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December 2015

Be Immaculately Dressed With HABER

In collaboration with the creative forces behind PIMABS, Robinsons The Heeren launches HABER, a revolutionary men’s made-to-order tailoring service at off-the-rack prices.

As important as it is for a bride to find a gown that fits her properly to accentuate her best assets and conceal her flaws, her groom should also be on the lookout for a suit that fits him like a glove. While most brides opt for a wedding gown that is customised to her body proportions, most grooms will simply settle for an off-the-rack suit.

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An off-the-rack suit is great if you have the same measurements as the average man. But for the majority, mass-produced suits simply don’t cut it for comfort and fit. If you are taller than average or have broader shoulders than your stature should have, then a suit tailored to your body’s proportions is the way to go, especially for a day as momentous as your wedding day.

The difference between an off-the-rack suit and one tailored for you is significant. For example, a well-fitted jacket should lie flat and hug your shoulders nicely without any wrinkles or stretched lines on the sleeve. Its collar should rest nicely on your shirt shoulder without any gaps, and the hem of your jacket should end just over the buttocks, and meet the palm of your hand when your arms are in a relaxed position. Your jacket should close neatly, with both sides meeting crisply without any protrusion or flaring of the lapels when buttoned. Such a fit is almost impossible to achieve with off-the-rack suits, even with alterations. Yet, most grooms still opt for off-the-rack suits because they are less costly and time-consuming than bespoke ones.

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Here’s where HABER comes to the rescue.

HABER, short for Haberdashery, is a made-to-order menswear brand that is a hybrid between bespoke and off-the-rack, and it’s set to revolutionise the industry with its signature “Archetype Fit”. Launched in October 2015 at Robinsons The Heeren, HABER’s interior is ruggedly urban, resembling the sophisticated bachelor pad of a well-heeled tastemaker in Brooklyn, New York. Proficient consultants will welcome you to your sartorial experience in the HABER loft, offering advice in fabrications, colour matching, style referencing, and personal grooming. HABER’s launch also marks Robinsons The Heeren as the first department store in Singapore to offer a dedicated men’s tailoring service.

HABER is the brainchild of Leslie Chia and Annie Yeong from PIMABS, a pioneer in Singapore’s bespoke menswear industry. Their valuable experience informs HABER’s “Archetype Fit” concept of measuring and fitting. Ensuring better fit and shorter production time, the “Archetype Fit” method of tailoring is a structured approach that takes measurements using a sample inventory of over 100 fitting samples of shirts, pants and jackets that have been developed with industry veteran Leslie. After a base pattern that corresponds mostly closely to the customer’s measurements is selected, the suit is constructed with minor modifications, if necessary. This well-researched approach aims to balance the quality, comfort, and fit of a bespoke suit with the convenience and competitive pricing of off-the-rack ones. With a quick turnaround time of two to three weeks, it also comes with an affordable price point to entice today’s gentlemen to enjoy the luxury of made-to-order menswear.

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Unlike a bespoke suit which requires multiple fittings over six to eight weeks, a HABER suit is fuss-free. Annie describes to us how HABER works. “After initial measurements are taken, the customer will try on the fitting sample closest to his body structure. From there, finer adjustments will be made to achieve a detailed fit. This allows the customer to instantly visualise how the finished product will look like when worn. As such, customers need not come back multiple times for fitting. The next time he visits HABER, which is usually in two to three weeks, it will be to collect his made-to-order apparels.”

Like for any bespoke suit, customers will also be able to inject their personality into their made-to-order pieces by choosing the fabric and style that appeals to them from the huge selection of over 200 types of fabric and 500 prints at HABER, and adding fun details such as contrasting button holes or pick stitching to reflect their individuality. For wedding suits, Annie recommends a classic suit in lightweight fabric wool for an evergreen and timeless charm.

With prices starting at $149 for shirts, $159 for pants, $540 for jackets, and $699 for a full suit, and hundreds of fabrics and prints to choose from, men preparing for their wedding can now have fun selecting their outfit too.

HABER is located at the Men’s Department on Level 4 in Robinsons The Heeren, 260 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238855.

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Be Immaculately Dressed With HABER