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September 2023

Elevating Your Wedding Aesthetic with Suitsupply

Discover an extensive collection of classic and contemporary styles from Suitsupply that cater to every type of wedding.

When it comes to your wedding day, the attire you choose is more than just clothing – it’s a statement and an expression of your style. Suitsupply, a brand synonymous with exceptional tailoring and modern elegance, understands that one size does not fit all.

Commitment to quality and sophistication

Founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong, a young entrepreneur with an eye for style and a passion for innovation, the brand believes that men deserve more than just off-the-rack suits. The brand’s approach is simple yet groundbreaking: combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern touch, make high-quality tailoring accessible, and create an environment where every man could feel comfortable exploring the world of bespoke fashion.

Expert tailors from across Europe were brought together to ensure that each suit was a masterpiece of artistry and precision. From the luxurious fabrics sourced from the finest mills to the meticulous attention to detail, every aspect of the brand’s suits reflects a dedication to excellence.

The brand leveraged technology, like their online made-to-measure platform, to make custom tailoring accessible worldwide. Through the years, Suitsupply continues to evolve, introducing new lines, experimenting with designs, while celebrating body positivity, and the idea that a well-fitted suit could empower anyone, regardless of their background or body type.

Here’s how Suitsupply’s diverse collection of suits can complement various wedding themes, ensuring you look and feel your best on your special day.

1. The Classic Elegance of a Formal Affair

For the timeless couple opting for a wedding in a more formal setting, Suitsupply offers an array of dark-coloured suits that exude sophistication. Consider a suit in dark grey for a subtle twist on tradition.

suitsupply wedding suits

This handsome Dark Grey Lazio Suit (SGD 1,739) jacket is slim fit with a lightly padded shoulder, and is cut from wool cashmere by E. Thomas, Italy, which is a versatile and resilient mid-weight fabric. Soft and sturdy, this fabric makes an apt choice for year-round wear, and also ensures you’ll shine under the ballroom chandeliers.

2. Relaxed fits for an Outdoor or Luncheon Wedding

If you’re exchanging vows against a rustic backdrop, Suitsupply has you covered with a range of suits that blend seamlessly with a relaxed, outdoorsy ambiance. Opt for earthy tones like light beige, soft grey, or even a cheerful light blue suit that complements the natural surroundings.

suitsupply wedding suits

This Light Blue Lazio Suit (SGD 1,789) is tailored to a slim fit with a lightly padded shoulder and flap pockets, cut from wool silk linen by E.Thomas, Italy. This two-piece suit paired with a casual shirt and no tie strikes the perfect balance between formal and laid-back for an afternoon luncheon.

3. Lightweight Suits for a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding calls for attire that’s breathable, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish. Suitsupply’s silk suits are the epitome of beach chic. With their lightweight fabric and relaxed fit, they allow you to embrace the sun, sand, and sea breeze while looking impeccably put together. Choose from soft pastels or lighter shades to enhance the coastal charm of your celebration.

suitsupply wedding suits

Find the height of casual luxury in Suitsupply’s unlined Off-white Havana Suit (SGD 1,739), cut from pure silk woven by Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna in Italy. A standout of uncompromising luxury, this fabric is made from pure, smooth silk, giving it a rich sheen alongside its hypoallergenic, insulating and moisture-wicking properties. With its hand-pleated natural shoulder and 2.5-button front, it brings effortless sophistication to your casual beach celebration and after-party.

4. For Glamorous Urban Soirées

Weddings in non-ballroom settings often feature sleek, modern aesthetics, and Suitsupply’s collection caters perfectly to this vibe. Opt for a slim-fit suit in a deep charcoal or rich navy colour for a metropolitan touch.

suitsupply wedding suits

This Mid Blue Havana Suit (SGD 1,789) is tailored to a relaxed fit and inspired by Neapolitan heritage tailoring, as seen in the padded shoulder and classic notch lapel, with wool silk linen by E. Thomas, Italy. Go no-tie or accessorise with a slim tie and a pocket square, and you’re ready to take on your wedding photoshoot with style.

5. Whimsical Garden Delights

If your wedding is set amidst blooming gardens and fairy lights, Suitsupply’s suits can align effortlessly with the enchanting atmosphere. Lighter shades like light blue or pale grey bring out the romanticism of the setting.

suitsupply wedding suits

Tailored to a slim fit with a lightly padded shoulder, this Light Grey Perennial Lazio Suit (SGD 779) is cut from pure Tropical Wool by Itay’s Vitale Barberis Canonico mill. Add a touch of whimsy with a floral tie or a boutonniere that complements your partner’s bouquet.

Crafted with exquisite fine fabrics

Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique journey, and Suitsupply’s collection of suits embraces the diversity of love stories. From classic to contemporary, formal to casual, each suit is a canvas waiting to be tailored to your vision, with unparalleled quality and sophistication. With Suitsupply by your side, you can confidently step into your chosen wedding theme, knowing that your attire mirrors the beauty of the occasion you’ve dreamt of. Suitsupply has got you covered!

Discover your perfect wedding suit at Suitsupply, located at ION Orchard #03-15.

All images courtesy of Suitsupply.

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suitsupply wedding suits

Elevating Your Wedding Aesthetic with Suitsupply