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We believe that love is eternal - but we hardly need to tell you that, do we?

23 - 31 October 2021

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We believe that love is eternal - but we hardly need to tell you that, do we?

What we do need to tell you is that our belief guides everything we do - from thought to lens to edit we make every move hoping that you and your favourite people will enjoy your wedding film the same way today, tomorrow, and for all days to come.

We believe that the power of film is its ability to take sights and sounds and weave them together in a way that makes your heart sing. And whether it's our Actual Day Highlights, Pre-wedding Films, or Livestream services, you'll find this bespoke brand of filmmaking stamped on everything we do.

Because we believe that films should go beyond being just films.


Luke + Loretta Same-Day Edit

ShumPei + Estelle Onsite Express Highlights

James + Julene Same Day Edit

Asher + Ruth//Hokkaido

Alvin and Cindy Wedding Feature Film

Eugene + Amber Onsite Express Highlights

Jin Jix Save the Date

Christopher + Christina Wedding Feature Film

Esther + Keenan Holy Matrimony Film

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"I can't say it enough about how impressed we were with the team at BeyondPictures team. We worked with Wenkai and team and they were both super friendly, helpful and professional during our wedding day. They always made sure that we were relaxed and comfortable during our video shots, and were extremely knowledgeable in working the different camera angles. It was amazing to see them work so seamlessly with each other, and also with our photographer during the day.

Wenkai was also really open and flexible to help us with our one-take music video that we had planned during our wedding banquet. He gave lots of great guidance and advice, and made sure that everything was executed smoothly and successfully.

Before our wedding day, we were already very impressed with their portfolio and were excited to have them to cover our actual wedding day. But after working with them during our wedding, we were even more impressed, and found them an absolute joy to work with. Superb technical skills with great client management and service.

Genuinely wonderful people to work with. In all true honesty, having seen the work of other videography companies, I have no qualms saying that BeyondPictures is the best wedding videography company in Singapore. I would highly recommend them to everyone for their big day!"

JunLiang Ho

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"Having Wenkai and team from BP for our wedding has been an absolute blast. Punctual, seamless, creative and dedicated are probably the best adjectives to describe their work, from simultaneous filming at both the groom’s and bride’s homes in the wee morning till delivery of the Same-Day Edit video during the dinner.

The absolute quality of the SDE totally blew us away. We’re sure that it isn’t an understatement to say that it was the very best SDE we had ever seen (yes, we viewed many many many during the shortlisting process and we also made it a point to be as unbiased as possible, tho we were the subjects). Of particular mention - we did an elopement in Perth and gave BP just the raw voiceovers to assimilate into the video in place of the usual solemnization footage most couples have. The way the editing team harmonized the voiceovers with the music and film captured solely on the wedding day was simply amazing.

Audience reception was overwhelmingly positive and we still tear from emotions watching the video even though it’s been more than a week. That should sum up how ridiculously good the production was. Super thumbs up to BP!"

James Wong

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"We were captivated by BeyondPictures wedding films during our search for AD videography, and now that the big day is over, we are indeed privileged to have them document one of the most important day of our lives Wenkai and Joshua are great people to work with on a hectic and rigorous wedding day where things do not always go according to plan.

Both of them arrived that morning before our arranged time (in the pouring rain) to setup for the shoot and we were amazed by how well-prepared they were: lighting for a darker than expected games area due to weather conditions and even a veil when the one provided by our bridal could not be used! Wenkai was always patient and professional when directing our poses and expressions. Most of the time, we just went on with our guests' interaction and event flow without even noticing them filming.

Given the various setbacks and stiff expressions from lack of sleep, we were thinking how different our images would be from intended. Yet as we watched the same day edit midway through the banquet, we were touched by the details they've captured and the heartwarming video produced within the short period. We had high expectations for BeyondPictures and they have exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for what you guys have done for us on our special day!"

Terence & Yan Ping

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