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April 2024

Charmaine and Ming’s Quirky and Fun Photoshoot at Old Holland Field and A Laundromat

Fun-loving and easygoing, Charmaine and Ming embarked on a photoshoot that reflected their bubbly personalities and sweet love in a unique venue.

Charmaine, 28, Marketing, and Ming, 28, Broker, were secondary school mates whose love story was written in the stars. Although they would hang out after school with a group of mutual friends, the pair only grew closer to one another after they were paired up for a competition. The wheels of fate clicked into motion and after mutually confessing their love, Charmaine and Ming officially became an item. They wanted to immortalise their love with a quirky and fun photoshoot that reflected their personalities and when their photographer, Soju and Shots, suggested a carefree and unique session in the field and at a laundromat, Charmaine and Ming couldn’t be more happy and excited.

Take us back to the beginning – how did you meet each other?

Charmaine: We met in secondary school. We were both in different classes for the first two years but I guess everyone in the same cohort knew about Ming’s existence because he has an identical twin brother, who was my classmate. We would hang out with our mutual friends, playing volleyball after school. We got closer when the basketball boys were invited to participate in our dance competition – my instructor needed tall guys to lift the girls up as part of the choreography.

Ming: I got to know Charmaine because she was in the same class as my brother back in secondary school. I thought she was the cutest girl I had ever seen with a huge pimple on her nose (back then), and I tried to make friends with her. Towards the end of that year, we were hanging out with the same group of friends, but we only got closer after we were paired up for a Chinese Dance performance for the Singapore Youth Festival. We confessed our feelings to each other and the rest was history.

What attracted you to your partner, and what do you love most about them?

Charmaine: What first drew me to him was his height, followed by the way he runs – he looks cool. On a more serious note, it was his kindness and thoughtfulness that attracted me. For instance, he would take every pamphlet given out at bus interchanges and I clearly remember his explanation for doing so: “If everyone takes one pamphlet from them, regardless of whether they need it or not, the staff can end work earlier.” I also love that he puts me before himself.

Ming: I was attracted to her big eyes and outgoing personality. Who would have thought a short and gentle girl like her would have the voice of a loud hailer? She doesn’t take herself seriously and laughs at herself, and I find that trait of hers to be particularly attractive. I also love that she’s organised and thoughtful, but most importantly her patience to deal with my silly antics and her laughter when I make her laugh.

What was the moment that made you realise that he/she was the one for you?

Both: I don’t think there was one particular moment that made us feel or realise that way. We’ve been together for a very long time and there are bound to be ups and downs along the way that’ll make us either love one another more or complain about each other. It’s the consistent and constant effort we put in to learn about each other and love and grow as a couple. That’s when we know we are the one for each other.

Take us back to the photoshoot. Did you have a specific theme/venue in mind

Both: We wanted something that was more fun (like ourselves), rather than just the classic wedding gown photoshoot style. So, our photographer, Soju & Shots proposed a few fun and light-hearted themes for us to choose from. We like exploring new things, and we’ve never flown a kite together, so when our photographer proposed that theme to us, our answer was, “Why not?” So, we headed to the Old Holland Field for those shots.

Charmaine: I’ve also always wanted to have a photoshoot at a laundromat since it had a very retro and vibrant vibe, so when they suggested shooting at one, we immediately said, “Yes!”

What was the actual shoot day like? Were there any challenges/obstacles along the way?

Both: Soju & Shots made the atmosphere really comfortable and enjoyable. They gave us clear instructions on how to pose. We did not really face any challenges or obstacles besides Ming having to run non-stop with the kite and waiting for the washing machines and dryers to be vacant. Soju & Shots also provided us with a moodboard so that we can understand the creative directions better before the actual day of the shoot. They were very clear in directing us and we had no trouble following them. I guess working with the weather can be challenging. There were pockets of time when we thought it was going to rain and we didn’t have enough natural light.

What were some of the memorable/funny moments during the shoot?

Charmaine: Ming having to run non-stop with the kite. He does most of the running while I just have to look pretty, I guess? So, he ended up with the sweaty task while I got the easier task!

Ming: For the kite shoot, the running around was memorable for me. Flying a kite was definitely a first for me as well, so I guess you can say it was like a first kite date for us? Then, what was memorable for the laundromat shoot was stuffing Charmaine into a dryer. I mean, when would I ever have a chance to do that again?

Do you have any advice about planning a pre-wedding shoot to share with couples who are currently planning theirs? If yes, please share them with us.

Both: Find a photographer you are comfortable with or at least make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself. The photos will turn out more genuine and authentic. We feel that a pre-wedding shoot should not be done for the sake of doing it but perhaps find a theme or venue that’s personal or holds meaning to the both of you – it’ll be more meaningful this way.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot Venue: Old Holland Field and Laundromat
The Groom’s Outfit: Uniqlo and H&M
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Soju & Shots

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Charmaine and Ming’s Quirky and Fun Photoshoot at Old Holland Field and A Laundromat