Lee went above and beyond what we could have hoped for as our wedding photographer and videographer. It's like they had a magical touch, perfectly capturing the heartfelt moments and the very essence of our special day. Every single photo and video frame tells a story, reflecting not just the visuals, but also the emotions that made our wedding truly unique. Their work added an extra layer of magic to our memories, and we're so thankful to have had such a remarkable team to document our joyous celebration. Their dedication and expertise are truly remarkable, and we're wholeheartedly grateful for their incredible contribution to making our day extraordinary. We can't recommend them enough for their outstanding talent and professionalism.

Cephas & Yow Wei

Brian and I are super happy that we chose Iluminen to capture our day and it was perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better team.


Great! We love Lwin’s art direction and skills! He was very respectful and pleasant. Also, the turnaround time for the photos WERE SO FAST! It took him 3 days for our photos to be returned back to us, fully edited. Photos turned out really great too. We are really thankful to have him as our PWS photog. I also referred a friend to take her PWS with Iluminen as she loved how our PWS photos turned out too! In fact, we like Lwin so much that we wanted him to be part of our AD but unfortunately he isn’t available. Nevertheless, we love Lwin!!


Great, Lwin did a fantastic job. Very helpful with the entire process. We felt very comfortable during the session. CL helped us with the poses and made us feel comfortable.






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