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January 2019

Tania and Ayron’s Dreamy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Picturesque Bali

Tania and Ayron travelled to Bali, one of their favourite destinations, for a breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot amidst the great Mother Nature.

Tania and Ayron met at a banking event in Jakarta three years ago and bonded with one another right from the get-go. After a romantic surprise proposal on Christmas Eve, the pair of lovers chose to commemorate their love for each other and Mother Nature by travelling to Bali, one of their favourite destinations, for a dreamy pre-wedding shoot in some of the most scenic locations in Bali.

What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Tania: I am extrovert while Ayron is a little bit of an introvert, but we make good partners for each other because we try to create a sense of balance in our relationship and spare time to talk and listen to one another – that is the foundation of our relationship. Ayron is also a nice and caring person who not only cares about me, but also cares about my family and friends, and that was what touched my heart.

Ayron: Tania is very capable and dependable. I know I can always count on her and together, we will be able to conquer everything, especially when we are working as a team.

What was the proposal like?

Tania: Ayron proposed to me during dinner on Christmas Eve while we were on vacation in Hong Kong. I had no idea that he would propose that day, although the conversation about marriage had been going on for quite some time. I did not know that he would find a time to get down on one knee and pop that question to me. I was speechless, but extremely happy and grateful that I could finally marry the love of my life.

Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot. Where did you choose to have it at and what was the day like?

Tania: I think a pre-wedding shoot is like a mini wedding (except for the preparation). I’m glad that I went through the whole pre-wedding shoot process because it taught me about discipline. From choosing the right attire for both of us to choosing the places that we like, it took teamwork to prepare for it. During the shoot, Ayron and I were required to work our angles together so that the photo will turn out looking good. No one will actually complain whether the results will be good or not, but it was just a sense of satisfaction for both of us that we “rocked” the shoot as we really loved the final results. Despite being tired, we really had fun and enjoyed the whole process.

We chose Bali as the destination for our pre-wedding shoot because we fell absolutely in love with the place since the first time we visited. Both of us love nature and love going to places like the beach or the mountains, and Bali has so many elements of nature that we had no doubts about where we wanted to do our pre-wedding shoot at.

Share with us any obstacles or funny moments you’ve encountered during the shoot.

Tania: One morning, we had to climb up to the top of the rock mountain in the Kintamani area. It was cold and rocks were everywhere – Ayron’s and my shoes were damaged although our feet were just fine. But, our photographers suffered the most because they were only in flip-flops! However, we did get some killer shots there, and everyone was happy about it, so it wasn’t that big a deal in the end!

If you could share three pieces of advice about pre-wedding shoots with couples who will be embarking on theirs, what would it be?

First, know what kind of shots and places you like and that will represent the two of you as a couple. Make sure that the two of you are comfortable with your choices. Secondly, choose the right outfit for your location – do not over dress or under dress. Some of us may think that a pre-wedding shoot needs to have big, glamourous dresses, while others do not care at all about wearing nice dresses. However, the trick lies in having the right balance of dressy and casual outfits for your pre-wedding shoot, so don’t go too overboard or under dress least you regret it in the future when you look back at your photos.

Lastly, work closely with your photographer in deciding the itinerary, locations and outfits. Also, make sure you’ve picked a photographer who is easy to work with and fun to talk to, as it will definitely transform the entire session into a fun one.

What was the most memorable moment of your pre-wedding shoot?

The most memorable moment was when we shot at the paddy field. It was pouring so hard when we were shooting that we had to stop. I was a little bit sad at that time, worrying that there would be no time to take more photos. But then, not long after, the rain lightened up and we were able to continue with the session and ended up with some amazing photos. I knew that I just needed to believe that everything will turn out great at the end of the day.

The Venue: Bali
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Trevo Pictures
The Pre-Wedding Gown: Coast and Lylas by Love, Bonito
The Groom’s Suit: Benjamin Barker
The Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Windy Mulia (Bali)
The Engagement Ring: Lee Hwa Jewellery

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Tania and Ayron’s Dreamy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Picturesque Bali