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Gen.K Jewelry

Defining modern jewelry.


Gen.K Jewelry is your one stop shop for unique and outstanding jade jewelry. The brand name represents the names of both sisters, who are the brand founder and designer – Genevie and Kayde (Gen.K in short). The items are designed by both Genevie and Kayde who have deep interest and passion in creating jewelry with contemporary styles.

The spirit of Gen. K Jewelry was born with the desire to combine the cosmic allure of gemstones with a fusion of innovation and traditional craftsmanship injected with beauty and artisanal creativity. Our designs are inspired by experiences from the splendor of nature.

At Gen.K Jewelry, we have revolutionized, modernize, and given jade ( a piece of gem which was once tagged as a matronly looking piece of jewelry) a new facelift - making it one of the most trendy jewels to rock on special occasions. This enables the discerning individual to portray a sense of style and originality. Irrespective of the occasion, each piece from Gen.K Jewelry will suit you perfectly and place you at the center of the stage.

At Gen.K Jewelry, each and every piece of the Type A Burmese jade and semi-precious gemstones are hand selected and comes with the highest quality. With over decades in crafting out tantalizing jewelry, our craftsmanship has made every piece worth the investment.

Besides provide excellent customer support, our mission is to make sure our esteemed customers derive pride and joy with each jewelry that is chosen.


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Defining Modern Jewelry

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Si Dian Jin (四点金)

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Modernised , beautiful pieces by Gen K . Reasonable price and most importantly , the experience is wonderful . We don’t feel pressured into buying , instead, a sincere explanation and education is rendered to us .
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Davin Koh

Exquisite and modern designs, very suitable for the working adults generation as well as those who seek a twist in traditional jade accessories. They also provide services to transform your old jade pieces and give it a new life. Highly recommended.
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Goh Jingwen

Outstanding customer service!💗 The Gen K team helped me with all my question's, in picking out the perfect ring.💍 Helped me with the color, size and more. They even worked around the clock in making sure my package be delivered to me half way around the world🌏. "I can say, hand's down," "Best customer service yet!"😘 Gen K Jewlery goes above and beyond my expectation's and has the most beautiful and exquisite piece's of jewelry. I've been looking for sometime in finding the perfect piece. This will be my most beautiful piece yet.💕 I look forward to ordering again in the future from Gen K jewlery. Thank you again to the amazing team and staff. Overjoyed💝
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Jessie Lee

I have shopped with Gen K Jewellery since about two years ago. I have to say Gen K Jewelry provided a wide range of designs and I was literally spoilt for choices every time I am there shopping. On top of that, I have to say the service rendered to me has been nothing but EXCELLENT! What I love about this brand is that they are not pushy with sales. I felt really comfortable choosing my jewelry. I have also received many compliments when I wear the jewellery out. Quality of the jewellery have been great, and have not faced any issues when I put on their jewellery. Love how intricate their designs are and how versatile it allows me to change them basing on my mood. Thumbs Up! Excellent Customer Service.
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Belinda Teo

I was introduced to Gen K Jewelry by my friends who have shopped and purchased from them. Gen K Jewelry has a wide range of collection and designs and I was literally spoilt for choices. They are not pushy in sales and they made me feel very comfortable when shopping w them. What I like about them is their customer service. They went the extra miles in providing their best to my customisation requests. I stood there in awe when I collected my customised jewelry. Gen K Jewelry made my dream come true. Simply love every aspect of my shopping experience with them. Worth it.
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Alisha Ang

I had such a wonderful time at Gen K, there wasn’t much persuasion required to make me decide that I wanted to have my 四点玉 with them! 💕

They are extremely passionate and genuine about their work. They would also patiently explain the details of their work as well as the materials used!

I always left Gen K feeling at ease and knowing that I’m in good hands with them 😌

Truly a blessing to have met them and would definitely recommend everyone to get their jade/ jewellery from Gen K!
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Hui Ming






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A: 15 Stamford Road Capitol Singapore, #01-69/70/71 Singapore 178906; daily 11am-8pm